Every­one wants to dress beau­ti­ful­ly and fash­ion­ably, at the same time, so that their favorite things serve for a long time and do not lose their attrac­tive­ness. We rec­om­mend Crabro tights. The coun­try of the brand is Lithua­nia. Pro­duc­tion is locat­ed in Rus­sia. Many years of expe­ri­ence in using these prod­ucts has proven that Crabro pro­duces not only high-qual­i­ty prod­ucts that wear well, look great, but are also unpre­ten­tious in care. In Crabro tights you will for­get about the cold and will feel com­fort­able in any weath­er. This prod­uct does not cause aller­gies and dis­com­fort when worn.

When choos­ing Crabro claws, be sure that the sizes and col­ors of the tights will ful­ly cor­re­spond to those indi­cat­ed on the pack­age. Crabro prod­ucts are made with rein­forced toe zones and a rein­forced upper part of the tights. Elas­tic flat­lock seams allow you to feel com­fort­able and will be invis­i­ble even under light cloth­ing.

The range of tights pro­duced by Crabro meets the trends of mod­ern fash­ion and is diverse. At Wild­ber­ries, the Crabro brand is rep­re­sent­ed by both clas­sic mod­els — an option suit­able for every­day wear (Clas­sic tights, BIKINI) and mod­els that are smart on their own (Fan­tazi line) with inter­est­ing trendy pat­terns (pol­ka dots, rhom­bus­es, alpha­bet). Lurex tights (50 den, Dia­mond), which are an evening option, also belong to tru­ly ele­gant ones. Lurex thread gives the tights a bright and uneven fine sheen. When using spe­cial shiny ele­ments, tights stand out with an inter­est­ing sheen and a kind of chic. There are also warm mul­ti-col­ored tights for dar­ing fash­ion­istas. Very mod­ern North­ern Lights melange tights, 60 den, with cot­ton effect, in which fibers of one col­or are mixed with fibers of anoth­er col­or to form a beau­ti­ful gra­di­ent. Dense microfiber tights for women 120 den VELOR will not only keep you warm in win­ter, but will also give you a unique charm, ele­gance and style.

Crabro devel­ops and man­u­fac­tures many mod­els of chil­dren’s tights for all occa­sions with great atten­tion and love. Only a few are fea­tured on Wild­ber­ries. For every­day wear — smooth nude and white, high­ly rec­om­mend­ed for school, dance class­es, per­for­mances and train­ing. Ele­gant white pol­ka-dot FANTAZY, and open­work FANTAZY, 3D pat­tern. The chil­dren’s line also includes melange cot­ton-effect tights in sev­er­al col­ors. The child will always be smart and warm. All tights have increased resis­tance to hooks, are made with a soft elas­tic waist­band, with rein­forced toes and flat elas­tic seams.

Crabro tights are the very nec­es­sary attribute of a wardrobe that meets the cri­te­ri­on of “a thing in trend”. And this is not only about the Russ­ian mar­ket, Crabro prod­ucts are also pop­u­lar in the con­stant­ly grow­ing and demand­ing mar­ket of the EU coun­tries.

Crabro tights are what you were look­ing for. Prod­ucts with elas­tane soft­ly fit the leg, do not cause exces­sive com­pres­sion, and pro­vide the legs with a state of com­fort. A dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of elas­tane fibers is very high strength, this thread is used as an addi­tive to the main thread and gives high dimen­sion­al sta­bil­i­ty to prod­ucts and their wear resis­tance, which is the main advan­tage of prod­ucts.

The mate­ri­als from which our tights are made are envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly, there are cer­tifi­cates of qual­i­ty and con­for­mi­ty.

You can talk a lot about the lat­est tech­nolo­gies applic­a­ble, about the high­est qual­i­ty fiber used in the pro­duc­tion of Crabro tights, but you must eval­u­ate the three unshak­able cri­te­ria “Qual­i­ty-Price-Choice” on your own.

Wear Crabro brand tights, they are made for you.