Why is it nec­es­sary and how to choose an anatom­i­cal pil­low?

An anatom­i­cal mem­o­ry foam pil­low, unlike the usu­al one, adapts to the shape of the body with­out cre­at­ing back pres­sure. Due to this, the mus­cles of the cer­vi­cal region are not tense, the ves­sels are not pinched, which con­tributes to the nor­mal­iza­tion of the blood sup­ply to the brain.

The anatom­i­cal pil­low is ide­al for peo­ple suf­fer­ing from cer­vi­cal osteo­chon­dro­sis, as well as peo­ple who suf­fer from con­stant snor­ing or insom­nia.

A spe­cial filler cre­ates a state of weight­less­ness dur­ing sleep. The head and body rest through­out the night, which con­tributes to a sound and healthy sleep.

What to look for when choos­ing a pil­low?

When choos­ing a pil­low, pay spe­cial atten­tion to filler pil­lows. Ordi­nary pil­lows are down / feath­er, holofiber, syn­thet­ic win­ter­iz­er, foam rub­ber. These mate­ri­als do not sup­port the cer­vi­cal spine and can­not adapt to the struc­ture of the body.

Inside the anatom­i­cal pil­lows there should be a unique mate­r­i­al with a mem­o­ry effect. The most com­mon of these is vis­coelas­tic polyurethane foam (Mem­o­ry Foam), latex, vis­co­la­tex. When you light­ly press on the pil­low, it slow­ly regains its shape. Such a filler is able to repeat the slight­est curves of your body.

The most impor­tant indi­ca­tor when choos­ing an anatom­i­cal pil­low is its height. Depend­ing on the habit­u­al pos­ture dur­ing sleep, you should choose the opti­mal height of the pil­low. If you sleep on your side, you will need a high pil­low. You can cal­cu­late the required height by the width of the shoul­ders: mea­sure the dis­tance from the edge of the shoul­der to the base of the neck.

If you sleep on your back or on your stom­ach, then you need a low­er pil­low.

Cur­rent­ly, anatom­i­cal pil­lows with adjustable height are on sale. A sim­i­lar func­tion is in the line of anatom­i­cal pil­lows under the brand BEHAGLI. Pil­low mod­el Anatom­ic Mem­o­ry has a clas­sic rec­tan­gu­lar shape. In it, every­one can eas­i­ly adjust the height by remov­ing or adding part of the filler.

Hav­ing some under­stand­ing on how to choose an anatom­i­cal pil­low, we wish to find the right one for you.

Sweet dreams and stay healthy!


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