The world is gain­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty move­ment against bras. Women around the world are ditch­ing push-up cups and under­wired bodices. As always, there are polar­iz­ing opin­ions. Some ele­vate the idea to an absolute, appear­ing in pub­lic in translu­cent clothes with­out under­wear. Oth­ers con­demn them harsh­ly. We want to rec­on­cile every­one and offer a real­ly com­fort­able option — a cot­ton top with nat­ur­al breast sup­port!

Where did it all start?

  • At the end of the 19th cen­tu­ry, the first pro­to­type of a bra appears. He comes to replace the corset.
  • After 100 years, in the 90s of the 20th cen­tu­ry, push-ups of the Cana­di­an com­pa­ny Won­der­bra with spe­cial lin­ers and seals in the cups come into fash­ion.
  • In 2013, a French pro­fes­sor states that women should give up bras. His research work is crit­i­cized, but the sci­en­tist man­ages to prove the main thing: a bra is option­al. And if you like the feel­ing of free­dom, you can not wear it. A bra does not help breast health, and the wrong size also entails an unde­sir­able side effect.
  • In 2015, bralettes are in fash­ion, these are bras with a soft cup, and sports tops.
  • Push-ups are going out of fash­ion, and in 2016, Vic­to­ri­a’s Secret’s sales are declin­ing, with stocks plum­met­ing 29%.
  • In 2017, the Free the Nip­ple move­ment (trans­lat­ed from Eng­lish as “free the nip­ples”) is gain­ing momen­tum on the Inter­net. Famous girls, opin­ion lead­ers: Kendall Jen­ner, Bel­la Hadid and Rihan­na influ­ence women by their exam­ple.
  • And now, thanks to trends and influ­encers, the refusal of bras has turned from a chal­lenge into an under­stand­able choice for many in favor of com­fort.

We are not advo­cat­ing to com­plete­ly aban­don the bra. We want to offer an alter­na­tive — Telle Quelle dou­ble cot­ton top — for those occa­sions when you can afford free­dom all day long! Here are 6 rea­sons why the top is not infe­ri­or, but even wins:

  1. Bra: cup inserts made of syn­thet­ic mate­ri­als, espe­cial­ly sil­i­cone and polyurethane (foam rub­ber), cre­ate a green­house effect, this dis­rupts blood cir­cu­la­tion and is sim­ply uncom­fort­able. Top: cot­ton allows the body to breathe, is more pleas­ant to the body, blood cir­cu­la­tion is nor­mal.
  2. Bra: can press under the breasts, armpits, in the area of ​​the straps, which neg­a­tive­ly affects the move­ment of the lymph. Top: even­ly dis­trib­utes the load due to wider straps, soft fit over the entire sur­face of the fab­ric.
  3. Bra: holds the chest. But such strong sup­port is not always need­ed. Top: With the right size, it can also han­dle sup­port. The main thing is that it should be made of dense, mod­er­ate­ly stretchy fab­ric and with a bar along the bot­tom, like the Telle Quelle brand.
  4. Both a bra and a top can give a beau­ti­ful breast shape. The right size of the top will beau­ti­ful­ly gath­er the chest and empha­size the décol­leté. The Telle Quelle top han­dles even large breasts. Look at the pho­to from the real reviews of the girls.

  5. Bra: Dif­fi­cult to fit and can­not be returned. For each breast shape, you need to take into account many nuances: the shape of the cups, their loca­tion, the thick­ness of the inserts, the clasp, the tex­ture of the fab­ric, the qual­i­ty of the fit­tings, the width of the straps, and much more. Top: suit­able for any breast shape, both small and large. It does not apply to under­wear and can be returned to the store if some­thing does not suit.
  6. Bra: This is under­wear only. Top: Can be worn on its own or under cloth­ing as an under­lay­er. Use­ful all year round, not just in sum­mer.

Telle Quelle is trans­lat­ed from French as “the way it is.” The Russ­ian fam­i­ly brand pro­duces clothes that help you to be your­self! Togeth­er with us, make a choice in favor of your­self!