Before DSLRs, point-and-shoot cam­eras and smart­phones, instant cam­eras were one of the most advanced types of pho­tog­ra­phy equip­ment.

The pop­u­lar­i­ty of vin­tage items in recent years has led to the return of the beloved gad­get. After all, noth­ing com­pares to tan­gi­ble mem­o­ries of the most spe­cial moments of life.

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Best instant cameras for 2022

If you decide to buy an instant cam­era, then you may be con­fused by the vari­ety of options. Don’t wor­ry — we will guide you through this dense for­est.

Fujifilm’s Best Camera: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

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Fuji­film is famous in the world of instant cam­eras for a rea­son. The brand is con­stant­ly inno­vat­ing and expand­ing its line of instant cam­eras, such as the pop­u­lar Fuji­film Instax Mini 11. This cute and portable instant cam­era offers auto­mat­ic flash expo­sure that reads the pic­ture and adjusts the light­ing accord­ing­ly.

In addi­tion, you can take self­ies thanks to the mir­ror on the front cam­era, and choose from five sug­gest­ed body col­ors: blue, black, pink, lilac and white.


Dimen­sions: 107.6 x 121.2 x 67.3mm;

Lens: 2 com­po­nents, 2 ele­ments, f=60mm, 1:12.7;

Min­i­mum shut­ter speed: ½ sec;

Max­i­mum shut­ter speed: 1/250 sec;

Pho­to devel­op­ment time: 90 sec­onds;

Image size: 62mm x 46mm;

Weight: 293 g (exclud­ing bat­ter­ies, strap and car­tridges).

Suit­able car­tridges:

Instax Mini 11 is com­pat­i­ble with Fuji­film Instax car­tridges. Stock up on them more so that the pho­to ses­sion does not stop at the most inop­por­tune moment. Cred­it card-sized pho­tos can then be giv­en to friends, used as decor, or sim­ply kept as a keep­sake.

Best Polaroid Camera: Polaroid Originals Go

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One of the most icon­ic Polaroid instant cam­eras is the Polaroid Orig­i­nals Go film cam­era. This portable cam­era is suit­able for every­one: trav­el­ers, school­child­ren, and your grand­par­ents.

The Polaroid Orig­i­nals Go cam­era is equipped with a dou­ble expo­sure func­tion, self-timer and self­ie mir­ror, so you can take mem­o­rable shots with friends and fam­i­ly.

It also fea­tures a USB recharge­able bat­tery, so you can even charge your device from a lap­top or pow­er bank. Let’s not for­get about the con­ve­nient wrist strap for car­ry­ing.


Dimen­sions: 105 x 83.9 x 61.5 mm;

Weight: 242 g (with­out car­tridge);

High per­for­mance bat­tery: 1100 mAh;

Focal length: 34mm;

Aper­ture: f/12 and f/52;

Shut­ter speed: 1/125 to 1 sec­ond;

Pho­to size: 54 x 67 mm.

Suit­able car­tridges:

The Polaroid Orig­i­nals Go cam­era works with Polaroid Go car­tridges. In just 10–15 min­utes you will see fresh­ly devel­oped pic­tures.

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

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The Instax Wide 300 is like an old fash­ioned medi­um for­mat rangefind­er cam­era. Despite its rel­a­tive­ly large size, it is light and easy to use.

Unlike Instax mini, it uses Instax wide for­mat car­tridges, which makes its pho­tos look very sim­i­lar to stan­dard shots.


Image size: 99 x 62 mm;

Focal length: 95mm;

Two shoot­ing modes: Nor­mal mode (0.9m to 3m);

Land­scape mode (from 3 m to infin­i­ty);

Shut­ter speed: 1/64 to 1/200;

Opti­cal viewfinder;Built-in flash;

Addi­tion­al adapter for macro lens­es;

Com­pat­i­ble with Fuji­film Instax Wide car­tridges; Runs on AA bat­ter­ies (4 pieces).

Suit­able car­tridges:

The Fuji­film Instax Wide 300 is com­pat­i­ble with spe­cial­ty Instax Wide Instant Col­or Print Film Car­tridges that offer ISO 800, vibrant col­ors and high def­i­n­i­tion.

