Big ear­rings, chok­er chains, abstract shapes and eclec­tic com­bi­na­tions of pearls and met­al — we under­stand the main fash­ion trends in jew­el­ry and learn how to cre­ate a trendy look in 2021.

Large necklaces

One of the main trends, which is strong­ly pro­mot­ed by both celebri­ties and fash­ion blog­gers, is large neck­lace chains. How­ev­er, we are not talk­ing about the usu­al neck­laces with a large num­ber of stones. Today, min­i­mal­ism and high-tech echoes rule the roost.

Believe me, whether it’s a casu­al look or a strict office suit, min­i­mal­ist chain neck­laces will help you stay on trend and empha­size your under­stand­ing of mod­ern fash­ion.

Earrings of abstract shapes

Fash­ion goes in cir­cles and one of the facts con­firm­ing this is that large ear­rings are in fash­ion again. The trend is in many ways sim­i­lar to the neck­laces described above — large, min­i­mal­is­tic, or reg­u­lar geo­met­ric shapes (dia­monds, cir­cles), or com­plete­ly abstract. Try to avoid inserts with stones — in this case, the size plays rather in the neg­a­tive and you risk being brand­ed by a per­son who does not under­stand what is in fash­ion now.

Eclecticism and pearls

The main trend that 2021 brought us is unusu­al com­bi­na­tions on the verge of eclec­ti­cism. Pearls and met­al in their most uncon­ven­tion­al com­bi­na­tions. The fash­ion was quick­ly picked up by stars, both men and girls. Half-pearl chains, large neck­laces with pearl pen­dants and a key trend — bracelets with pearl clasps.

Anoth­er trend worth pay­ing atten­tion to is chok­ers and invis­i­ble neck­laces with pearl ele­ments.

So, the main trend direc­tions of 2021 are:

- Large, but min­i­mal­is­tic jew­el­ry, made in gold or sil­ver;

– Abstract and geo­met­ric shapes;

– Eclec­ti­cism: pearls and met­al, fur and fab­ric inserts;

It is on these trends that the con­cept of our brand is built. We advise you to get acquaint­ed with JERONI prod­ucts if you are look­ing for afford­able jew­el­ry that meets all mod­ern fash­ion trends.


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