Manicure nippers

The exact assis­tant of the spe­cial­ist and not only. In the absence of it, it is dif­fi­cult to imag­ine the imple­men­ta­tion of a tra­di­tion­al and com­bined man­i­cure. Since the qual­i­ty of the result and the safe­ty of work depend on the pli­ers, we con­clude that it is nec­es­sary to take the issue of choice seri­ous­ly.

Nail clip­pers are an excel­lent replace­ment for nail scis­sors. Larg­er and stronger than nail scis­sors, these pli­ers are used to work on del­i­cate cuti­cles, rough skin, and hard and rough nails. It is with the help of pow­er­ful blades (the length of which varies from 5 to 15 mm) that they can process any sur­face with min­i­mal pain.


This sam­ple con­sists of two parts: 1) Straight file 2) Curved cor­ner.

With these sides you can cre­ate the per­fect manicure/pedicure. This tool can be used for hygien­ic care, as well as in pathol­o­gy to solve a vari­ety of prob­lems. Pedi­cure acces­sories are an indis­pens­able aid in the well-groomed feet to the fin­ger­tips.


This is a man­i­cure tool, on the one hand, shaped like a spat­u­la, on the oth­er hand, var­i­ous mod­i­fi­ca­tions: hatch­et, spat­u­la, etc.

This tool is an excel­lent helper to over­come dif­fi­cult pro­ce­dures, to treat nail imper­fec­tions and ingrown nails.

An impor­tant aspect of these man­i­cure tools is the mate­r­i­al.

An excel­lent option is a mech­a­nism made of med­ical stain­less steel that will with­stand any dis­in­fec­tion and re-sharp­en­ing.