Let’s take a look at such an item of wom­en’s wardrobe as LEGGINGS.

Leg­gings do not go out of fash­ion for many years, they are ver­sa­tile and are worn as every­day clothes.

How to choose the right mod­el? What to wear with leg­gings so as not to look stu­pid?

1. The first and most com­mon mis­take is to assume that leg­gings will replace trousers or pants, it can be, but only in rare cas­es, we will ana­lyze below.

Many leg­gings are not tight enough to hide your body. As a result, on a woman they look like tights.

2. The sec­ond mis­take is the wrong choice of under­wear. The pho­to below clear­ly shows what this leads to.

Take a close look at your­self from all angles. In the process of walk­ing, some mod­els of under­wear move out and no longer look like they were just put on.

Under­wear should not only fit well so that it is not vis­i­ble, but also have the cor­rect col­or cor­re­spond­ing to the leg­gings.

Be care­ful when choos­ing the size of leg­gings. They should not crash into the body, you are not a doll for study­ing the female body struc­ture. Choose the col­or of your leg­gings care­ful­ly. It is advis­able to refuse col­ors that resem­ble skin tone.

Leg­gings can be worn at any time of the year. There are a lot of options in which you can look decent.

Get­ting the right pair of leg­gings is pret­ty easy. They can be worn with long t‑shirts, shirts, tunics.

They are suit­able for any shoes, from sneak­ers and sneak­ers, to shoes with heels.