Hel­lo) Today I want to tell you about the first wire­less head­phones from Meizu.
Since the seg­ment of wire­less head­phones, alas, is not large at the moment, I was very hap­py with the release of these head­phones, and for a very decent price. The wire­less head­phone mar­ket is now divid­ed into 2 parts. These are either very expen­sive head­phones, and, of course, bud­get ones, for the pur­chase of which it is a pity even to spend mon­ey, due to the lack of a nor­mal sound.
And so, com­pa­nies
Meizu man­aged to cre­ate more or less bud­get head­phones with good sound, thus com­bin­ing 2 extremes in one device.
Design. Let’s start with the fact that the head­phones have a very unusu­al and decep­tive design. Out­ward­ly, they seem heavy and bulky. But they just seem very heavy. The ears do not get tired from the head­phones, and the wings do not put pres­sure on the auri­cles. In these head­phones, you can safe­ly ride in trans­port for sev­er­al hours, and your ears will not get tired.
It is very unusu­al, at first, to use head­phones with ear cush­ions of such an unusu­al shape.
The exter­nal design of the head­set is very mod­ern. The com­bi­na­tion of met­al and plas­tic in gray and red is very rem­i­nis­cent of some well-known head­phones, but these head­phones are from
Meizu look new, and seem some­thing unusu­al, there­by attract­ing atten­tion.
Assem­bly. The head­phones are very high qual­i­ty. There are no cracks or gaps. The pieces fit tight­ly togeth­er. And this is not sur­pris­ing, because the device is pro­tect­ed from water accord­ing to the stan­dard
ip x4. But in no case should the head­phones be immersed in water, but please run under the doge.
The ear­buds fit well and don’t slip out. If the head­phones are uncom­fort­able, you can eas­i­ly change the ear pads to one of the four that come with the kit.
It is very nice that the head­phones have mag­nets on met­al inserts. This, of course, is very con­ve­nient, the head­phones will be less tan­gled, and it will become much eas­i­er to unrav­el them. And yet, if you are tired of lis­ten­ing to music, you can remove the head­phones from your ears, hang them around your neck and fix them with mag­nets — you don’t need to remove them any­where. But the mag­nets are rather weak, at any moment they can be dis­con­nect­ed and lost.
Remote con­troller. The remote con­trol is the only con­trol. It has three but­tons and a micro­phone. The remote con­trol works prop­er­ly, is friends with both “android” and “ios”. Only, unlike the oper­at­ing sys­tem, the man­age­ment is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent.
Bat­tery. She, appar­ent­ly, is locat­ed in the bowls them­selves, since the remote con­trol is quite small and light. Head­phone bat­ter­ies, accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er, last for 6 hours of con­tin­u­ous lis­ten­ing to music. And this is so, the head­phones hold a charge of 5–6 hours. Many com­peti­tors have a bat­tery life of about 4 hours, so in this regard they showed them­selves extreme­ly pos­i­tive­ly.
The con­nec­tion to the smart­phone is via Blue­tooth. When con­nect­ed, the head­phone bat­tery indi­ca­tor is dis­played on the smart­phone screen.
But what I didn’t real­ly like is that depend­ing on the pow­er of Blue­tooth, the sound qual­i­ty will be either very good or very bad, with stut­ter­ing.
Head­phones are not very good micro­phone. Inter­locu­tors will con­stant­ly com­plain that you are very hard to hear.
Sound. Despite the fact that there are quite large ear pads, and the design is not small, the dri­vers here are not the largest, so expect­ing a “bomb” sound is stu­pid. Head­phones sound, and real­ly not per­fect.
As with oth­er vac­u­um head­phones, there is a pre­pon­der­ance of bass, which can be adjust­ed using the equal­iz­er.
With pre­ci­sion there are also some prob­lems with the sound. The thin details in the head­phones are almost impos­si­ble to make out. If you need head­phones for every­day lis­ten­ing, then this sound will be enough. And if you like to lis­ten to music for the sake of plea­sure and dis­as­sem­ble the details, the capa­bil­i­ties of these head­phones, alas, will not be enough.
Con­clu­sion. Are they worth their mon­ey? I still think yes. After all, you need to take into account that the head­phones are made, first of all, for the sake of con­ve­nience, and not for music lovers. The word “wire­less” is pre­cise­ly the focus. If you are ready to par­tial­ly sac­ri­fice sound qual­i­ty, for the sake of get­ting rid of wires, then these head­phones will be the best solu­tion for you in this price seg­ment.


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