Best Fujifilm Camera for Kids: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

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The Fuji­film Instax Mini 9 is the per­fect option for par­ents whose kids want to indulge in an instant cam­era. Because it’s one of the most afford­able instant cam­eras, you’ll be a lit­tle less upset if your kids end up acci­den­tal­ly break­ing it or wast­ing car­tridges like gum packs.

This cam­era has a large plas­tic body and lacks the com­plex con­trols found on more expen­sive mod­els, but large but­tons and vibrant col­ors make the tool visu­al­ly appeal­ing and easy to use.

This ver­sion of Instax also includes a built-in flash so you can eas­i­ly take pho­tos in the dark, a front mir­ror that helps you take self­ies, and dif­fer­ent shoot­ing modes.

If you’re a begin­ner pho­tog­ra­ph­er look­ing for a cheap instant cam­era, this should be the one for you.


Lens: 60mm f/12.7;

Image size: 6.2 × 4.6 cm;

Max­i­mum focal length: 60mm;

Shut­ter speed: 1/60 sec;

Expo­sure modes: Sun­ny, Cloudy, Indoor;

Size: 116mm x 118.3mm x 68.2mm;

Weight: 307g;

Built-in flash;

Opti­cal viewfind­er;

Self­ie mir­ror;

Mount for macro lens.

Suit­able car­tridges:

The Fuji­film Instax Mini 9 cam­era is com­pat­i­ble with all Instax Mini car­tridge options. The most com­mon­ly used car­tridges are Instant Day­light Film, but oth­er car­tridge options are Mono­chrome, Rain­bow, Shiny Star and Can­dy Pop.

Polaroid Originals 600

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Rare Polaroid 600 series cam­eras: Polaroid 636 Close-up, Impulse, Super­col­or and oth­ers are not the most com­pact and con­ve­nient cam­eras for trav­el and trans­porta­tion, but if you like the icon­ic design of clas­sic Polaroid cam­eras, this is a great option.


Image size: 79 x 79 mm;

Shut­ter speed: 1/3 to 1/200 sec;

Built-in auto­mat­ic flash;

Com­pat­i­ble with Polaroid 600 Type car­tridges.

Suit­able car­tridges:

Col­or 600 car­tridges are the orig­i­nal car­tridge type for vin­tage Polaroid 600 cam­eras. Pho­tos come out vibrant, and the icon­ic white frame turns every pho­to into a small work of art.

Polaroid Originals Now+ i‑Type


The Polaroid Orig­i­nals Now+ i‑Type cam­era is one of the most cre­ative ana­log instant cam­eras on the mar­ket. The cam­era comes with five lens fil­ters: four col­or fil­ters (blue, yel­low, orange and red) and anoth­er fil­ter with a geo­met­ric pat­tern.


This instant cam­era also fea­tures fast and intu­itive aut­o­fo­cus, which ensures that your shots are sharp.

Anoth­er advan­tage of the Polaroid Orig­i­nals Now+ i‑Type is its recharge­able USB bat­tery, which means that this cam­era can also be charged from a portable bat­tery or lap­top.


Expo­sure: 1/200 — 1 sec;

Min­i­mum Shoot­ing Dis­tance: 102.35mm;

Includes 5 fil­ters;

Size: 150.16 x 112.2 x 95.48mm;

Weight: 457 g (with­out car­tridge).

Suit­able car­tridges:

This cam­era is com­pat­i­ble with Polaroid Orig­i­nals i‑Type car­tridges.

Fujifilm Instax Hybrid Mini LiPlay


Fuji­film Instax Hybrid Mini LiPlay is a new gen­er­a­tion of instant cam­eras. It’s one of the small­est and light­est cam­eras Fuji­film has ever made, mak­ing it easy to car­ry in your pock­et.

The cam­era is equipped with a 2.7‑inch dis­play on which you can pre­view the image. In this way, you can per­fect­ly set up scenes and light­ing.


You can even use the remote shoot­ing fea­ture to take pho­tos while stand­ing away from the cam­era.

In addi­tion, LiPlay includes a unique sound func­tion: you can record your voice, which will be dis­played as a QR code on one of the pho­tos — it turns out that the cam­era will cap­ture not only a pic­ture of an impor­tant moment, but also sound!


