Have you always slept on an ordi­nary down pil­low, but thought about pur­chas­ing an ortho­pe­dic pil­low because you have pain in your head and neck? After sleep­ing on an ortho­pe­dic pil­low, health actu­al­ly becomes stronger. This can be explained — dur­ing sleep in a phys­i­o­log­i­cal­ly cor­rect posi­tion, the blood cir­cu­la­tion of the brain improves and a per­son sleeps bet­ter. In this arti­cle, we will look at what an ortho­pe­dic sleep pil­low is, the his­to­ry of the first pil­lows, the mate­r­i­al of man­u­fac­ture, and the pros and cons.

How to lie on an ortho­pe­dic pil­low

An ortho­pe­dic pil­low is a mod­el that sup­ports the head and neck in the cor­rect posi­tion. Blood cir­cu­la­tion is nor­mal­ized, cor­rect pos­ture is main­tained, and over­all health improves. Our pil­low has a spe­cial wave shape, but square pil­lows can also be ortho­pe­dic if they are made of mem­o­ry, tem­pu­ra, nat­ur­al latex or soy foam.

An ortho­pe­dic sleep­ing pil­low can­not be too soft made of fluff, it should not fall under the weight of the head. Our filler, which you will learn about below, is elas­tic, fol­lows the con­tours of the head and neck, and also restores its shape after the load is removed, there­fore it pro­vides uni­form sup­port in any posi­tion for a long time. This is the main dif­fer­ence from the clas­sic pil­low, in which the filler is crushed and falls down and needs to be con­stant­ly shak­en up. And this means that there is a risk of spend­ing the whole night in the wrong posi­tion, which will lead to cir­cu­la­to­ry dis­or­ders and numb­ness.

The his­to­ry of the ortho­pe­dic pil­low

The old­est pil­lows to date have been found in ancient Egypt­ian pyra­mids. At night, the Egyp­tians put their heads on curved boards with stands, but not to sup­port the head, but to main­tain a lush hair­style. Sleep­ing on such a pil­low was not only uncom­fort­able, but sim­ply painful. For the ancient Greeks — unlike the Egyp­tians — com­fort was in the first place, and since they spent a sig­nif­i­cant amount of time in bed, their pil­lows could not have been wood­en. It was in ancient Greece around the 5th cen­tu­ry BC that the first soft square and rec­tan­gu­lar pil­lows appeared, stuffed with bird down and feath­ers, grass, wool or straw. But in Chi­na, it was believed that a soft pil­low steals vital­i­ty, so pil­lows were made of wood, rough leather and porce­lain.

Research by Otto Stein­er

In Europe and in Rus’, soft pil­lows did not cause super­sti­tious fears and were tra­di­tion­al­ly stuffed with goose down and feath­ers. How­ev­er, in the 19th cen­tu­ry, the Ger­man physi­cian Otto Stein­er, in his book Bed, proved that more than ten types of par­a­sitic microor­gan­isms live in feath­er pil­lows, which feel great on the rem­nants of fat that remain on the feath­ers after shak­ing. Man­u­fac­tur­ers of acces­sories for sleep seri­ous­ly thought about find­ing an accept­able alter­na­tive to down and feath­ers, and soon for­tune smiled at them.

In 1839, Charles Goodyear dis­cov­ered the process of vul­can­iz­ing nat­ur­al latex, and this dis­cov­ery marked the birth of a new indus­try. In 1929 I.A. Whip­ping latex in a kitchen mix­er, Mur­phy cre­at­ed latex foam for the first time, a soft, elas­tic and porous mate­r­i­al that met all the require­ments of an ide­al filler. Latex foam is still the undis­put­ed leader in the list of pil­low fillers and ortho­pe­dic pil­lows in par­tic­u­lar.

Vis­co-elas­tic polyurethane foam

The mate­r­i­al from which our pil­low is made just has an ortho­pe­dic effect, was invent­ed with­in the walls of the NASA Research Cen­ter in 1966. The offi­cial name of the mate­r­i­al is vis­coelas­tic polyurethane foam, but it is known world­wide as mem­o­ry foam. The “mem­o­ry effect” is that the porous foam cells under the influ­ence of heat and pres­sure are com­pressed and take the anatom­i­cal shape of the body, and when the effect stops, it retains its shape for anoth­er 3–4 sec­onds and returns to its orig­i­nal shape after about 10 sec­onds. Since the mid-1980s, mem­o­ry foam has been on the mar­ket as a filler for ortho­pe­dic pil­lows that pro­vide ide­al sup­port for the neck, com­plete mus­cle relax­ation and com­fort­able deep sleep.

Pros and cons

Is it good to sleep on an ortho­pe­dic pil­low with a mem­o­ry effect? Def­i­nite­ly yes. It sup­ports the cer­vi­cal spine in the cor­rect posi­tion. For a healthy per­son, this serves as a pre­ven­tion of dis­ease, for those who have any dis­eases, it reduces the risk of com­pli­ca­tions.

Ben­e­fits: Restor­ing nor­mal blood flow in the neck, reduc­ing the risk of attacks of osteo­chon­dro­sis, headaches and oth­er dis­eases, breath­able mate­r­i­al allows air to pass through and cre­ates a favor­able micro­cli­mate in the bed, the mem­o­ry mod­el does not put pres­sure on soft tis­sues and pre­serves youth­ful skin, helps to get rid of or reduce the fre­quen­cy of snor­ing, helps to main­tain a beau­ti­ful pos­ture at any age, pre­vents swelling, suit­able even for chil­dren.

Dis­ad­van­tages: Filler requires care­ful han­dling. So, mem­o­ry foam can­not be wet­ted, because it will be dif­fi­cult to dry it. It is also not rec­om­mend­ed to oper­ate in rooms with high humid­i­ty. The wave-shaped pil­low takes some get­ting used to. If you have pre­vi­ous­ly slept only on soft downy pil­lows, then on ortho­pe­dic pil­lows you may feel unusu­al and uncom­fort­able. After three days you will get used to it.

This means:

Ortho­pe­dic pil­low with mem­o­ry effect for healthy sleep and insom­nia is suit­able for chil­dren and adults. Ortho­pe­dic sleep pil­low will become an indis­pens­able item in your bed­room. The pil­low with mem­o­ry effect anatom­i­cal­ly cor­rect­ly sup­ports your head and cer­vi­cal-col­lar zone dur­ing the whole sleep. The hypoal­ler­genic pil­low is made of a dense knit­ted cov­er, if nec­es­sary, it can be eas­i­ly removed and washed. High-qual­i­ty polyurethane foam is used as a filler. Ortho­pe­dic pil­low for adults and chil­dren can be used for osteo­chon­dro­sis and as a pre­ven­tion of headaches and snor­ing. You can choose an anatom­i­cal pil­low as a gift for mom, hus­band, girl­friend, boyfriend, col­league, preg­nant woman or child. The size of the pil­low is unique­ly suit­able for every­one — 60*40. The anatom­i­cal mod­el pil­low is con­ve­nient to take with you when trav­el­ing.

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