Xiao­mi pis­ton Ini­tial­ly posi­tioned as ana­logues of expen­sive head­phones. Every­thing was good in them: the sound, the qual­i­ty of the mate­r­i­al, and the per­for­mance, only the design was rude and not every­one liked it. The same head­phones are now more ele­gant, mod­ern and aggres­sive. Let’s take a clos­er look at them and find out if they are worth the mon­ey. Go!

Struc­tur­al mate­r­i­al pis­ton 3 is plas­tic, it is from it that bowls and oth­er non-cable ele­ments are made. The man­u­fac­tur­er did not become greedy and abun­dant­ly cov­ered the plas­tic with alu­minum inserts with a very beau­ti­ful fin­ish. Some­where these are con­cen­tric rings, some­where grind­ing, and in some places par­al­lel radi­al notch­es, bare­ly notice­able to the eye. All met­al parts are cov­ered with a thin lay­er of trans­par­ent var­nish, but, unfor­tu­nate­ly, it wears off quick­ly at the cor­ners, and it scratch­es won­der­ful­ly on clothes.
The four-core cable between the “jack” and the split­ter is tied with a nylon braid, and from the split­ter to the bowls, the cord is just sil­i­cone. Inside the wires are rein­forced with Kevlar cord.
Pis­tonThere are sep­a­rate right and left ear­phones. Putting the right ear into the left ear, and vice ver­sa, is pos­si­ble only with great effort.
The cable gets tan­gled very eas­i­ly, and this is per­haps the biggest dis­ad­van­tage. After all, who among us likes to untan­gle head­phones?

Sound. I can’t call the sound qual­i­ty bad, but the fact that these head­phones are very capri­cious and demand­ing on the source is a fact. With smart­phones Xiao­mi these head­phones get along just fine, with every­one else, as ever. In some cas­es, you need to adjust the equal­iz­er for a long time and tedious­ly, but you can still achieve the result.
In gen­er­al, the head­phones please with both detail and qual­i­ty. There is lit­tle bass. There is no dip in the mid­dle or top either. Sound­proof­ing is good. I was sat­is­fied with the sound.

Con­clu­sion. Xiao­mi Pis­ton 3 is an ide­al choice in the bud­get seg­ment. Yes, they are not per­fect, but for such a price, I think it makes no sense to find fault with them. There­fore, I will rec­om­mend for pur­chase, and I will rate the head­phones with four.