Wom­en’s sum­mer tops with a col­lar-col­lar, also known as “hal­ter” were at the peak of pop­u­lar­i­ty in the 2000s, this sea­son the fash­ion for them returned again and tops of such a design in bright col­ors are more rel­e­vant than ever.

Hal­ter (from the Eng­lish hal­ter — “col­lar”) is a type of sleeve­less top in which the straps are tied or fas­tened around the neck, or wrapped around the neck in the man­ner of a loop. Knit­ted hal­ter tops empha­size the beau­ty of open shoul­ders and arms and back, so it is worn main­ly in sum­mer when it is warm, or as evening wear. The plung­ing neck­line gives extra empha­sis to the shoul­ders and elon­gates the neck.

Hal­ter tops look great in ribbed fab­ric and thin straps. The advan­tage of such mod­els is their ver­sa­til­i­ty, since they can be com­bined with any bot­tom, with things of dif­fer­ent shapes and styles, from miniskirts and den­im shorts to long pleats or gauze trousers, and also suc­cess­ful­ly inte­grat­ed into cap­sule wardrobes of any style. Tops of this design can be worn every day with jeans and a blaz­er and you will be in the lat­est fash­ion trends of 2022.


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