It’s time for grad­u­a­tion and final bells. What to wear to prom to be both fash­ion­able and at the same time not hide youth behind an over­ly pompous dress, which will then just hang in the clos­et, attract­ing moths and oth­er midges? And if you are not a grad­u­ate, but, for exam­ple, a moth­er of a grad­u­ate, or you just want to look fash­ion­able and styl­ish in the sum­mer and, at the same time, not lan­guish in the heat in stuffy clothes. What to buy for you? Read on and you will find the com­plete answer to your ques­tion.

We offer you light sum­mer dress­es that are per­fect for young girls at grad­u­a­tion. These dress­es can be used for a long time after as an ele­gant dress for a date, for study or for a walk.

This mod­el is also suit­able for women who love clas­sic style and appre­ci­ate com­fort. The dress favor­ably empha­sizes the fig­ure and is per­fect for the office or a roman­tic evening.

One caveat: the black dress has nar­row sleeves, so some of the fair sex will think that the dress is not for them. But do not rush to close the arti­cle. We have pre­pared a sur­prise for you. This dress is heav­i­ly dis­count­ed. Plus an addi­tion­al dis­count from the store itself and ops … You have a chic sum­mer evening dress for only 1000 rubles, or even less (it all depends on how the WB itself appre­ci­ates you). For our part, we made quite a big dis­count. The mon­ey saved is enough to go to the work­shop, of which there are many now, and loosen the rub­ber band a lit­tle. Even stay for ice cream to mark the pur­chase.

But, hur­ry up! Not many of these dress­es are left. There is a sale of left­overs, so prices are low and dress­es are quick­ly snapped up.

For those who pre­fer trousers instead of a dress, we offer clas­sic sum­mer trousers that are fash­ion­able this sea­son.

They are made of stretch fab­ric, which tight­ens the fig­ure, hid­ing its imper­fec­tions. A wide elas­tic band instead of a belt will always make you feel com­fort­able, even if you eat tight­ly. No need to look for a place and loosen the belt or belt. A dense elas­tic band will do every­thing for you. The fab­ric is light, which allows you to look ele­gant not only in spring or autumn, but also in sum­mer. Clas­sic sum­mer trousers with elas­tic band have pock­ets, are slight­ly nar­row­er towards the bot­tom and are dec­o­rat­ed with a slit and but­tons, which makes the own­ers of this out­fit even more fem­i­nin­i­ty and ele­gance. Straight trousers with an elas­tic band have a wide range of sizes, from 46 to 56, and are suit­able for own­ers with a height of 164–176 cm. If you are short­er, then the trousers will just have to be hemmed. This can be done in any stu­dio, with­out chang­ing the style of the trousers. Clas­sic trousers with elas­tic in black can be com­bined with any top, so you can be dif­fer­ent every day, just by chang­ing your blouse or top. If you are look­ing for wom­en’s pants in large sizes and want to look fash­ion­able, styl­ish and ele­gant, then this mod­el is for you. Click on the pho­to, go to the order card and choose the size you need.

To be beau­ti­ful not only for a grad­u­a­tion or a spe­cial occa­sion, but just on a sum­mer day, we offer a wom­en’s sports suit or just a noo­dle suit.

It is also suit­able for prom, if you pre­fer a sporty style, and for sports, and for walk­ing on a sum­mer evening, and even for a date. It will empha­size all the advan­tages of your fig­ure and will not make you lan­guish from the heat. The top and trousers can be com­bined with oth­er items that are already in stock and thus cre­ate new out­fits, be var­ied and fash­ion­able. Rather, click on the card and order a suit at an attrac­tive price.

And, some­times, just ordi­nary fit­ness leg­gings or tights help to com­plete the set. They will go well with a prom dress in com­bi­na­tion with sneak­ers (which is very fash­ion­able now), and will com­ple­ment any oth­er style instead of such hot tights.

They are just as com­fort­able at home, in the coun­try, and on a walk, and do light sports and even work­outs with a full gear. In leg­gings you will feel com­fort­able and look styl­ish every­where. Choose your favorite mod­el and order while the sale is on.

If you want to be the cen­ter of atten­tion this sea­son, look like a queen in any sit­u­a­tion, choose the prod­uct you like, click on the pho­to, go to the order page and com­plete the pur­chase. And please leave your feed­back when you pur­chase our items. Your opin­ion is very impor­tant to us, so we would love your feed­back. Have a nice shop­ping!


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