Cats are very clean pets, and they have spe­cial require­ments for their toi­let. If the lit­ter box is dirty, the cat will sim­ply walk away and will not feel “guilty”. Instinct makes the cat hide his trip to the toi­let, so he always quick­ly buries every­thing with filler. By hid­ing their waste, the cat feels calmer and more con­fi­dent, as laid down in their nature. It is very impor­tant for a pet to delve into the filler, which means that it should be made from envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents.

We will con­sid­er the two most pop­u­lar types of filler: min­er­al and wood, which are very fond of pets for their “nat­u­ral­ness” and their own­ers for max­i­mum safe­ty.

Min­er­al filler “TIP-TOP” con­sists of a sor­bent, which is pro­duced by ther­mal treat­ment of the sed­i­men­ta­ry rock of the same name “Diatomite”. It has a low den­si­ty and excel­lent mois­ture absorp­tion. Due to its high adsorp­tion capac­i­ty, diatoma­ceous earth has found appli­ca­tion as a cat lit­ter. Diatomite fillers are clumpy, able to absorb liq­uids up to 70% of their mass. Diatomite has anti­sep­tic prop­er­ties, reli­ably retains odor and dis­in­fects. Well pre­vents the repro­duc­tion of path­o­gen­ic microflo­ra. There are 4 types: uni­ver­sal, for long-haired, for short-haired, for kit­tens.

What are their dif­fer­ences? For long-haired cats, larg­er gran­ules are pro­duced so that the stones do not get tan­gled in the wool and the pet does not expe­ri­ence dis­com­fort. The uni­ver­sal filler has medi­um-sized gran­ules, and small­er ones for short-haired ones. For kit­tens, a very small frac­tion is used so as not to injure the paws.

In our line there are fillers of the “Econ­o­my” option, the dif­fer­ence is that the gran­ules do not crum­ple, but sim­ply absorb the liq­uid. The sor­bent is pro­duced by ther­mal treat­ment of Opo­ka cristabo­lite rock using a unique tech­nol­o­gy. The sor­bent has excel­lent mois­ture-absorb­ing prop­er­ties, elim­i­nates odors well, and is rich­ly sat­u­rat­ed with min­er­als.

Wood lit­ters are uni­ver­sal and suit­able for all cats. A big plus is that they can be dis­posed of down the drain. Envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly gran­ules, which are resid­ual prod­ucts of wood­work­ing pro­duc­tion pressed in a spe­cial gran­u­la­tor. Gran­ules that have a light woody col­or, with­out the addi­tion of chem­i­cal impu­ri­ties, con­sist of 100% wood.

The advan­tages of these fillers:

- con­ve­nient to dig

-no for­eign odors

- per­fect­ly absorb liq­uid

- neu­tral­izes odor

-does not stick to paws

All fillers are hypoal­ler­genic and safe. The absorbed vol­ume of mois­ture is 2.5 times high­er than the vol­ume of gran­ules. Our cat­a­log con­tains dif­fer­ent options for fillers, dif­fer­ent vol­umes of pack­ages, for dif­fer­ent breeds of cats.

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