Today I want to write a review about a cool smart ket­tle from Xiao­mi.
Equip­ment. The box con­tains instruc­tions, the ket­tle itself and a stand. Always a big dis­ad­van­tage of buy­ing Chi­nese tech­nol­o­gy Xiao­mi becomes a Chi­nese fork. Keep in mind, you need an adapter in reserve.
Let’s move on to the ket­tle itself. I expe­ri­enced it to the fullest and I have already formed my opin­ion.
Accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er, the ket­tle Xiao­mi Ket­tle Made from food grade polypropy­lene white.
The ket­tle looks very styl­ish, mod­ern, min­i­mal­is­tic, but in my opin­ion, not very prac­ti­cal, dirt and fin­ger­prints are more vis­i­ble on a white ket­tle. More­over, the ket­tle is locat­ed in the kitchen, and there are greasy splash­es and oil traces. I also note that if the ket­tle is already dirty, then it leaves no prob­lems to wash it. There is a met­al insert at the top of the teapot.
But on the oth­er hand, such a ket­tle can eas­i­ly fit into any inte­ri­or.
The teapot has every­thing three but­tons. The first is mechan­i­cal, which opens the lid. The oth­er two are sen­so­ry. One main­tains the desired tem­per­a­ture, and the oth­er boils water.
For me, a sig­nif­i­cant dis­ad­van­tage was that it was impos­si­ble see how much water is left in the ket­tle, it is espe­cial­ly dif­fi­cult to get used to it after a glass teapot. It was nec­es­sary to add either a glass strip, or come up with some­thing cool­er.
Inside the ket­tle is an all-met­al cylin­der made of of stain­less steel. The vol­ume of the teapot is 1.5 liters. We have a fam­i­ly of three, this vol­ume is quite enough to arrange a fam­i­ly tea par­ty, and it is even pos­si­ble to stretch it for 2 times)
As for scale, I would like to say that it forms in the same way as on oth­er ket­tles. Of course, unlike the glass one, it is not vis­i­ble from the out­side, but due to the fact that the ket­tle has no extra ele­ments inside, and it has a con­ve­nient shape, it is just as easy to wash it from the inside as from the out­side.
The good news is that the stand fits per­fect­ly under the ket­tle, when you put it on the stand, they merge into a sin­gle whole, and it becomes unclear to the guests how the ket­tle boils)
The wire at the ket­tle is quite short, but I think it’s bet­ter to make an out­let near the place where the ket­tle will stand than to run the wire through the whole kitchen.
It is very con­ve­nient that the ket­tle can be con­trolled through a spe­cial appli­ca­tion Mi Home, which can be down­loaded from the Inter­net. In the appli­ca­tion, you just need to add a ket­tle, and, of course, plug the ket­tle into a sock­et. Through the appli­ca­tion, you can eas­i­ly see what the cur­rent tem­per­a­ture is in the ket­tle, and select the one you need to warm it up. This is a def­i­nite plus for me, since I am not a fan of very hot tea, and there is not always time to wait for it to cool down. Also in the appli­ca­tion, you can set the time dur­ing which a cer­tain tem­per­a­ture will be main­tained.
It was very dis­ap­point­ing that The ket­tle can­not be turned on from the app. It would also be cool if the ket­tle could be turned on for a cer­tain time, for exam­ple, at 7 in the morn­ing.
Ket­tle of aver­age pow­er ‑1800 W. The largest vol­ume of water (1.5) the ket­tle will boil in about 4–5 min­utes. Time is not very fast, rather, like every­one else. Noth­ing spe­cial.
After boil­ing, the ket­tle, of course, heats up, but not much. Not the way, for exam­ple, a met­al ket­tle is heat­ed.
The ket­tle has a shut off func­tion with­out water. This func­tion is use­ful in this par­tic­u­lar ket­tle, because it is not always con­ve­nient to see what lev­el of water.
Con­clu­sion. The ket­tle is very beau­ti­ful, smart, it can be con­trolled from a smart­phone, but if I were to buy this ket­tle again, I would think if I need it for such a price. Indeed, in fact, this is an ordi­nary ket­tle, only with a remote con­trol func­tion, which is not always and not every­one needs.


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