Pots are suit­able for grow­ing any plants at home, in the office, in the coun­try. Made of durable plas­tic and will not fade in the sun.

The cache-pot con­sists of two parts: a pal­let and a body.

Drainage holes pro­vide ven­ti­la­tion of the root sys­tem and the removal of excess mois­ture from the soil, which pre­vents root rot.

The pot tray allows excess mois­ture to drain out.

Also, thanks to the tray, the pot can be eas­i­ly used with the auto­mat­ic water­ing func­tion. To do this, you just need to pour some water into the hole, and the plant itself will drink it when it needs it. This is espe­cial­ly con­ve­nient in the sum­mer, when you need to leave for a few days at the dacha, and there is no one to water the flow­ers.

An excel­lent solu­tion would be to use pots for the bot­tom auto­mat­ic water­ing, which is very impor­tant for orchids and vio­lets, because they do not like to be flood­ed with water and can eas­i­ly rot because of this.

The roots of the plant will always remain moist, but they will not rot from an excess of water.

A set of such pots looks very styl­ish.

in the inte­ri­or. They are made in a restrained style, all col­ors are in per­fect har­mo­ny with each oth­er. This allows you to cre­ate a styl­ish design in your apart­ment. To do this, you can sim­ply mix togeth­er pots of the same size in dif­fer­ent col­ors.

Due to the fact that the pots are made of durable and thick plas­tic that does not fade in the sun, you can put them any­where, be it a win­dow sill, a hang­ing shelf or the floor.

You can pur­chase these pots in a set of 5 pcs. For both small and large flow­ers, as they have dif­fer­ent sizes and vol­umes:

0.65 l. (11cm/10.7cm);

1.35l. (13.5/13.5 cm);

2.5 l. ( 17/17 cm);

4 l. ( 19/20cm):

The small­est pots are suit­able for vio­lets and small orchids, and 4 liter pots will be an excel­lent option for ficus­es, dra­cae­na, bon­sai.

In order to order sets of pots with an auto­mat­ic water­ing sys­tem, fol­low any link: