It was bought main­ly for warm­ing up the car in the cold sea­son and was installed on a Peu­geot part­ner tipi. I put it at the offi­cial, I didn’t dare to go to garage ser­vices, it’s more expen­sive, but with a guar­an­tee. From the 8th floor, the auto­mat­ic wind­ing worked per­fect­ly, even when I parked the car across the street from the store. There were 2 key fobs in the kit: one with an LCD dis­play, the sec­ond was a reg­u­lar one. The sec­ond one is con­ve­nient to use in the sum­mer, since it is not con­ve­nient to car­ry a large key­chain and try to put it some­where all the time.

Also, a con­ve­nient feed­back func­tion when you leave the car forcibly block­ing some­one — the own­er of the bar­ri­cad­ed car can knock on your glass where it says: “Call the own­er of the car” and you will receive a noti­fi­ca­tion on the key fob that you are being called, unless of course you ran fur­ther than 1500 m from your car.

If some­one wants to get into a car start­ed by remote start — this sig­nal­ing also has some­thing to answer — the engine imme­di­ate­ly stalls and the pan­ic func­tion turns on with a 6‑tone siren ring­ing and at the same time the key fob noti­fies us of this.

There is a hands-free func­tion — turn on the mode, move 15 meters away and the car clos­es and an alert comes to the key fob, respec­tive­ly, approach the car — it opens. A very handy fea­ture when you need to drag some­thing or just go from the store with full hands.

If you closed the car and then acci­den­tal­ly opened it and didn’t notice it, it’s okay, the alarm will block the doors in 30 sec­onds.

The key fob can be used to open/close pow­er win­dows, sun­roof, heat­ed seats, etc.

There are also var­i­ous func­tions such as: the tem­per­a­ture in the car (shown on the key fob with LCD dis­play), bat­tery charge, noti­fi­ca­tion to the key fob when struck or touched — it works in 2 dif­fer­ent tones, it pro­vides for the oper­a­tion of the car engine for a time set by the own­er after the igni­tion is turned off and arm­ing (for diesel engines with a tur­bine), VALET mode for trans­fer­ring a car to a ser­vice.

The feel­ing of use is good, a decent alarm sys­tem with a suf­fi­cient set of func­tions for a fair­ly small amount of mon­ey. The only draw­back I high­light­ed was that over time, both key fobs (first with an LCD dis­play, and then the sec­ond one) began to run out of bat­ter­ies very quick­ly — any bat­ter­ies from the cheap­est to the most expen­sive were enough for lit­er­al­ly a week! But this is all being repaired — I gave 700 rubles for 2 key fobs, I don’t know how long it will last. Oth­er­wise, only pos­i­tive emo­tions, I rec­om­mend, I myself plan to give a girl for the new year and install it on the Opel Astra)

Thank you for your atten­tion!)


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