How is men’s skin dif­fer­ent from wom­en’s? You need to know about this at least in order to rea­son­ably explain to your hus­band or young man who secret­ly uses your face cream that he needs men’s cos­met­ics.

So, here 4 impor­tant dif­fer­ences between men’s skin and wom­en’s:

1. More oily. The seba­ceous glands of male skin work more active­ly (this is the influ­ence of testos­terone), and not only in ado­les­cence. The con­se­quences are known: black dots, exces­sive gloss, uneven sur­face. That is why men’s skin needs to be cleaned more thor­ough­ly, and non-come­do­genic prod­ucts should be used for care.

2. More dense. Yes, men’s skin is on aver­age 24% thick­er than wom­en’s, and it’s also rougher. Such skin reacts less to aggres­sive fac­tors, but it also per­ceives care worse. There­fore, she needs more pow­er­ful con­cen­trat­ed for­mu­las. At the same time, please note that the tex­ture of prod­ucts for men should be light (gel, emul­sion, flu­id) in order to be well absorbed.

3. Aging slow­er. This is real­ly not a myth, since col­la­gen and elastin fibers, as well as sub­cu­ta­neous adi­pose tis­sue in men, are more dense and elas­tic, which reduces the sever­i­ty of age-relat­ed skin changes. This fea­ture does not allow the oval of the face to be strong­ly deformed with age. And only men with over­weight and increased estro­gen syn­the­sis are faced with jowls and a sec­ond chin.

But keep in mind: in fact, men’s skin is more prone to pho­toag­ing — dry­ness and ear­ly wrin­kles. True, the fault is not phys­i­ol­o­gy, but the neglect of pro­tec­tion from UV radi­a­tion.

4. More sen­si­tive. This fea­ture is due to the need for dai­ly shav­ing. Inter­ac­tion with a razor willy-nil­ly leads to the fact that the pro­tec­tive man­tle of the epi­der­mis is dam­aged. Irri­ta­tion, rash­es, burn­ing, red­ness — these are the pos­si­ble con­se­quences of dai­ly shav­ing if the skin is not tak­en care of dai­ly: soothe, restore and mois­tur­ize. It is not sur­pris­ing that in recent years, men pre­fer a three-day stub­ble or even grow a beard, it has become fash­ion­able.

With all these fea­tures in mind, choose cos­met­ics that will def­i­nite­ly suit your man. We decid­ed to help you and present a selec­tion of excel­lent men’s prod­ucts from SIBERINA, which are suit­able for dai­ly care.

For shav­ing

Nat­ur­al shav­ing prod­ucts will help to make the process of shav­ing more pleas­ant and neu­tral­ize its unpleas­ant con­se­quences. First of all, these are gels — they are con­sid­ered uni­ver­sal, have a dense and soft struc­ture, are easy to apply and pro­mote good slid­ing, min­i­miz­ing the risk of dam­age and cuts. You can soothe the skin after shav­ing using a nat­ur­al balm — it gen­tly nour­ish­es and mois­tur­izes, dis­in­fects, and restores the nat­ur­al pH bal­ance.

To ensure max­i­mum skin com­fort dur­ing and after the pro­ce­dure, we rec­om­mend using paired shav­ing prod­ucts: gel and balm with cool­ing effect, gel and balm for sen­si­tive skin. If your skin feels tight and flaky after shav­ing, try anti-irri­ta­tion and dry­ness gel and balm “Restora­tion and pro­tec­tion” with D‑panthenol. Avail­able in brand range gel and balm “Best for the best man” (the name speaks for itself, right?), as well as shav­ing prod­ucts with aphro­disi­acs: gel and balm “The Pow­er of the Drag­on”, gel and balm “Ener­gy of attrac­tion”.

To keep clean and fresh

In the cycle of end­less affairs, when every minute is pre­cious, one wants so much to achieve the utmost sim­plic­i­ty and con­ve­nience in every­thing. For busy and always in a hur­ry men, we have devel­oped sham­poo-show­er gel 2 in 1 “Sea breeze”. It care­ful­ly cares for hair, scalp and body, main­tains the nat­ur­al bal­ance of the skin, pro­tect­ing it from dry­ness. Per­fect­ly refresh­es and tones, has a pleas­ant aro­ma.

Anoth­er indis­pens­able tool that should be in a man’s arse­nal to keep you fresh after a show­er is deodor­ant. Rec­om­mend­ed nat­ur­al deodor­ant “Conif­er­ous” — it will pro­vide con­fi­dence and pro­tec­tion against the smell of sweat for the whole day, with­out caus­ing irri­ta­tion and with­out clos­ing the ducts of the sweat glands, and the essen­tial oils of fir and pine will give a pleas­ant invig­o­rat­ing aro­ma.

For bath pro­ce­dures

Is your man a fan of the bath? Then you sim­ply have to intro­duce him to such a prod­uct as bel­di soap — all over the world it is used in the bath, ham­mam and sauna for deep cleans­ing, gom­mage and exfo­li­a­tion of the skin with the help of a mitt. This is one of the most pop­u­lar spa treat­ments! SIBERINA offers to try bel­di “Conif­er­ous” with cedar oil, fir and pine essen­tial oils, refresh­ing Bel­di “Mint and Euca­lyp­tus” or invig­o­rat­ing bel­di “Gin­ger and lemon”. Just imag­ine — a bath­house, fra­grant steam and nat­ur­al care!

For suc­cess with the oppo­site sex

And, final­ly, the final touch in men’s per­son­al care is fra­grance. SIBERINA has unique com­plex­es of aro­mat­ic oils with aphro­disi­acs — this is a nat­ur­al and safe alter­na­tive to per­fumes. The com­plex­es are cre­at­ed on the basis of nat­ur­al essen­tial oils, the aro­mas of which are ful­ly revealed, merg­ing with the smell of the skin. By the way, the same oils “sound” dif­fer­ent­ly on dif­fer­ent peo­ple, which means you can be sure that your fra­grance will be tru­ly unique. This per­fume will per­fect­ly com­ple­ment the male image, mak­ing it orig­i­nal and mem­o­rable. We offer two options to choose from: “Spicy Mus­cat” or “Mighty cedar”. Use the pow­er of nat­ur­al scents to show­case your style and charis­ma!


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