Ton­ic, ton­er, hydro­lat or ther­mal water — these prod­ucts are intend­ed for the sec­ond stage of care after cleans­ing. Each one is good for the skin in its own way.

Ther­mal water is enriched with min­er­als and salts. The main pur­pose is to restore water bal­ance and sat­u­rate the skin with min­er­als.

Hydro­lat is a liq­uid sat­u­rat­ed with essen­tial oils of plants. Refresh­es the skin and has the prop­er­ties of the plant from which it is made.

Ton­ic — means for every day, tones the skin before apply­ing serum / cream, nor­mal­izes pH.

Ton­er — denser and rich­er, focused on a spe­cif­ic skin prob­lem or sim­ply has a more tan­gi­ble effect than ton­ic. For exam­ple, an anti-inflam­ma­to­ry or anti-aging ton­er.

Is it pos­si­ble to have every­thing in one bot­tle? And prefer­ably with the most nat­ur­al and safe com­po­si­tion?

Now yes! Boost­er Bar has col­lect­ed all the advan­tages of these prod­ucts for you in one — this is a starter mist with laven­der and niaci­namide.

What the nov­el­ty can do:

1. Mois­tur­izes
Starter Mist con­tains hyaluron­ic acid, urea and aloe extract — a dif­fer­ent mois­tur­iz­ing base, I often use it as a liq­uid serum under make­up.

2. Soothes
If the skin is red­dened after the sun, wind or solar­i­um, Boost­e­Bar mist will quick­ly soothe it and remove red­ness.

3. Pre­vents dehy­dra­tion of the skin on the plane
Spray the mist on your face every two hours. It will main­tain the mois­ture bal­ance of the skin.

4. Works as a primer
Starter Mist dries to a weight­less veil of hyaluron­ic acid, a plat­form for apply­ing pow­der or foun­da­tion. They fit bet­ter and last longer.

5. Refresh­es make­up
Dur­ing the day, the skin los­es mois­ture and foun­da­tion can empha­size flak­ing and wrin­kles. Spray your face with Boost­er­Bar’s Starter Mist and your skin is back to nor­mal!
With ther­mal water, this trick will not work — the skin can tight­en.

6. Turns pow­der into a liq­uid tone
My favorite! Have you tried apply­ing wet pow­der? Amaz­ing effect! Spray Starter Mist on your face, after a cou­ple of sec­onds, apply the pow­der with a dense brush. Voila, the per­fect tone with a radi­ant fin­ish with­out weigh­ing it down!

7. Fix­es glit­ter
Glit­ter or small glit­ter fits well on Starter Mist.

8. Takes wet eye­shad­ow to the next lev­el
Apply Starter Mist to the brush and dip it into dry shad­ows. Ide­al with min­er­al shad­ows — the mist reveals the depth of col­or and radi­ance, the shad­ows fit bet­ter and last longer.

9. Makes the tex­ture of the tonal lighter
If the tone is too dense, apply Starter Mist and blend (we rec­om­mend a duo-fiber brush) — the effect is super!
The mist dilutes the tonal and pre­vents it from imme­di­ate­ly lying down on the skin — it gives an addi­tion­al oppor­tu­ni­ty for shad­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing the tone over the face. The tone goes on like a sec­ond skin!

10. Puts an end to make­up
With it, even heavy make­up looks more nat­ur­al, the mist unites all lay­ers — tone, pow­der, blush. Make­up seems to merge with the skin, and the effect of the mask dis­ap­pears.

In addi­tion, the mist has a very fine, com­fort­able spray — just a laven­der cloud! And in the com­po­si­tion of 100% nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents, of which 86.7% have Euro­pean organ­ic cer­tifi­cates.

Already today you can try the nov­el­ty while spe­cial pro­mo codes are valid. Go to the prod­uct and catch the best price!


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