There are more than 30 options for top and base coats in the Cos­make line of mate­ri­als. All of them are of high qual­i­ty and made from Euro­pean raw mate­ri­als (Ger­many). Begin­ning mas­ters have ques­tions when they see the exten­sive Cos­make cat­a­log. What base to choose for brit­tle nails? Which top is suit­able for cre­at­ing the per­fect gloss? To help the mas­ters make the right choice, we have pre­pared an overview of the most hit tops and bases from the man­u­fac­tur­er Cos­make.


No. 615 and No. 620

It was not for noth­ing that we put these two Kos­make tops side by side — they are sim­i­lar in prop­er­ties. Both with­out a sticky lay­er, worn for a long time (at least 3 weeks), have a super glossy sheen. But these tops also have dif­fer­ences that mas­ters should be aware of.


Liq­uid top with­out a sticky lay­er with the effect of “wet nails”. This top gives a lit­tle blue, UV pro­tec­tion, so it’s per­fect for white and light gel pol­ish. When applied over black gel pol­ish, top #615 will give it a bluish sheen.

The advan­tage of top #615 Cos­make is that the glossy sheen does not dis­ap­pear through­out the entire time of wear­ing.

Tip: cov­er only per­fect­ly even nails with Top No. 615. Due to the liq­uid con­sis­ten­cy, this top coat will not be able to lev­el the sur­face of the nail plate.


Thick top with­out a sticky lay­er, rub­ber. It also has a super glossy shine that lasts at least 3 weeks, but with­out a “wet” effect. Due to its thick con­sis­ten­cy, it is able to lev­el the sur­face of the nail plate. It per­fect­ly fix­es designs (slid­ers, films), ensures their long wear. Excel­lent for rub­bing.

Top No. 620 Make­up has a yel­low­ish tint, so we do not rec­om­mend it for over­lay­ing blue and white gel pol­ish. But this top is ide­al for coat­ing on black, red, bur­gundy gel pol­ish — the result will be sim­ply gor­geous!

The advan­tage of top #620 Cos­make is that it does not scuff or scratch, it has increased strength.

Tip: Top coat #620 with a lev­el­ing drop. To get the per­fect shine and ensure long wear, dry your nails after apply­ing the top coat in the LED lamp for 60 sec­onds.

Tops No. 615 and 620 Cos­make should be in the col­lec­tion of every mas­ter. They are both super glossy and durable. But the choice of a par­tic­u­lar top depends on the col­or of the gel pol­ish, the degree of smooth­ness of the nail plate and the pref­er­ences of the spe­cial­ist.

No. 650 (Super Gloss Pro)

This Non-tacky Rub­ber Make­up Top is more run­ny than #615 and #620, but is just as strong, super glossy and durable to wear. Great for decor and rub­bing. Pro­longs the dura­bil­i­ty of man­i­cure, pro­tects against col­or fad­ing, yel­low­ing.

The advan­tage of top #650 Cos­make — due to its quick dry­ing, it is suit­able for high-speed mas­ters who do not like to wait.

Tip: Don’t put a big drop on appli­ca­tion like Top #620. With top #615, it will not be pos­si­ble to do align­ment, as it is too liq­uid.

And anoth­er rec­om­men­da­tion for all top coats: after apply­ing and dry­ing the top, do not rush to rub oil or cream into the client’s hands. Wait until the top coat is com­plete­ly dry. This way you avoid con­fu­sion.


No. 609

Ivory white milk base. Rub­bery, self-lev­el­ling, thick. The com­po­si­tion is acidic — pro­vides excel­lent adhe­sion to the nail plate, strength­ens it. If the mas­ter wants to achieve a per­fect­ly white nail col­or, you can work with base No. 609 as a reg­u­lar gel pol­ish.

It is worn for 3–4 weeks, does not turn yel­low and does not shine through. Per­fect for nude flow­ers, removes “bald spots” due to good hid­ing pow­er. The base is hypoal­ler­genic, does not con­tain tox­ic sub­stances. Does not set­tle dur­ing wear, pre­serves the archi­tec­ture of the nail.

