For those who want to add an inter­est­ing effect to their man­i­cure and dou­ble their palette, we have added sparkling Top Glit­ter to the Cos­mo­lac line.

This glossy top, with a slight shim­mery shim­mer, is based on a no cleanse top, which means that it does not have a sticky lay­er.

GLITTER TOP is a ver­sa­tile top with mul­ti-sized sil­ver shim­mer. It will eas­i­ly com­ple­ment your man­i­cure, regard­less of whether you choose gel pol­ish, cam­ou­flage or neon base.

The medi­um vis­cos­i­ty of the mate­r­i­al allows you to com­plete the coat­ing with a thin lay­er, mak­ing your man­i­cure ele­gant and nat­ur­al.

Instruc­tions: apply the top on the col­or coat­ing in a thin, even lay­er. Dries 60/180 sec in led/uv lamp.

Stor­age rec­om­men­da­tions: store the bot­tle away from direct sun­light, avoid­ing over­heat­ing of the mate­r­i­al.

The top is pro­duced in two most con­ve­nient vol­umes: 7.5 and 14 ml.

With the GLITTER top your man­i­cure will shine, attract­ing admir­ing glances and a lot of atten­tion!