I have been want­i­ng to try some­thing mul­ti­func­tion­al for hair styling for a long time. I want­ed to change my curl­ing iron and straight­en­er to one device. Either with inter­change­able noz­zles, or such as Philips BHH815/00. It will be dis­cussed in this review.
Let’s take a look at the design. The mul­ti-styler looks like 5 s +. The light pink ceram­ic round plates go great with the pur­ple han­dle. In the kit, in addi­tion to the styler itself, there is a case for it.
In its nor­mal state, the mul­ti-styler is sim­i­lar to a hair straight­en­er, with round plates. By the way, the plates have a ceram­ic coat­ing.
There is a dis­play on the han­dle, where you can choose one of six tem­per­a­ture modes, as well as see if the mul­ti­styler is ready for use, or if you should wait. The max­i­mum tem­per­a­ture that
can be set to ‑200 degrees Cel­sius. Reg­u­lat­ing the tem­per­a­ture is very impor­tant for me, because each type of hair and each style needs its own tem­per­a­ture.
How long does it take for the styler to heat up? Heat­ing to the required tem­per­a­ture is car­ried out very fast. About a minute, and you can use and do styling.
It is very good that the tongs have a loop for hang­ing them, as well as a cord that rotates 360 degrees, with such a cord it is much eas­i­er to style your hair.
So what can this mul­ti­styler do? And this thing-3 in 1! She can:
- curl hair
- straight­en hair
-as well as give basal vol­ume
I bought prob­a­bly the most because of the last func­tion. After all, I am the own­er of thin hair and, unfor­tu­nate­ly, I don’t have at least a hint of vol­ume.
Anoth­er big plus for me is that the styler has ion­iz­er.And it is need­ed so that the hair, dur­ing the styling process, dete­ri­o­rates less, does not fluff, and keeps the hair­style longer.
It’s great that the styler has long wire.
How does a styler curl curls? You don’t need to turn any­thing, you just need to heat the styler and clamp the plates to form a “curl­ing iron”. I want to say that it’s not very con­ve­nient to wind on such a curl­ing iron, the plates are unclenched all the time, you have to hold them with your hand, this caus­es burns.
Straight­en­ing. There are two ways to straight­en your hair. The first is to turn both plates to the right or left, then, if desired, you can twist the tips. The sec­ond way is more painful. With­out turn­ing any­thing, you can straight­en your hair, but then the hair will catch on the teeth that are need­ed to cre­ate vol­ume. You have to tor­ment your­self in order to per­fect­ly straight­en your hair.
Vol­ume. In order to make the vol­ume, you need to turn one of the plates “inside out”. Attach the strand to the plate with teeth and pull down. Yes, the vol­ume is cre­at­ed, but creas­es are vis­i­ble, because when you turn, the plates are no longer round, but rec­tan­gu­lar with round­ed sides. And the vol­ume itself, with­out fleece, lasts for 3 hours.
Ion­iza­tion func­tion. Yes, it seems like it is, even some crack­ling is heard, but I did not see the result from it.
What con­clu­sion could I draw? I can say one thing — the best to buy hair styling devices sep­a­rate­ly. On the exam­ple of this styler, I was con­vinced that all the declared func­tions can­not work well, some will work well, and some will work bad­ly. In this case, I would take this styler only for curl­ing curls and for twist­ing the ends. Oth­er­wise, I would use a reg­u­lar curl­ing iron and a reg­u­lar hair straight­en­er.


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