A back­pack is a prac­ti­cal and con­ve­nient acces­so­ry that you can take with you to work, to the gym, and on a trip. The main thing is to choose the right mod­el. We tell you how to choose the right back­pack for the city, office, sports, tourism and what options are rel­e­vant this sea­son.

Which backpack to buy: tips for choosing

  • The first thing you need to decide is what you need a back­pack for. A clear idea of ​​​​this will allow you not to get lost in all the vari­ety of mod­els, find the per­fect option and always look styl­ish. For exam­ple, if you have a lot of clas­sic things in your wardrobe, then a sports back­pack will obvi­ous­ly not suit you, and vice ver­sa.
  • If you’re look­ing for a brief­case that you can car­ry your lap­top in, be sure to look at the siz­ing option.
  • When choos­ing a tourist back­pack for hik­ing, impor­tant cri­te­ria are its vol­ume, light­ness and strength of the mate­r­i­al, and the pres­ence of com­fort­able straps.


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