Focal length: 28mm;

Max­i­mum aper­ture: f/2;

Focus range: 10 cm to infin­i­ty;

Shut­ter speed: 1/8000 to ¼;

Dimen­sions: 82.5 x 122.9 x 36.7 mm (exclud­ing pro­tru­sions); Weight: 255 g;

Suit­able car­tridges:

Instax Hybrid Mini LiPlay is com­pat­i­ble with Instax Mini White Instant Film Car­tridges. The result­ing pho­tos will eas­i­ly fit in your wal­let. Instax guar­an­tees high qual­i­ty pho­tos with sharp and clear repro­duc­tion, vibrant col­ors and nat­ur­al skin tones.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 40


Anoth­er high qual­i­ty instant cam­era that is per­fect for begin­ner pho­tog­ra­phers.

The Fuji­film Instax Mini 40 auto­mat­i­cal­ly adjusts the expo­sure based on the light­ing. The faux leather body and met­al details fur­ther enhance the vin­tage aes­thet­ic, mak­ing it per­fect for both urban pho­tog­ra­phy and retro home décor.


Lens: 2 com­po­nents, 2 ele­ments, f=60mm, 1:12.7; 0.37x viewfind­er;

Film devel­op­ment time: 90 sec­onds;

Requires two AA alka­line bat­ter­ies;

Size: 104 x 121 x 65 mm;

Weight: 330 g (with­out bat­ter­ies, strap and film).

Suit­able car­tridges:

Like oth­er Instax cam­eras, the Instax Mini 40 uses Fuji­film Instax Mini car­tridges.

Lomography Lomo’Instant Automat


The Lomog­ra­phy Lomo’In­stant Automat is loaded with fea­tures and incred­i­bly easy to use. For exam­ple, it has options not found on oth­er Fuji cam­eras, such as long expo­sure and mul­ti­ple expo­sures.

It auto­mat­i­cal­ly adjusts the expo­sure accord­ing to the light­ing con­di­tions, so your shots will always be sharply focused and clear.


Dimen­sions: 118.90 x 93.60 x 60mm;

Lens Focal Length: 60mm;

Auto­mat­ic expo­sure;

Aper­ture: f/8, f/22;

Auto flash and flash off mode;

Infrared remote con­trol.

Suit­able car­tridges:

The Lomo’In­stant Automat uses Fuji­film Instax Mini Film car­tridges.

Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ1


The Fuji­film instax SQUARE SQ1 cam­era prints pho­tos in a square for­mat.

SQUARE SQ1 auto­mat­i­cal­ly adjusts to light­ing con­di­tions, ensur­ing the qual­i­ty of every shot, even in dark rooms.

The built-in self­ie mode and mir­ror on the front help you take great pic­tures togeth­er.

You can also choose between sev­er­al body col­ors: white, ter­ra­cot­ta orange and glac­i­er blue.


Lens: 2 com­po­nents, 2 ele­ments, f=65.75mm, 1:12.6; 0.4x viewfind­er;

Shut­ter speed: 1/2 to 1/400 sec;

Film devel­op­ment time: 90 sec­onds;

Size: 130.7 x 118.6 x 57.5mm;

Weight: 390 g (with­out bat­ter­ies, strap and film).

Suit­able car­tridges:

SQUARE SQ1 pro­duces quad­rant pho­tos, so the car­tridges here will be spe­cial — with this cam­era you will need FUJIFILM instax SQUARE car­tridges.

What to look for when choosing a camera?

Cartridge size

In the case when you are at a cross­roads and can­not decide which instant cam­era to choose, it is impor­tant first of all to decide on the for­mat and size of the print­ed images. There­fore, choose a cam­era with the right size car­tridges.

Which is better: Polaroid or Fujifilm?

Since Polaroid and Fuji­film are both estab­lished top play­ers in the instant cam­era mar­ket, the ques­tion often aris­es as to which com­pa­ny offers the best options in terms of image qual­i­ty, per­for­mance, and prod­uct fea­tures.

Polaroid mod­els tend to be more expen­sive than Fuji­film instant cam­eras. They also look more impos­ing than their more toy-like Fuji­film coun­ter­parts. How­ev­er, the image qual­i­ty is about the same there and there.

If you’re look­ing for a fun, durable instant print toy cam­era, Fuji­film is a great choice. Polaroid is a great choice for pho­tog­ra­phers who pre­fer a retro, old-fash­ioned look.


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