Hooray! We are final­ly back to school! Some of us have prob­a­bly left our parental home and moved to a hos­tel or a new apart­ment. Let’s, like real youth, equip a new nest accord­ing to the lat­est trends in tech­no­log­i­cal fash­ion. And we will not only dec­o­rate the house, but also sim­pli­fy our life thanks to cool gad­gets!

Google Nest Mini 2nd generation

The 2nd gen­er­a­tion Google Nest Mini is an updat­ed ver­sion of the smart home speak­er. It com­bines Google Assis­tant, a cloud-based ser­vice, with an upgrad­ed speak­er that deliv­ers 360-degree bal­anced audio out­put along with enhanced bass.

The speak­er is equipped with three long-range micro­phones, this allows Google Assis­tant to bet­ter rec­og­nize your voice com­mands. Touch con­trol has also been updat­ed, now it auto­mat­i­cal­ly lights up when you get close to the device.

Anoth­er trans­for­ma­tion — now the col­umn has a built-in wall mount. Pre­vi­ous­ly, this required the pur­chase of spe­cial mount­ing equip­ment.

And a nice bonus: Google Nest Mini is made from recy­cled mate­ri­als — this should be appre­ci­at­ed by buy­ers who care about the envi­ron­ment.

Robot vacuum cleaner Eufy RoboVac 15T

The last time we want to clean up is when we get home after a long day at work. The Eufy Robo­Vac 15T Robot Vac­u­um Clean­er will help keep the floors in your room clean.

Despite its small size, the three-point clean­ing brush sys­tem and a whop­ping 1500 Pa suc­tion pow­er ensure your floors are free of dirt and debris.

A few tech­ni­cal para­me­ters: 100 min­utes of con­tin­u­ous oper­a­tion, a capa­cious waste con­tain­er — 0.6 l and a body height of 7.23 cm, which allows you to get into hard-to-reach places, for exam­ple, under a sofa or clos­et.

The advanced brush­less motor reduces the noise lev­el of the vac­u­um clean­er — it is up to 75% qui­eter than con­ven­tion­al vac­u­um clean­ers, that is, no loud­er than most microwave ovens.

You can con­trol the Eufy Robo­Vac 15T with the includ­ed remote con­trol or with the touch­pad on the vac­u­um clean­er itself. It also fea­tures fall detec­tion tech­nol­o­gy that helps pre­vent fly­ing down stairs, for exam­ple.

And when he runs out of charge, he auto­mat­i­cal­ly returns to his charg­ing base. This ensures that your floors are always clean.

TP-Link HS105 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini Power Adapter

This is a Wi-Fi capa­ble pow­er adapter that allows you to remote­ly turn con­nect­ed devices on and off.

The adapter has a com­pact body, so when you plug it into an out­let, it will not block adja­cent sock­ets.

You can con­nect the adapter to an exist­ing dorm Wi-Fi net­work and man­age it using the free Kasa app. It’s also the per­fect addi­tion to your exist­ing smart home devices — you can con­trol the adapter with Google Assis­tant voice com­mands.

TP-Link HS105 allows you to remote­ly mon­i­tor the sta­tus of con­nect­ed devices. Now you do not need to sit and remem­ber whether you turned off the light or not.

The app also allows you to cre­ate a sched­ule to turn devices on/off auto­mat­i­cal­ly accord­ing to your dai­ly rou­tine. And the Out of Home mode helps deter thieves by turn­ing your elec­tron­ics on/off at ran­dom inter­vals to make it look like you’re at home.

Anoth­er assis­tant that will relieve anx­i­ety away from home.

The device is equipped with a 1080p HD cam­era with a 115-degree field of view, which allows you to mon­i­tor a large area.

You can mon­i­tor your home remote­ly with the free Lorex Home app, which can be down­loaded to your phone or tablet. The cam­era has a built-in micro­phone and speak­er so you can scare away intrud­ers or remote­ly chat with any­one in front of the cam­era.

Cam­era videos are stored on microSD cards, elim­i­nat­ing the need to pur­chase a cloud stor­age sub­scrip­tion. And the cam­era has built-in human detec­tion to min­i­mize false alerts and unnec­es­sary noti­fi­ca­tions.

The cam­era is com­pat­i­ble with Google Assis­tant, Ama­zon Alexa and Apple TV.

Doorbell with camera Kangaroo A0008 Wi-Fi

Say good­bye to tra­di­tion­al peep­holes. Sim­ply con­nect the Kan­ga­roo A0008 to your Wi-Fi net­work, peel off the pro­tec­tive film and stick it on your door. The device does not require the use of tools and wiring, but it can still be fixed with screws if you want more strength.

The bell runs on AA bat­ter­ies, and the charge is used eco­nom­i­cal­ly — you do not need to wor­ry about con­stant­ly chang­ing bat­ter­ies!

When Kan­ga­roo A0008 sens­es move­ment at your door, whether it’s your neigh­bor down the hall­way or an intrud­er, it will send a pho­to alert to your smart­phone. The bell also has built-in night vision, so you will know who is knock­ing or ring­ing at your door day and night.

Google Nest WiFi Router

The router cre­ates a Wi-Fi sys­tem that cov­ers your entire home.

It quick­ly search­es for a free chan­nel, can han­dle up to 100 con­nect­ed devices, and oper­ates in a 204 kV band. m. This makes it an excel­lent choice for dense­ly pop­u­lat­ed hos­tels.

More impor­tant­ly, the Nest Wi-Fi router’s advanced secu­ri­ty chip—along with reg­u­lar auto­mat­ic soft­ware updates—helps keep your net­work secure.

Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangles Lighting System

Nanoleaf Shapes is wall art, a smart light­ing sys­tem, and even a visu­al­iza­tion of your music. The device is easy to install with the sup­plied dou­ble-sided tape.

Each light bar is cus­tomiz­able to out­put any shade of light from white to over 16 mil­lion col­ors. The block design allows you to eas­i­ly com­bine pan­els of var­i­ous shapes to cre­ate a unique design.

Pho­to: technopark.ru

When you play music, the built-in music visu­al­iz­er lets you “see” your tracks, turn­ing your playlist into a light show.

Every Nanoleaf pan­el is touch-sen­si­tive, which not only means that it will respond to touch, but that you can even play inter­ac­tive games.

That’s how you can add pops of col­or to your dorm room with Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Tri­an­gles.


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