Mom in the kitchen is the per­son who is respon­si­ble for the full day’s meals for her fam­i­ly, so this is exact­ly the place where she should feel com­fort­able and com­fort­able.

Have you thought about what you have on your kitchen coun­ter­top? Are you sat­is­fied with every­thing, do you need every­thing, or is some­thing get­ting in the way? Kitchen cab­i­nets are a must for large kitchen uten­sils, but what about small lit­tle things that should be at hand?

As a rule, we need every­thing! But this “every­thing” pre­vents us from eas­i­ly soar­ing and fan­ta­siz­ing, the block­age pre­vents us from think­ing. How to be?

Make your own changes in the kitchen and bring your notes of light­ness and com­fort to mod­ern kitchens with the help of ECOCO kitchen acces­sories!

Hatch­ets and knives can be placed in a hang­ing kitchen orga­niz­er. In a sep­a­rate shelf, you can put fre­quent­ly used kitchen uten­sils — forks, spoons, a corkscrew, scis­sors, and more. Lids and cut­ting boards are hung on hooks, which is very con­ve­nient.

A mul­ti­func­tion­al orga­niz­er with a tow­el hold­er and a phone hold­er can be the envy of many such types of acces­sories. The top holds a row of kitchen uten­sils — 3 slots and sev­er­al slots for knives, below there are hooks for small pots, colan­ders, lids and cut­ting boards. Cook­ing with songs, favorite recipes and series.

Uni­ver­sal hold­er — gray and black, of var­i­ous diam­e­ters (26 and 46.5 cm), will help to bring clean­li­ness and order not only in the kitchen, but also in oth­er parts of the house — pot lids of almost any diam­e­ter, rags, hand tow­els, can be hung hooks and addi­tion­al­ly hang a num­ber of nec­es­sary items used in the kitchen.

All pre­sent­ed items are unique in that they are glued to a sil­i­cone-based adhe­sive mount, which does not pose any prob­lems with fas­ten­ing and can be hung by a girl, a lone­ly per­son who does not have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to ask for help from a neigh­bor and elder­ly peo­ple. The sil­i­cone stick­er does not leave holes, and in which case the hold­ers can be repo­si­tioned by pur­chas­ing an addi­tion­al mount for a sym­bol­ic price.

Cre­ate mas­ter­pieces with cool acces­sories that will not only help you col­lect every­thing you need in the kitchen, but also help you cook faster.

Sin­cere­ly, ECOCO brand.


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