Here is a list of things that can make your job much eas­i­er!

keep straight

Buy­ing a tri­pod is a pret­ty obvi­ous thing. If you have a tri­pod, you do not need to build struc­tures from books, cans and box­es.

The main instru­ment of Tik­Tok­er is the phone, so the tri­pod must have a smart­phone mount.

Spe­cial tripods for phones are now sold, but let’s say you have a tri­pod that you bought for a cam­era or cam­corder.

You can buy a phone hold­er sep­a­rate­ly, or per­haps you have a mono­pod once loved by every­one — unscrew the phone hold­er from the han­dle and attach it to a tri­pod: the mount is usu­al­ly the same here and there.

Anoth­er use­ful thing is a portable tri­pod. It can either be very small or be able to fold up and become very com­pact.

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It is con­ve­nient for trav­el­ing and if you are walk­ing alone.

Remote control

A life hack for a self-guid­ed pho­to shoot: buy a remote con­trol and a tri­pod, come to a pho­to stu­dio and use new gad­gets to cre­ate a bunch of cool con­tent. This is handy to save mon­ey on a photographer/videographer if you like to shoot with the front cam­era to see your­self, to take pic­tures in motion.

In gen­er­al, when shoot­ing a video, you can do with­out a con­trol pan­el: turn on the start, and lat­er cut off every­thing super­flu­ous. But the remote con­trol is much more use­ful for pho­tog­ra­phy. It is like a car: you can do it with­out it, but it is always more con­ve­nient and faster with it. You save time and ener­gy by not hav­ing to pick up the phone and press the start/stop but­ton every time.

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Using impro­vised means, pro­fes­sion­al light­ing devices can be replaced with an ordi­nary lamp. But how to change the height, heat, make the light more dif­fused or, con­verse­ly, more direc­tion­al? After all, all this affects the visu­al part, and there­fore the mes­sage of your video.

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I real­ly like ring lamps — if you work with a close-up, they cre­ate a beau­ti­ful high­light in the eyes, in the form of a ring, of course.

colored light

It is a very pop­u­lar video design tool. Var­i­ous objects can act as a source of col­ored light: trans­portable dis­co balls, gar­lands, col­ored lamps.

You can apply col­ored fil­ters to the light source. By the way, it’s real­ly pos­si­ble to make such col­or fil­ters your­self: buy mul­ti-col­ored fold­ers for papers, if nec­es­sary, reduce them to a cer­tain size, and attach them to a light source, for exam­ple, using clips.

Photophone and holder

A lot depends on what and how you want to shoot.

If you’re going to be shoot­ing close-ups of your­self, you can get by with­out the back­ground, using col­ored light to fill the space, cre­ate atmos­phere, and keep the video con­sis­tent.

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But if you are shoot­ing images, then you need to get into the frame in full growth. If there is no beau­ti­ful wall, for exam­ple, plain, at home, then a pho­to­phone and a hold­er will be very use­ful in order to main­tain the uni­ty of style.


To be remem­bered among the numer­ous con­tent mak­ers, it is impor­tant to stand out. And the visu­al is one of the tools. You can cre­ate a mem­o­rable pic­ture that will make you stand out.

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Of my favorites are flow­ers, paint­ings, as well as gar­lands and unusu­al lamps and lamps.


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