In what situations will you need anti-slip socks?

✔️ These socks are just a sal­va­tion and a reduc­tion in the risk of injuries in babies who are worn on slip­pery floors (par­quet, linoleum, lam­i­nate).

✔️ In dance class­es (but not jazz, where slip is nec­es­sary), such socks will pro­vide sig­nif­i­cant body sta­bil­i­ty.

✔️ In yoga clubs, in the gym and gym, socks from BSOCKS will come in handy, because it is in them that it is more con­ve­nient, more reli­able and com­fort­able for the foot.

✔️ Ath­letes, foot­ball and fut­sal play­ers will cer­tain­ly need such socks: the foot sweats, the usu­al sock becomes wet and slip­pery in shoes. Anti-slip socks will per­form their main func­tion — elim­i­nate slip­ping — even in sneak­ers.

✔️ And old­er peo­ple like to walk at home in socks and often slip. Anti-slip socks will help a per­son stay on their feet more firm­ly and avoid frac­tures.

✔️ Jumpers. It is super-impor­tant for them to land and push off cor­rect­ly from the tram­po­line can­vas and not slide on it.

And what about the trampoline?

The his­to­ry of non-slip socks began with a tram­po­line: the rules cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly pro­hib­it jump­ing on it in shoes or bare­foot. Only in socks! But ordi­nary socks slip… But progress does not stand still.

The BSOCKS fac­to­ry from Mari El has mas­tered the pro­duc­tion of socks with anti-slip sil­i­cone coat­ing. There are already more than 50 tram­po­line parks in Rus­sia, as well as ath­letes, chil­dren, and the old­er gen­er­a­tion among the brand’s clients. After the appear­ance of for­eign cus­tomers, BSOCKS socks have entered the world mar­ket and are per­sis­tent­ly crowd­ing out Chi­nese prod­ucts.

And what’s in those socks?

The require­ments for anti-slip socks that the BSOCKS fac­to­ry has set for itself and strict­ly observes:

pre­dom­i­nant­ly (80%) cot­ton fiber;

· syn­thet­ic addi­tives for nec­es­sary plas­tic­i­ty: polyamide 15%, elas­tane 5%;

dou­ble elas­tic band to sup­port the sock and pre­vent it from slip­ping;

Tapered toe to elas­tic band for a snug fit

deep­ened heel for a firm fit of the sock on the foot;

· the trace is formed by the strength­ened vis­cous in 3 threads;

· 70–80% of the foot­print is cov­ered with soft, anti-slip sil­i­cone.

BSOCKS pro­duces anti-slip socks under the Bsocks and Boos­to brands in a wide range of sizes: from chil­dren’s size 14 to men’s size 31.

A clas­sic set of col­ors is offered: chil­dren will like bright socks, adults are pro­vid­ed with calmer col­ors. Socks can be print­ed with a logo or pat­tern.

The qual­i­ty of the fac­to­ry prod­ucts is con­firmed by a spe­cial cer­tifi­cate. And reg­u­lar buy­ers of anti-slip socks rein­force this cer­tifi­cate with their numer­ous pos­i­tive reviews.

What do you need to know?

1. The anti-slip coat­ing wears out over time until it dis­ap­pears com­plete­ly. We have fore­seen this: you can imme­di­ate­ly buy a set of socks from us.

2. BSOCKS anti slip socks are not designed for pro­fes­sion­al tram­po­line jumpers, they require prod­ucts with spe­cial char­ac­ter­is­tics.

3. Sil­i­cone adheres firm­ly to the sur­face of the sock even after repeat­ed wash­es in water not high­er than 30°C and with­out bleach.

And finally

It would seem, what kind of prob­lem is slid­ing socks? But no one count­ed how many injuries and trou­bles hap­pened before the inge­nious and sim­ple (and all inge­nious is sim­ple!) Solu­tion. New tech­nolo­gies, includ­ing the dis­cov­ery of sil­i­cone, plas­tic and soft, applied to the foot­print of the sock, have made it pos­si­ble to sim­pli­fy and secure the lives of many active peo­ple.

A good own­er buys the right things for the future. Keep a pair (or set) of BSOCKS anti-slip socks in your dress­er draw­er.

You’ll see — come in handy!


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