Fleece cloth­ing appeared in our wardrobe in the 70s of the last cen­tu­ry and since then it has not lost its pop­u­lar­i­ty — becom­ing one of the most sought-after mate­ri­als, fleece only strength­ens its posi­tion. Cozy fleece sweat­shirts, jack­ets, track­suits are loved by both chil­dren and adults.

Inter­est­ing about fleece

one. The devel­op­ers of the fleece fab­ric received hon­orary titles of Nobel Prize win­ners in chem­istry.

2. Trans­lat­ed from Eng­lish, the word “fleece” is trans­lat­ed as “sheep­’s wool.”

3. Fleece is a mate­r­i­al val­ued by ani­mal rights activists and ecol­o­gists:

· It is an excel­lent sub­sti­tute for nat­ur­al wool;

· It is obtained by recy­cling plas­tic waste.

four. Fleece has the abil­i­ty to retain heat, main­tain­ing a com­fort­able tem­per­a­ture inside. In addi­tion, fleece cloth­ing warms the body even when wet.

5. Fleece items are light­weight and have high elas­tic­i­ty — it is com­fort­able and easy to move in them.

6. The struc­ture of the mate­r­i­al pass­es air well, so the skin “breathes” per­fect­ly and does not sweat.

7. Fleece does not cause aller­gies, so it is ide­al for mak­ing soft toys, chil­dren’s cloth­ing and house­hold items. More­over, the can­vas does not have favor­able prop­er­ties for the appear­ance of fun­gus or mold, for the repro­duc­tion of dust mites and moths.

9. The mate­r­i­al has good wear resis­tance — even with fre­quent wear, the prod­ucts retain their orig­i­nal shape, do not roll down and prac­ti­cal­ly do not wrin­kle.

ten. Fleece prod­ucts are easy to care for — machine wash­able, and this mate­r­i­al dries fair­ly quick­ly, with­out the use of heaters or spe­cial dry­ing.

Fleece over­alls for chil­dren TM “Utenok” are con­ve­nient to wear both as a home suit or paja­mas, and as a spe­cial under­gar­ment under mem­brane out­er­wear. In our cat­a­log on Wild­ber­ries, you can eas­i­ly pick up cozy and warm fleece items that your child will def­i­nite­ly like.


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