Before you buy an end cut­ting board, you need to under­stand if you need it.

End cut­ting board — this is a board in which the grains of the wood are per­pen­dic­u­lar to the cut­ting sur­face, and not par­al­lel, as in con­ven­tion­al cut­ting boards. When using an end board, the knives stay sharp longer and require less sharp­en­ing.

pos­i­tive effect cut­ting board you will see after first use — cut­ting and chop­ping will become con­ve­nient and enjoy­able.

Why use this end cut­ting board?

  • Con­ve­nient size (400x250x35mm).
  • Does­n’t dull knives.
  • The sur­face is smooth and oil treat­ed.
  • Does not slip or scratch the sur­face.
  • Com­fort­able han­dles.


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