Every girl dreams of a beau­ti­ful wed­ding and an equal­ly mem­o­rable bach­e­lorette par­ty. Hav­ing a par­ty in the com­pa­ny of close friends the day before mar­riage is a great idea! Usu­al­ly girls gath­er in the late after­noon and have fun until the morn­ing. But some approach the event on a spe­cial scale — their cel­e­bra­tion begins in the morn­ing and lasts for a whole day. In this arti­cle, we will con­sid­er pop­u­lar pho­to ideas for a bach­e­lorette par­ty.

Inti­ma­cy and ele­gance — wed­ding trends 2022 are also rel­e­vant for bach­e­lorette par­ties. Pho­to: darfix.ru

Pho­to ideas for a bach­e­lorette par­ty — what to shoot
Unpack­ing gifts
Friend­ship sto­ry
Signed pho­tos
group shots
Paired and sin­gle pho­tos
Pho­to of a bach­e­lorette par­ty in nature
Indoor bach­e­lorette par­ty pho­to ses­sion

Photo ideas for a bachelorette party — what to shoot

Unpacking gifts

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, friends come to the par­ty with small presents. Unpack­ing gifts is one of the most enjoy­able moments of the event. And we can do the fol­low­ing:

  • a series of shots: a friend holds a box, the bride opens it, we pho­to­graph the reac­tion of the bride;
  • pair shot: a bride with a gift (in a box or open) + a pho­to of the gift itself. In this case, it is bet­ter to shoot in the same place with the same light­ing and design, so that every­thing is in the same style (you can use a small pho­to back­ground);
  • gen­er­al shot: the bride takes turns open­ing the gifts, the girls are next to her
Such shots will keep for­ev­er the emo­tions of the hol­i­day. Pho­to: jnews.info

Friendship story

In an arti­cle about wed­ding trends in 2022, we wrote that inti­ma­cy and cozi­ness of events are now in trend. They should be touch­ing, sweet and mem­o­rable.

There­fore, it is a good idea to show what the girl­friends were like (when they met) and what they are now. Can:

  • wear the same clothes (if any);
  • take the same pos­ture;
  • or just take a beau­ti­ful pho­to of the bride with her friend and then com­pose two shots.

Photo with caption

Anoth­er top­i­cal idea is snap­shots on an instant cam­era. You can make joint shots of the bride with her friends, then let the girls sign them. They will be able to leave a pleas­ant wish, promise to always be there, to sup­port in dif­fi­cult times. Isn’t that the secret of a strong friend­ship? In addi­tion, the pho­tog­ra­ph­er should cap­ture the process of sign­ing pho­tos, hand­ing them to the bride. The pic­tures can then be stored in a pho­to album as a keep­sake.

Wish­es writ­ten on pho­tographs can be giv­en at the bach­e­lorette par­ty or at the wed­ding. Pho­to: dahar.ru


Anoth­er 2022 trend that should not be for­got­ten is trep­i­da­tion and sen­su­al­i­ty. Warmth and care are often pre­served in the details. Many things that seem unim­por­tant to some peo­ple are very sig­nif­i­cant to oth­ers. There­fore, it is bet­ter to first com­mu­ni­cate with the bride, help her loosen up if she is pinched, and deter­mine what lit­tle things are impor­tant to her.

What moments are impor­tant not to miss:

- focus on the acces­sories that will be used. Assem­ble a small arrange­ment of a pair of gloves, per­fume and a cou­ple of oth­er jew­el­ry;

- the bride’s bou­quet. In recent years, it has become fash­ion­able to make bou­quets of dried flow­ers. If a friend brings a bou­quet, then it should also be removed;

- tra­di­tion­al moments — every­thing that a girl should wear to a wed­ding, accord­ing to the fam­i­ly char­ter, for exam­ple, a dress or jew­el­ry. You can cap­ture the thing itself, who brought it, the process of trans­fer­ring the thing to the bride;

Ani­mals are impor­tant guests not to be missed. If the bride decides to take her pet to the hol­i­day, take a cute pho­to with him.

Pho­tos from a bach­e­lorette par­ty are as impor­tant as styl­ish pic­tures from a wed­ding. Pho­to: oneloveweddingexperience.com

group shots

It is some­times very dif­fi­cult to do with­out the usu­al shots, where every­one is in one line. But there are also alter­na­tive solu­tions. For exam­ple:

  • place every­one diag­o­nal­ly, in a cres­cent, in a wedge (the bride is clos­est / far­thest);
  • lie down on the floor/bed. Ask to raise arms, legs, throw con­fet­ti on top;
  • shoot on the move. As a mem­o­ry of the event, both staged shots and live, real shots are need­ed. Let the girls fool around, joke, push, play — of course, if this does not con­tra­dict the main con­cept.
Ideas for a pho­to shoot for a bach­e­lorette par­ty can be col­lect­ed in advance, and then dis­cussed with the girls what options they want to bring to life. If the mod­els are not pro­fes­sion­al, it is usu­al­ly eas­i­er for them to work with ref­er­ences. Pho­to: the-wedding.ru
Exam­ples of pos­es for group shots at a bach­e­lorette par­ty pho­to shoot in the stu­dio, out­doors, at home, in a hotel. These options are rel­e­vant in any loca­tion. Pho­to: nl.pinterest.com

Paired and single photos

If a pho­to book ded­i­cat­ed to a bach­e­lorette par­ty is con­ceived, you can embody these ideas:

  • sev­er­al por­traits of each of the friends;
  • bride + girl­friend in dif­fer­ent loca­tions. Suit­able if you rent­ed a room in advance, where there is a sep­a­rate pho­to zone, inter­est­ing art objects. Oth­er­wise, the pho­tos will be of the same type;
  • pic­tures that would reveal the nature of the girls, their hob­bies, some­thing in com­mon. For exam­ple, if the bride and her friend are foot­ball fans, you can take a pho­to in this theme. The down­side of this idea is that it can be imple­ment­ed with a high bud­get and enough time.

