An arti­cle about the most com­mon myths that you can hear about ger­mi­ci­dal irra­di­a­tors. If you are think­ing about buy­ing a ger­mi­ci­dal lamp, but still in doubt, then you should check whether these hes­i­ta­tions are in vain and erro­neous. After all, not every­thing that is writ­ten or said about UV lamps is true.

Myth 1. After using a bactericidal lamp, the apartment will have to be ventilated every time.

Not nec­es­sary. It all depends on which mod­el of UV irra­di­a­tor you choose — ozone or ozone-free. Ozone ger­mi­ci­dal lamps are, of course, cheap­er and are made in Chi­na. But this unjus­ti­fied sav­ings can harm your health. There­fore, mod­ern peo­ple choose a new solu­tion, which is a safe ozone-free lamp.

Myth 2. Ozone also disinfects the room

Ozone is just a prod­uct of the break­down of oxy­gen mol­e­cules under the influ­ence of ultra­vi­o­let radi­a­tion. If ozone is at the lev­el of our nose, then there is no ben­e­fit from it, but only harm — an increase in blood pres­sure, asth­ma attacks, a decrease in lung func­tion, and this is far from all. In large cities, ozone is one of the main com­po­nents of smog. Virus­es and bac­te­ria that are in the apart­ment, it does not destroy.

Myth 3. All modern UV lamps effectively treat the room

No, not all. It all depends on the type of UV lamp you choose. Closed-type irra­di­a­tors (recir­cu­la­tors) will only par­tial­ly treat the room. Open-type irra­di­a­tors dis­in­fect the entire room, includ­ing com­mon items and cloth­ing. There­fore, if you expect results, then the choice is clear here.

Myth 4. It is not necessary to disinfect the apartment

After all, chil­dren used to crawl on the dirty floor and noth­ing — they grew up, formed immu­ni­ty. But a whole cen­tu­ry has passed since then, and if we remem­ber his­to­ry, we will under­stand that with the advent of hygiene, child­hood mor­bid­i­ty has decreased sig­nif­i­cant­ly. There­fore, if it is in our pow­er to pre­vent dis­ease and improve the qual­i­ty of life, then why not do it.

Myth 5. Open-type lamps are dangerous for eye health.

But only if you look at the lamp with­out gog­gles for a cer­tain amount of time. The main symp­toms are pain in the eyes, red­ness, watery eyes. After all, the reti­na is very sen­si­tive and does not have a stra­tum corneum for pro­tec­tion. I do not argue that there is a lot of con­flict­ing infor­ma­tion about ultra­vi­o­let irra­di­a­tors, espe­cial­ly on the Inter­net. But myths are some­times cre­at­ed to debunk them.