At the end of 2021, sales of wire­less head­phones in Rus­sia increased by 35%. At the same time, the pop­u­lar­i­ty of bone head­phones is grow­ing (+11% com­pared to 2020). Rus­sians choose them for sports, walk­ing. They do not cov­er the ear. There­fore, with their help, you can enjoy music with­out iso­la­tion from the out­side world. We have col­lect­ed for you the TOP 5 bone con­duc­tion head­phones of 2021 that deserve atten­tion.

Bone con­duc­tion head­phones look very styl­ish and unusu­al. Pho­to: welovecycling.com

Dif­fer­ences and advan­tages of Blue­tooth head­phones with bone con­duc­tion
Fre­quent­ly asked Ques­tions
What to Look for When Buy­ing Bone Con­duc­tion Head­phones
What was tak­en into account in the rat­ing
Mod­el com­par­i­son

Differences and advantages of Bluetooth headphones with bone conduction

  • Land­ing. The device is held on human cheek­bones. The “speak­ers” are con­nect­ed by a rim pass­ing behind the ears and along the back of the head. There are no usu­al, insert­ed into the auri­cle, lin­ers. This fas­ten­ing is enough to swim, run, engage in vig­or­ous phys­i­cal activ­i­ty and not be afraid that the gad­get will sub­side.
  • Sound trans­mis­sion method. Sound waves do not affect the eardrum. Vibra­tions pass through the jaw­bone and enter direct­ly into the mid­dle ear. There­fore, hear­ing-impaired peo­ple can also use bone blue­tooth head­phones.
  • They work under­wa­ter. The method used allows you to hear music even in water. Because sound is not trans­mit­ted “through the air”, but through vibra­tions. The main thing is that the gad­get should be water­proof accord­ing to the IP68 stan­dard or high­er.
  • You hear the world around you. Ordi­nary head­phones are almost com­plete iso­la­tion. This means that a per­son may not notice an approach­ing car, get dis­tract­ed on the road, and eas­i­ly lose con­cen­tra­tion. Bone head­phones do not have noise can­cel­la­tion. You know what is hap­pen­ing around you.

Frequently asked Questions

Is there any harm from bone con­duc­tion head­phones?

Bone con­duc­tion of sound has been active­ly stud­ied since the begin­ning of the 20th cen­tu­ry and has been used for med­ical pur­pos­es. For exam­ple, when cre­at­ing hear­ing aids. At the moment, no side effects have been iden­ti­fied with the cor­rect use of gad­gets.

Can the device cause headaches?

Yes, if the size is incor­rect or the bezel is too tight. Headache will begin due to strong pres­sure on the tem­ples.

Can I wear head­phones and glass­es at the same time?

Not worth it. The arms of both the gad­get and the glass­es should fit snug­ly on the ears. If you wear both, the oper­a­tion will be incor­rect. There­fore, a per­son will expe­ri­ence incon­ve­nience, there is a risk that glass­es or head­phones will fall.

What to Look for When Buying Bone Conduction Headphones

  • Con­nec­tion method. They can be wired and wire­less. This is a mat­ter of taste and con­ve­nience — every­one decides for him­self which option he likes best.
  • Pro­tec­tion against mois­ture and dust. If you do not plan to swim in them, you can lim­it your­self to mod­els with an IP67 pro­tec­tion lev­el. If immer­sion in water is intend­ed, a pro­tec­tion lev­el of at least IP68 is required.
  • Dimen­sions and weight. The lighter the device, the more com­fort­able it is to use.
  • Addi­tion­al char­ac­ter­is­tics. Fre­quen­cy range, built-in mem­o­ry, vol­ume.
Bone ear­muffs are ide­al for sports. Pho­to: doctorhead.ru

What was taken into account in the rating

  • Rel­e­vance. The mod­els list­ed in the top are not out­dat­ed, you can buy them now.
  • Min­i­mum and max­i­mum sound fre­quen­cy. The wider the fre­quen­cy range, the more accu­rate­ly the acoustics con­vey the sounds of instru­ments and voic­es.
  • Water pro­tec­tion. Most head­phones are IP67 rat­ed. This means that they will not be dam­aged by splash­es and pro­tect­ed from dust ingress. But you can’t swim in them (you need an IP68+ class for this).
  • Dura­tion of work on one charge. The less often you need to charge your gad­get, the bet­ter.
  • Wire­less range. The para­me­ter depends on the Blue­tooth mod­ule and anten­na that are built into the head­phones. The longer the range, the bet­ter.
  • The weight. Head­phones that are too heavy can cause dis­com­fort.
Accord­ing to sta­tis­tics, in 2021, bone head­phones have become more pop­u­lar among Rus­sians. Pho­to: doctorhead.ru

And if you are look­ing for the best bud­get TWS mod­els, you can check them out in our selec­tion.