The advan­tage of base No. 609 Kos­mayk — thanks to its milky shade, it is excel­lent for “diag­nos­ing” thick­ness and lev­el­ing (unlike trans­par­ent bases).

Tip: apply the base in a thin lay­er, rub­bing move­ments. Dry the first lay­er for 30 sec­onds (if the lamp is 48 watts and above) or 60 sec­onds (if the lamp is low pow­er or bakes to the client).

No. 610

Milk Rose base, sim­i­lar to #609. The main dif­fer­ence is a stun­ning milky pink shade. Base No. 610 Kos­mayk is ide­al for cre­at­ing a design a la naturel. She can work inde­pen­dent­ly, over­lap pas­tel col­ors.

No. 600

Self-lev­el­ling rub­ber base. Thick, per­fect­ly aligns the nail plate, suit­able for flex­i­ble and soft nails. Cre­ates beau­ti­ful high­lights for man­i­cure under the cuti­cle. It has a pleas­ant smell — cus­tomers like it. Con­ve­nient to work. But if the client has hyper­hidro­sis, we advise you to apply acid base No. 631 as a sub­strate under base No. 600.

The advan­tage of base No. 600 is that despite the den­si­ty, the base is elas­tic. Does­n’t make align­ment dif­fi­cult.

Tip: Apply the first lay­er of base #600 in a thin lay­er with a 1 mm indent from the cuti­cle and sides. Then put a sec­ond small drop and dis­trib­ute with a thin brush. If nec­es­sary, turn the clien­t’s hand over and wait for the align­ment of the apex and nail archi­tec­ture.

Base No. 600 can be dried at a low­er tem­per­a­ture, which is espe­cial­ly impor­tant for sen­si­tive cus­tomers who com­plain of burn­ing. If you have cho­sen a low lamp tem­per­a­ture (36 or 24 watts), then dry your nails for exact­ly 60 sec­onds.


Elas­tic base Cos­met­ic medi­um con­sis­ten­cy. Rub­ber, trans­par­ent, per­fect­ly aligns the nail. Best­seller due to the con­ve­nience of work­ing with it — suit­able for long and short nails. Base No. 602 pre­vents man­i­cure detach­ments, does not injure nails.

The advan­tage of the base No. 602 is that due to the low acid con­tent it is a hypoal­ler­genic mate­r­i­al, it does not bake under the lamp.

Tip: Dry this base for 30 sec­onds at high lamp tem­per­a­ture (48 or 56 watts) and 60 sec­onds at low tem­per­a­ture (24 or 36 watts). If your nails are wet, we also rec­om­mend using #631 Acid Base as a base or using Cos­make’s Dou­ble Tape Primer in com­bi­na­tion with a dehy­dra­tor.


This is also a trans­par­ent rub­ber base (like No. 600 and No. 602), but it has a pecu­liar­i­ty — acrylic pow­der has been added to the com­po­si­tion. Sure­ly the mas­ters of the old school remem­ber. as before, acrylic pow­der was mixed into the base to increase strength. The man­u­fac­tur­ers of Cos­make took this into account and cre­at­ed base #606, which already con­tains acrylic pow­der.

The advan­tage of base No. 606 is that it has a slight pleas­ant smell, there are no tox­ic com­po­nents in the com­po­si­tion. Acrylic pow­der, which is added to the base, is ground into the small­est pow­der, so after appli­ca­tion you will not notice grain­i­ness or grains.

Tip: Since this base is low acid (like #602), use it on its own only on dry, strong nails. At high humid­i­ty, the same advice applies as for No. 602 — use base No. 631 Kos­maik as a sub­strate.

How to apply: we file nails well, mat­te with a nail file or buff. We apply a dehy­dra­tor once in the cuti­cle area and on the sides of the nail, cov­er ⅓ of the nail plate with an acid-free primer. Allow primer to air dry for 30 to 60 sec­onds until tacky. Then we apply base No. 631 with rub­bing move­ments, dry for 60 sec­onds. Then we take base No. 606, dupli­cate a thin lay­er (put a drop, dis­trib­ute with a thin brush). We check the glare under a round lamp, dry for 30–60 sec­onds.


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