Now let’s move on to the­mat­ic ideas.

Photo of a bachelorette party in nature

You can take a lot of cool pic­tures out­doors. When is the best time for this?

  • Gold­en hour — just after sunrise/sunset. The frame is filled with gold­en soft light, a beau­ti­ful play of shad­ows.
  • In the blue hour — before sun­rise. Every­thing is filled with dif­fused bluish light, which looks beau­ti­ful in the pic­tures.
  • In the morn­ing, until the sun became intense. After lunch, so that the sun does not blind the girls and the pic­tures are not too con­trasty.
An impor­tant plus of a bach­e­lorette par­ty in nature is that a pic­nic pho­to ses­sion can be held in any style. It can be retro, boho, clas­sic tea par­ty, infor­mal par­ty. Pho­to: mykaleidoscope.ru
Stilya­gi at a bach­e­lorette par­ty pic­nic pho­to shoot? Eas­i­ly! Pho­to: elizabethpeat.wordpress.com
An impor­tant ele­ment of the event is a beau­ti­ful­ly designed area. For exam­ple, a tent in a field, in a mead­ow, in a for­est, near a pond. You don’t even have to make a sep­a­rate spe­cial pho­to zone. Pho­tos of a pic­nic-bach­e­lorette par­ty in such scenery will def­i­nite­ly turn out to be suc­cess­ful. Pho­to: pinterest.ie
A good idea for a bach­e­lorette par­ty pho­to shoot in nature is to make a loca­tion on the beach. The opti­mal time is from May to Sep­tem­ber, so that it is warm at any time of the day. On the beach you can take mod­els. They can run on water, build sand cas­tles, bask in the warm rays. You can shoot mod­els stand­ing, sit­ting, lying, in the water — you can take many diverse shots. Pho­to: traveltimes.ru
A pho­to of a bach­e­lorette par­ty on a yacht is already a clas­sic. Espe­cial­ly cool shots are tak­en at sun­set, when the yacht is lit up, and their light is reflect­ed in cham­pagne glass­es. Pho­to: nevesta.moscow
Pool par­ty? Great idea. You can dec­o­rate it with bal­loons and make a pho­to zone with real flow­ers. Girl­friends can be dressed in the same swim­suits and give out a per­son­al­ized hat. Pho­to: pinterest.fr

Indoor bachelorette party photo session

Before tak­ing pho­tographs indoors, it is impor­tant to clar­i­fy what is with the light, whether it is pos­si­ble to rent light­ing equip­ment.

In addi­tion to all the options described above, you can take pic­tures indoors:

  • at the win­dow — nat­ur­al morn­ing light will cre­ate a gen­tle mood;
  • in paja­mas — one of the most pop­u­lar pho­to shoots at bach­e­lorette par­ties. Girls can just talk, fool around, behave at ease. The pho­tog­ra­ph­er is left to cap­ture moments.
An exam­ple of a pho­to in paja­mas from a bach­e­lorette par­ty. Pho­to: www.pinterest.se

Pho­tos from a bach­e­lorette par­ty are often tak­en in a spa, bath, mas­sage cen­ter. It is bet­ter to imme­di­ate­ly ask the girls how staged pho­tos they want, whether they are ready to be filmed in under­wear (for exam­ple, dur­ing a mas­sage). There are oth­er options:

  • agree on a pho­to zone in a loca­tion where you can shoot every­one at once, before the pro­ce­dures;
  • use bathrobes (long, short, silk, ter­ry — the main thing is that they are the same);
  • host an event at a hotel with a spa. First, take a pho­to in bathrobes, then in clothes in the room. In the end, all the girls will be hap­py.
Girl in bathrobes on the bed at a bach­e­lorette par­ty. Pho­to: quander23928.blogspot.com

The idea to spend a bach­e­lorette par­ty in a hotel is not a bud­get one, but it will def­i­nite­ly be remem­bered for a long time.

Beau­ti­ful inte­ri­ors, at least 3 loca­tions: room, restau­rant, court­yard near­by. As a result, you get a lot of diverse shots, in dif­fer­ent out­fits.

Every­one wants mag­a­zine shots with the per­fect back­ground, beau­ti­ful light­ing, and the right fram­ing. If it is impos­si­ble to con­duct such a shoot­ing in the apart­ment (small, old repair, etc.), it is bet­ter to rent a hotel room for a day. Pho­to: f911hotel.ru

A hol­i­day in the stu­dio is also an inter­est­ing option. The main thing is to imme­di­ate­ly dis­cuss the dura­tion of the shoot, the num­ber of sparkling drinks and oth­er impor­tant details. Here you can imple­ment var­i­ous ideas. For exam­ple, in win­ter, shoot in a spring theme (with fresh flow­ers, in dress­es).

Also, this option is suit­able for those who want to make a pho­to shoot in express mode. You don’t have to order a pho­tog­ra­ph­er for the whole day, it will take a few hours to make the max­i­mum shots in a good loca­tion.

An exam­ple of a shot from a bach­e­lorette par­ty in the stu­dio. Pho­to: www.pinterest.com.au

We hope that our exam­ples will inspire you. And you will replen­ish your port­fo­lio with beau­ti­ful pic­tures of hap­py brides and their girl­friends.