Final­ly, sun­ny days have come, and grad­u­al­ly the long-await­ed sum­mer time is creep­ing up on us.

In the process of select­ing clothes that will make up your sum­mer wardrobe, the first thing you should be puz­zled by is the col­or scheme and style of your sets.

If we talk about actu­al sum­mer shades, they are fresh and beau­ti­ful, like sum­mer itself.

Del­i­cate images can be cre­at­ed by choos­ing light lemon, yel­low, sky blue, pink, pas­tel, cof­fee, lilac shades. And don’t for­get the clas­sic white a col­or that will help cre­ate a chic bow in any style

Cropped long sleeves

Undoubt­ed­ly, the long-sleeved longsleeve is the icing on the cake this sea­son. Our FQ brand pro­duces long sleeves with unusu­al design ele­ments, while the prod­ucts remain con­cise, not over­loaded, basic.

The mod­el fits per­fect­ly on the girl’s fig­ure, empha­siz­ing her sex­u­al­i­ty and eccen­tric­i­ty. What will help you stand out among oth­ers, and at the same time, thanks to the qual­i­ty of the mate­r­i­al, feel as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble

The orig­i­nal female longsleeve of a straight sil­hou­ette with the most com­fort­able fit is suit­able for cre­at­ing count­less images for every day (casu­al style, busi­ness, sports style).

The ver­sa­til­i­ty of the long is that you can wear it to the office, uni­ver­si­ty or school, com­bined with a strict dress code for busi­ness suits, for this, choose trousers and skirts with a high fit. When choos­ing a longsleeve as cloth­ing for home, sports and leisure, there are no restric­tions on the choice of bot­toms, you can choose sweat­pants, leg­gings, jeans, skirts or a sun­dress

The fab­ric is breath­able, nat­ur­al and mod­er­ate­ly dense, soft to the touch. We rec­om­mend wear­ing white with flesh-col­ored under­wear.

Blouses, shirts, crop tops

Com­ple­ment­ing fash­ion­able skirts, it is worth adding light blous­es and chif­fon shirts with but­tons and fas­ten­ers to your sum­mer wardrobe.

A strict shirt col­lar, a yoke col­lar, a col­lar with a bow, or a V‑neckline is always rel­e­vant, sim­ple and taste­ful.

Fash­ion­able blous­es with open shoul­ders, bare back and ties, ruf­fles and flounces will be rel­e­vant this sea­son.

A lacon­ic shirt or blouse can be eas­i­ly refreshed by adding neat jew­el­ry in the form of chains, pen­dants, neck­laces.

Both clas­sic-style shirts and airy blous­es of var­i­ous styles are indis­pens­able for the for­ma­tion of busi­ness and office bows.

Cropped tops with lace look unusu­al­ly gen­tle and fem­i­nine, which will be an appro­pri­ate addi­tion to high-waist­ed skirts, bell skirts, and pen­cil skirts.


In the sum­mer with­out a dress any­where. More­over, your sum­mer wardrobe should include not one, but sev­er­al sum­mer dress­es and sun­dress­es of dif­fer­ent styles, tex­tures and col­ors.

Answer­ing the ques­tion of how to dress in sum­mer, we offer for con­sid­er­a­tion sum­mer shirt dress­es, light and casu­al T‑shirt dress­es, bell and flared sun dress­es, as well as irre­place­able sheath dress­es.

Casu­al dress­es made of den­im and chif­fon, knitwear and oth­er light and breath­able mate­ri­als will be com­fort­able and prac­ti­cal.

A sep­a­rate cat­e­go­ry should include sum­mer dress­es with lace, which are per­fect for cre­at­ing roman­tic and sophis­ti­cat­ed evening looks.

As for the length, in the past, fash­ion design­ers left mini lengths, pre­fer­ring midi and maxi lengths.