Basic bra top from https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/66754020/detail.aspx?targetUrl=GP&size=115835423

style top excel­lent sup­port and breast enlarge­ment

The top does­n’t pinch any­where, so you can wear it all day long — rather than tak­ing it off at home with relief, as is some­times the case with a push-up bra.

Per­fect fit for your favorite clothes and zero dis­com­fort

Here the top https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/66752644/detail.aspx?targetUrl=BP&size=115833990 will come to your aid

style top

Like a basic top

Short sol­id col­or top with a zip­per, it can be inde­pen­dent cloth­ing, and not only in sum­mer: it goes well with trouser suits, jeans, skirts; over it you can throw a jack­et or shirt.

The advan­tage of this mod­el is that the top pro­vides a very com­fort­able fit and at the same time makes it so that the top does not look like a bra.

For fit­ness

Top, leg­gings and train­ers for the hall — and you are ready for an intense work­out!

The advan­tage of the sconce in this case is that it takes up very lit­tle space in the bag.

For a jog

A top with a zip can also be worn as a sports under­wear: it pro­vides a light degree of sup­port. Plus bra-top for run­ning — chest sup­port, com­bined with the abil­i­ty to breathe freely.

As home wear

Add com­fy sweat­pants to the top, and a com­fort­able home kit is ready.

Top from Stylle will help you out in a vari­ety of life sit­u­a­tions. Choose the col­ors you like

A uni­ver­sal top in one size is suit­able for every­day wear (under a T‑shirt, under a jack­et, with shorts, with a skirt, as home wear, for sleep­ing) and as a top bra for sports. Top basic — this is the part of the wardrobe that fits any look. The top­ic stretch­es well and retains its shape, does not hin­der move­ment and is not felt dur­ing wear. The bra can be seen with this top. The wom­en’s top is pre­sent­ed in dif­fer­ent col­ors, has remov­able push-up inserts.


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