A child under 5 years old touch­es his hair on aver­age 20–40 times a day!

Today, in a ques­tion-answer for­mat, we will dis­cuss every­thing about hair hygiene.

How often should you wash your child’s hair?

Unlike adults, a child’s scalp pro­duces less oil. Wash your hair 1, max­i­mum 2 times a week — per­fect!

Do you need con­di­tion­er after sham­poo, does your child have tan­gled hair?

Chil­dren’s hair is thin­ner than adults. And if you wash them with sul­fate sham­poos or more often 2 times a week, you can get the effect of elec­tri­fied and tan­gled hair. This is then hid­den with the help of a con­di­tion­er in the com­po­si­tion of the sham­poo. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, most con­di­tion­ers in baby sham­poos are syn­thet­ic. With pro­longed use, they dry the hair and open the scales. It turns out a vicious cir­cle, right?!

In BABYiD sham­poos, we delib­er­ate­ly do not use con­di­tion­ers. Due to the veg­etable wash­ing base (based on coconut, extracts from veg­eta­bles and fruits), due to the Allan­toin veg­etable con­di­tion­er in the com­po­si­tion, the hair acquires nat­ur­al soft­ness and shine.

Yes, the nat­ur­al health of the hair requires a cumu­la­tive effect. But it’s worth it.⠀

Hair gets tan­gled when comb­ing, what can I do?

- Change your sham­poo to a milder one

- do not comb wet hair

- Do not wash your hair upside down. This is how you open the hair scales. Over time, the hair will become more brit­tle and dull.

Why is hair tak­en in lab­o­ra­to­ries for tox­in tests?

Because any tox­ic ele­ments are absorbed into the blood and even­tu­al­ly reach the hair fol­li­cles and grad­u­al­ly accu­mu­late in them. In fact, our hair col­lects impu­ri­ties and tox­ins from the body. There­fore, the lev­el of cer­tain min­er­als and tox­ic sub­stances is deter­mined pre­cise­ly by the hair.

The hair of a child also accu­mu­lates all the “charms” of life in a big city, ecol­o­gy, nutri­tion. Help them main­tain their health and nat­ur­al beau­ty with gen­tle, safe care.

BABYiD sham­poos con­tain every­thing you need for the health of your child’s hair and scalp:

Bio-veg­etable wash­ing bases that do not irri­tate the eyes and are com­plete­ly washed off from the hair and skin

Bio-extracts of med­i­c­i­nal herbs: laven­der, chamomile, cal­en­du­la, string

Pan­thenol (provi­t­a­min B5)

Hypoal­ler­genic baby fra­grances from Paris and food preser­v­a­tives

No sul­fates, sil­i­cones, alco­hols, dyes, parabens.

Our health depends on dai­ly rit­u­als. Wash­ing your hands prop­er­ly, pre­serv­ing the nat­ur­al pro­tec­tive lay­er of the skin, and gen­tly cleans­ing your hair are part of these impor­tant rit­u­als. It is in our pow­er to teach the child to take care of him­self and his health. And buy­ing the right sham­poo is an easy and very valu­able way to take care of your lit­tle one.