Now let’s move on to our rat­ing. All prices are cur­rent at the time of writ­ing.

Bone conduction 5.0 headphones

The sim­plest mod­el opens the TOP of bone con­duc­tion head­phones. Suit­able for almost any head size. Bright and styl­ish design imme­di­ate­ly attracts atten­tion. Light­weight (22 g) device is almost not felt on the head.

With such a bright acces­so­ry, you will def­i­nite­ly not go unno­ticed. Pho­to: fotosklad.ru

The device is as sim­ple as pos­si­ble. With one but­ton, you can turn on the device and con­nect it to your smart­phone via Blue­tooth.

There is a built-in micro­phone — you can take calls and com­mu­ni­cate through head­phones.

Degree of pro­tec­tion IP67. It has good dust pro­tec­tion (full seal­ing) and water pro­tec­tion. But it is not intend­ed for swim­ming.

Head­phone price 1,050 rubles.

Rombica FIT X‑01

Styl­ish gad­get made of durable plas­tic. This is the most bulky mod­el from our top. Its weight is 55 g (while the weight of the rest is 22–30 g). Dis­com­fort dur­ing long work­outs is pos­si­ble. Head­phones have a stan­dard shape of the speak­ers and a wide rim. It is tight­ly fixed on the back of the head thanks to the built-in rub­ber band. The bezel size can­not be changed.

Rom­bi­ca FIT X‑01 is a mas­sive mod­el with an attrac­tive design. Pho­to: pinterest.ch

Man­age­ment, like most mod­els, is as sim­ple as pos­si­ble. There are three but­tons on the bezel: on / off, vol­ume up and down. The gad­get is pro­tect­ed from dust and water (IP67). There­fore, you can­not swim with them. But the gad­get will with­stand splash­es of water or rain.

The price of bone head­phones with blue­tooth Rom­bi­ca FIT X‑01 Black is 4,990 rubles.

Baseus BC10

A prac­ti­cal device for ath­letes. They have a clas­sic shape for bone head­phones. Attached to the back of the head and adjust­ed to the desired size. Made of tita­ni­um alloy and ABS plas­tic. The mate­r­i­al is mat­te, pleas­ant to the touch, non-slip. Only one but­ton is used for con­trol. If you hold it down for a long time, you can turn the head­phones on or off. You can switch tracks by press­ing twice (for­ward) or three times (back­ward). You can con­nect the device to any smart­phone via Blue­tooth.

Baseus BC10 is a prac­ti­cal device for reg­u­lar train­ing. Pho­to: top4man.ru

The bat­tery charges in just 90 min­utes, after which the device can con­tin­u­ous­ly play music for 8 hours. Pro­tec­tion index IP67, so you can not immerse the head­phones in water. But they are air­tight, com­plete­ly pro­tect­ed from dust, with­stand drops of water.

The price of head­phones with bone con­duc­tion Baseus BC10 is 5,850 rubles.

AfterShokz Aeropex Bone Headphone Review

Neat, styl­ish mod­el. Avail­able in black, blue, grey, red. The device is a flex­i­ble tita­ni­um shack­le that can be pulled to the desired size. But­tons, rub­ber­ized rim. This improves the grip on the skin.

You don’t need to install an app to acti­vate. It is enough to hold down the pow­er but­ton, wait until the indi­ca­tor blinks. After that, you can con­nect your smart­phone via blue­tooth to the head­phones. Swim­ming with head­phones is not allowed (pro­tec­tion lev­el IP67). But from short-term con­tact with water, they will not suf­fer.

After­Shokz Aeropex is a styl­ish and com­fort­able mod­el for every­day use. Pho­to: icover.ru

The but­ton on the left speak­er allows you to:

  • pause the track
  • turn on the music;
  • receive a call;
  • scroll through the tracks in the playlist.

