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On April 20, Apple held its spring event, which has already become a tra­di­tion. This is the first batch of Apple announce­ments in 2021, and the fans did not dis­ap­point. We were shown the most pow­er­ful iMac com­put­ers, tablets of the future and an updat­ed iPhone. And soon one long-await­ed device will go on sale, the release of which def­i­nite­ly no one expect­ed. Let’s see what Apple will please its fans this year.


New iMac

The new iMacs look and feel like Apple’s famous ’99 com­put­ers. Pho­to: apple.com

The main news of the con­fer­ence was the appear­ance of iMac com­put­ers based on the M1 proces­sor, a chip cre­at­ed by Apple. She is proud of its pow­er, and users liked the nov­el­ty. For exam­ple, demand­ing pro­grams, such as Final Cut Pro, it runs with­out dif­fi­cul­ty.

The com­put­er will have the same 1080p web­cam as the 2020 mod­el and stu­dio-qual­i­ty micro­phones. What the iMac won’t have is the abil­i­ty to add a nano-coat­ing to the screen. It was it that reduced the num­ber of reflec­tions and glare, which was great for office work.

But this is not at all what brought the new “pop­pies” to the head­lines of many pub­li­ca­tions. Much more users were impressed by the super-thin screen and a large selec­tion of col­ors. There are sev­en of them: white (for lovers of the clas­sics), men­thol, red, orange, yel­low, blue and pur­ple. The thick­ness of the case is only 11.5 mm. In gen­er­al, accord­ing to com­pa­ny rep­re­sen­ta­tives, due to the fact that the new proces­sor heats up less than Intel, it was pos­si­ble to reduce the size of the com­put­er by 50%, and increase the mon­i­tor to 24 inch­es.

The base mod­el has 256 GB of SSD stor­age and 8 GB of RAM. The cost of iMac will be stan­dard — the same as the pre­vi­ous mod­el: from 130 thou­sand rubles for pre-order from April 30.


The key­board has also changed its appear­ance, to match the new iMac. Pho­to: cnet.com

The col­or­ful new iMacs will also come with acces­sories in the same col­or. These are Mag­ic Key­board and Mag­ic Mouse.

Touch­ID appeared on the key­board, the same fin­ger­print scan­ner as it used to be on the iPhone. And you can also buy a Mag­ic Track­pad, also the same col­or as your com­put­er. Only the appear­ance has changed, oth­er­wise it is still the same pan­el that Mac­book users love.

Smartphones and tablets

iPad Pro (2021)

iPad Pro tablets are as pow­er­ful as lap­tops. Pho­to: theverge.com

Offi­cial­ly announced a new mod­el of the most pop­u­lar tablet. It has changed quite a lot, and, most impor­tant­ly, it has an M1 chip. This means that the iPad will become even more pow­er­ful and faster. The screen of the large ver­sion of the tablet will now be 12.9 inch­es, and the Liq­uid Reti­na XDR dis­play tech­nol­o­gy will be improved: the bright­ness will be 1600 nits, the con­trast ratio will be 1000000:1, the screen refresh rate will be 120 Hz. The screen res­o­lu­tion will become 2732 x 2048.

The 11-inch ver­sion promis­es more mod­est spec­i­fi­ca­tions: a 600-nit LED dis­play with a res­o­lu­tion of 2388 x 1668. But the design of the tablet has not changed much, although the old­er iPad Pro mod­el is slight­ly thick­er than its pre­de­ces­sor.

The tablet has a dual cam­era: the main one is 12 MP (f / 1.8 aper­ture), the wide-angle one is 10 MP (f / 2.4). The front cam­era is also wide-angle (12 MP, f / 2.2), it has a 122-degree view­ing angle.

As always, Apple promis­es a whole day of tablet oper­a­tion, although it does not name exact num­bers. Both mod­els — both 11- and 12.9‑inch — will be avail­able with SSD mem­o­ry from 128 GB to 2 TB. The iPad Pro will go on sale in May, with pre-orders start­ing April 30th.

iPhone 12 in a new color

iPhone 12 has updat­ed the col­or but remains the same. Pho­to: apple.com

There is still a long time before the announce­ment of the next iPhone mod­el, usu­al­ly they go on sale by the win­ter hol­i­days. But for lovers of diver­si­ty, Apple has “packed” its smart­phones in a new col­or — lilac. It will only be avail­able on the iPhone 12 and 12 mini mod­els and will go on sale April 30th. The changes in the smart­phone are pure­ly visu­al, but you can expect a much larg­er selec­tion of shades for the next gen­er­a­tion of iPhone.


Apple TV 4K (2021)

The con­sole has not changed out­ward­ly, but the remote con­trol has received a new design. Pho­to: flatpanelshd.com

No Apple event is com­plete with­out men­tion­ing Apple TV. The ver­sion of the set-top box pre­sent­ed at the pre­sen­ta­tion is the 6th gen­er­a­tion with a new remote con­trol with Siri. It will also have a state-of-the-art proces­sor with sup­port for high frame rates. Like oth­er prod­ucts, Apple TV will go on sale in May.

The pre­fix works on the A12 proces­sor, the same as in the iPhone XS and iPad ver­sions of last year. Dol­by Atmos and Dol­by Vision HDR are built in, just like the pre­vi­ous mod­el. Air­Play will also be avail­able to users for broad­cast­ing from oth­er devices on iOS and Apple Home­K­it for a smart home.

Per­haps the most inter­est­ing fea­ture is the auto­mat­ic col­or bal­ance adjust­ment through the iPhone. Of course, I mean mod­ern mod­els. Accord­ing to com­pa­ny rep­re­sen­ta­tives, it is enough to point the smart­phone at the TV screen and wait a bit for the result.

Apple TV 4K also has game func­tions: with the Apple Arcade appli­ca­tion, var­i­ous games will be avail­able to the user, and Xbox and PlaySta­tion con­trollers can also be con­nect­ed to the set-top box.

As always there will be a ver­sion with 32 GB of mem­o­ry and 64 GB, the cost of goods will not change.

If you don’t want to replace the entire set-top box, you can sim­ply buy a new remote with Siri. It will be sold sep­a­rate­ly. The remote is made of alu­minum, and the Siri but­ton is locat­ed on the side. To scroll through the video, you can use scrolling on a spe­cial but­ton.

Apple AirTags

AirTags is a bright gad­get to keep your keys and oth­er devices safe. Pho­to: www.gsmarena.com

In addi­tion to the long-await­ed new prod­ucts, the com­pa­ny intro­duced anoth­er fun addi­tion — AirTags. These devices have been talked about for a long time, but they were con­sid­ered a bike, so the announce­ment from Apple came as a sur­prise to many.

AirTags are small track­ers that can be attached to keys, wal­lets and oth­er things that you are afraid of los­ing. Through the Find My appli­ca­tion, you can give a sig­nal and the device will respond. This device costs $29.

By design, AirTag is plas­tic in the form of a tablet, with a met­al sock­et. That’s where all the fill­ing is hid­den. The device is not afraid of water, although it does not have an offi­cial pro­tec­tion rat­ing. Accord­ing to Apple, such an AirTag lasts about a year, but the bat­tery can be changed.

In addi­tion to all the announced devices, the com­pa­ny intro­duced updates to its Apple Card cred­it cards and announced the sec­ond sea­son of the suc­cess­ful Apple TV series Ted Las­so. In gen­er­al, there were a lot of announce­ments — fans of the brand have some­thing to look for­ward to. There will def­i­nite­ly be enough new prod­ucts to make it to the autumn releas­es.


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