It takes 21 days to form a new habit — and for you to see the first notice­able results of using Toplash Cos­met­ics eye­brow and eye­lash serum.

What is serum for?

To improve the con­di­tion of your nat­ur­al lash­es. They can thin out and fall out as a result of fre­quent build-up or due to poor-qual­i­ty cos­met­ics, after child­birth, after infec­tious dis­eases of the eyes, as a result of hor­mon­al dis­rup­tions or due to a lack of vit­a­mins.

How eyelashes grow

The life cycle of one hair is two to five months. Unlike head hair, which grows all the time, eye­lash­es spend quite a lot of time in the rest­ing stage — they grow to a cer­tain length, and in this form they spend most of their life cycle. It is nor­mal to lose 5–6 hairs per day.

How the serum works

Serum Toplash makes the hair growth stage longer, and they have time to grow longer than before. Where hairs have not grown for some time, they will appear, and the eye­lash­es them­selves will now grow to the length that you pre­vi­ous­ly cre­at­ed with length­en­ing mas­cara.

When will the result

After 10 days of using the serum, eye­lash­es will receive the nutri­tion they need, and their enhanced growth will begin.

After 21 days — after three weeks — you will see the first notice­able result.

In 60 days — in two months — your lash­es will show their max­i­mum length.

Toplash serum is hor­mone-free, so you get the most nat­ur­al results.


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