For every­one who loves com­fort and qual­i­ty, we have pre­pared an arti­cle about which mod­els of slip­pers to choose. In addi­tion, if you val­ue your health and the health of loved ones, then you are def­i­nite­ly here. Increas­ing­ly, peo­ple have begun to work online, which involves being at home. The house is, first of all, com­fort. To feel even more pleas­ant at home, the shoes you wear will be an impor­tant detail. Slip­pers are often neglect­ed, choos­ing cheap, low-qual­i­ty prod­ucts that soon lose their appear­ance, and may even become unus­able.

So what are the best shoes for the house?

We have com­piled our top 5 rat­ing mod­els of slip­pers that will def­i­nite­ly not dis­ap­point you, and besides, they will please you with the price.

  • clogs Duki

The most fre­quent reviews about this pair are “feet in par­adise”, “as if in a cloud”, etc.

Indeed, such an effect is giv­en by the clogs due to the soft­est anatom­i­cal insole, which is made of mas­sage mem­o­ry foam and gen­uine leather. The advan­tages of such an insole is that after a while it adapts to the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the foot and thus fix­es the foot. The non-slip Wellfeet light out­sole and adjustable strap ensure a sta­ble stride. Although they are designed for home and work, we will not blame you if you sud­den­ly want to run in them on busi­ness. The mod­el itself is made of gen­uine leather and is in the pre­mi­um cat­e­go­ry. Easy care.

male mod­el Luka (art. 15734749)

  • clogs Natasa

With a rel­a­tive­ly recent appear­ance on the mar­ket, clogs already have more than 300 reviews and increased demand. Suit­able for those who do not like heavy shoes. Almost weight­less clogs are made of eco-nubuck. Eco-nubuck is a mul­ti­lay­er poly­mer mate­r­i­al. Pleas­ant to the touch and durable. Absolute­ly imper­me­able mate­r­i­al retains its pri­ma­ry appear­ance for a long time. They have a leather insole, per­fo­ra­tions and a non-slip, ribbed sole. Clogs will be espe­cial­ly appre­ci­at­ed by those who like to be active dur­ing the day. The per­fect com­bi­na­tion of price and qual­i­ty. Own­ers praise these slip­pers, which are avail­able in mul­ti­ple col­ors, for their dura­bil­i­ty, struc­ture, thought­ful design, and com­fort.

male mod­el Ivan (art. 112331345)

  • clogs Kina

Clogs are of excel­lent qual­i­ty, but the main advan­tage is the spe­cial­iza­tion of the mod­el. Clogs have elas­tic inserts on the sides that will help those who have prob­lems with side bones. Also, a fold-down strap that will fix the foot in the cor­rect posi­tion. Clogs are stitched in detail and have per­fo­ra­tions. Thanks to the sole, you can eas­i­ly and with­out con­se­quences do var­i­ous things dur­ing the day and not feel tired.

  • clogs Maka

This mod­el will be espe­cial­ly appre­ci­at­ed by fans of Birken­stock. Sleek design and qual­i­ty mate­ri­als. Every­thing you need for com­fort and sat­is­fac­tion. The advan­tage of the mod­el is that the mod­el can be worn on the street, com­bin­ing with var­i­ous sum­mer looks, as well as at work. In gen­er­al, an extreme­ly ver­sa­tile and pleas­ant mod­el. The cork sole will pro­vide an ortho­pe­dic effect and will pre­vent sweat­ing of the feet and the occur­rence of any odors, which is impor­tant through­out the year.

  • clogs Maka’s

A mod­el for those who love every­thing new and non-stan­dard. Made entire­ly of nat­ur­al, soft leather with per­fo­ra­tions and adjustable straps. Thanks to its com­fort­able design, the clogs will suit absolute­ly every­one. It is worth pay­ing atten­tion to the insole and sole made of nat­ur­al cork. Orthot­ic insoles pro­vide anatom­i­cal arch sup­port to help reduce foot pain. By the way, the cork needs time to adjust to the fea­tures of the foot. The advan­tages of cork are that it pro­tects the foot from defor­ma­tion, pre­vents sweat­ing of the feet and, in gen­er­al, is an envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly mate­r­i­al.

Male mod­el — Branko’s (art. 15734762)

Choose qual­i­ty!

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