I am sure that very often peo­ple find them­selves in a sit­u­a­tion where they urgent­ly need to use the phone, and he is about to sit down, or is already com­plete­ly “dead” and at the same time, there is no access to the out­let. This often hap­pens on tourist trips, busi­ness trips or in nature. In order to get as far away from this prob­lem as pos­si­ble, the mar­ket has long been devel­op­ing the direc­tion of portable pow­er sup­plies, which are sim­ply called “banks” by the peo­ple.

Equip­ment. The device comes in a min­i­mal­is­tic white box. In addi­tion to the bat­tery itself, you can find only the instruc­tion man­u­al and a short usb-Cable for charg­ing.
A huge plus is that you can pur­chase a pro­tec­tive sil­i­cone case for your bat­tery, as the paint begins to peel off with pro­longed use. The cov­ers are very pleas­ant to the touch. And increase the lev­el of grip­ping gad­gets. Their main goal is to pre­serve the orig­i­nal appear­ance of the “bank”. These cas­es are not very expen­sive, from 4 to 10 dol­lars.

Design. The basis of the stand-mate­r­i­al of the Xiao­mi Mi Pow­er Bank 5000 case is anodized alu­minum. The met­al pleas­ant­ly cools the palm and does not try to slip out of it, thanks to its rough­ness. Top and bot­tom is white plas­tic. “Bank” looks very mod­ern, min­i­mal­is­tic, as usu­al, in the spir­it of Xiao­mi.
All device con­trols are con­cen­trat­ed on its upper end. There is an acti­va­tion but­ton, four LED indi­ca­tors, a micro-
usb (for recharg­ing the “bank” itself) and the stan­dard usb – a con­nec­tor that will be respon­si­ble for fill­ing the bat­tery of the con­nect­ed device.

As men­tioned ear­li­er, the bat­tery capac­i­ty is 5000 mAh. Accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er, the vol­ume should be enough for 2 full charges iPhone 5s. I have melt­ed the “five” and my device “bank” Xiao­mi Mi Pow­er Bank 5000 charged from 0 to 100 per­cent 4 times and one more time to eighty per­cent, after which it itself was dis­charged.
The down­side is that the bat­tery itself takes a very long time to charge. It has been on my charge for more than 6 hours, so I think it’s bet­ter to charge the bat­tery overnight. Of course, I don’t always remem­ber when I put my device on charge, and I can’t pre­dict how much charge is left in the “bank”. There­fore, a row of four LEDs helps a lot in this mat­ter. When one-25 per­cent charge is on. Glow­ing 2 means exact­ly half, 3 — 75 per­cent, and four is 100 per­cent of the charge.
The strength of the out­go­ing cur­rent for this mod­el is 2.1 A, the volt­age is 5 volts.
The weight cans are light enough, of course it is felt in the pock­et, but com­pared to oth­er “banks”, this one is one of the light­est and thinnest.
Also, a huge plus is that you can charge the Xiao­mi Mi Pow­er Bank 5000 bat­tery not only smart­phones, but also cam­eras, tablets, and every­thing that fits the micro con­nec­tor.

Con­clu­sion.I think. that this device will be an excel­lent solu­tion for trav­el­ers and active users of gad­gets who con­stant­ly want to be in touch. Also, it will be a god­send for a gamer who does not let his device out of his hands. I think it should be tak­en. Espe­cial­ly for such a price and for such qual­i­ty. You can, I think, pay more for the oppor­tu­ni­ty not to think about the out­let for a long time.