After­Shokz Aeropex head­phones have an omni­di­rec­tion­al micro­phone — sen­si­tive to sig­nals com­ing from all direc­tions. You do not need to speak pur­pose­ful­ly in it, so that the inter­locu­tor hears you well dur­ing the con­ver­sa­tion.

The price of After­Shokz Aeropex head­phones is 13,990 rubles.

AfterShokz Xtrainerz

The most advanced gad­get in our Bone Con­duc­tion Head­phones 2021 rank­ing. This is the flag­ship. Not just head­phones, but a com­plete device with a built-in audio play­er.

This gad­get does not need to be con­nect­ed to a smart­phone. He him­self per­form the func­tion of the play­er. There’s 4GB of stor­age that can be filled with music, audio­books, and pod­casts. Sup­ports MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AND FLAC for­mats. The amount of mem­o­ry is enough to store about 1200 tracks in MP3 for­mat.

After­Shokz Xtrain­erz is a unique mod­el with a built-in play­er. Pho­to: willtake.ru

Anoth­er fea­ture of Xtrain­ers is the case with mois­ture pro­tec­tion. The head­phones are designed to be ful­ly sub­mersible up to 2 meters in fresh or salt water (IP68).

The price of After­Shokz Xtrain­erz head­phones is 13,990 rubles.

Model comparison

We chose the key fea­tures of the described head­phones, brought them togeth­er in one table.

Mod­el / Fea­tures Bone con­duc­tion 5.0 head­phones Rom­bi­ca FIT X‑01 Baseus BC10 After­Shokz Aeropex After­Shokz Xtrain­erz
Min­i­mum fre­quen­cy (the wider the fre­quen­cy range, the more accu­rate­ly the acoustics con­vey the sounds of instru­ments and voic­es) 15 Hz 100 Hz 15 Hz 20 Hz 20 Hz
Max­i­mum fre­quen­cy 20,000 Hz 18,000 Hz 20,000 Hz 20,000 Hz 20,000 HZ
Water­proof Not Not Not Not There is
Oper­at­ing time on one charge Up to 6 h Up to 6 hours up to 8 h up to 8 h up to 8 h
Wire­less range 10 m 10 m 10 m 10 m No con­nec­tion to smart­phone
The weight 22 g 51 g 25 g 26 g 30 g
Price 1 050 rubles 4 990 rubles 5 850 rubles 13 990 rubles 13 990 rubles
Bone con­duc­tion head­phones are a use­ful find for hear­ing-impaired peo­ple and ath­letes. Pho­to: temofeev.ru


Here are the rat­ings received by gad­gets on a five-point scale:

Mod­el / Fea­tures Bone con­duc­tion 5.0 head­phones Rom­bi­ca FIT X‑01 Baseus BC10 After­Shokz Aeropex After­Shokz Xtrain­erz
Min­i­mum and max­i­mum fre­quen­cy 5 four 5 5 5
The weight 5 3 four four four
Price 5 5 5 four four
Fea­tures (water resis­tance, range, bat­tery life) 3 3 four four 5
Out­come 4.5 3.75 4.5 4.25 4.5

The Bone Con­duc­tion 5.0 Head­phone is a sim­ple mod­el that is suit­able for intro­duc­ing bone con­duc­tion head­phone tech­nol­o­gy.

Rom­bi­ca FIT X‑01 Black — mas­sive head­phones that are suit­able for train­ing in a not very noisy room (qui­eter than ana­logues).

Baseus BC10 — bud­get mod­el with IPX5 mois­ture pro­tec­tion. Not afraid of drops of sweat and rain, but you can’t swim, swim in the pool in them.

After­Shokz Aeropex — good head­phones with bone con­duc­tion tech­nol­o­gy, IP67 pro­tec­tion rat­ing. Dust will not get inside, and liq­uid will not dis­rupt oper­a­tion if it enters. But you can’t swim in them. Includes foam earplugs for when you want to iso­late your­self from the out­side world.

After­Shokz Xtrain­erz - flag­ship head­phones with IP68 water­proof lev­el. They can be used under­wa­ter. There is a built-in play­er and 4 GB of mem­o­ry. No con­nec­tion to smart­phone.