Hel­lo my dear friend! Most like­ly you have already read the char­ac­ter­is­tics of this rack, now I sug­gest you plunge into the per­son­al impres­sions of one of the pho­tog­ra­phers about this rack!

Of course, con­grat­u­la­tions on the future new thing and I can tell you that you are on the right track!

First­ly, the rack is made of alu­minum which is prac­ti­cal­ly not sub­ject to cor­ro­sion! She also eas­i­ly with­stands “bathing” in the water!

Sec­ond­ly, this rack com­pared to oth­ers in its price cat­e­go­ry was sig­nif­i­cant­ly high­er. When com­plete­ly dis­as­sem­bled, it reach­es a length of 3 meters! Even the length of the two low­er pull-out sec­tions is enough for me and I almost nev­er use the third one!

Third­ly, a very big plus is the air cush­ion­ing, which pre­vents the sec­tions from acci­den­tal falling and dam­age, respec­tive­ly! This means that if, for exam­ple, you turn the mount in the wrong direc­tion in a park, the pipe will not fall!

Despite the fact that when I unpacked the par­cel, I heard a sus­pi­cious rat­tle, all the bolts, screws, tongues turned out to be firm­ly attached!

For two and a half years, noth­ing fell off and did not break!

The stand is eas­i­ly car­ried in a tri­pod case, look­ing out of the case by 25–30 cen­time­ters (because I have a small tri­pod case), but this does not cause me any incon­ve­nience!

And I know, dear friend, that apart from all the boast­ing you real­ly want to hear what “sur­pris­es” you can sud­den­ly encounter and what dis­ad­van­tages this rack has.

So, there are two nuances:

- the stand is quite light (do not for­get about its deli­cious price), so when the wind starts to blow it away. I deal with this with two meth­ods: when the wind is of medi­um strength, I tie two weights to the base on oppo­site sides (usu­al­ly these are sand­bags), and here the hooks on the stand itself would real­ly come in handy for con­ve­nience, but when a very strong wind blows I try not to shoot on the street at all 🙂

Oth­er­wise, she helped me out in the open air in sum­mer, and in autumn, and even in win­ter! Indoors and aban­doned, this is an indis­pens­able thing. Also per­fect for shoot­ing video if you need to put a light on!

- “legs” have no hats and on one of the shoots, I pressed 30 cen­time­ters of clay into each leg and cleaned it out for a very long time! This is not a big minus (the spac­ers can be bought / cut and past­ed by your­self), but such a part includ­ed in the kit from the man­u­fac­tur­er would be very use­ful!

I did­n’t see any cons.)

In gen­er­al, I am very pleased with this rack and did not regret at all that I took this par­tic­u­lar one! I often give a ride to a friend who takes por­traits on hon­orary plaques. She has worked out her val­ue for a long time and is still in per­fect con­di­tion! I hope I helped you fig­ure out what this life­saver is!