The life path is an alter­nat­ing change of sta­ble and crit­i­cal peri­ods. Some­times we feel a move­ment up, some­times down, but one way or anoth­er, any path is a path of ups and downs. Dur­ing the climbs, we know how to behave, but what to do dur­ing the descents?

Our desires are not always ful­filled, even despite the efforts made, and this can cause emo­tion­al dis­com­fort. Block­ing instal­la­tions can inter­fere with us. How to get rid of them?

There are clients who con­scious­ly want to change them­selves. Then the psy­chol­o­gist can help and start the mech­a­nism of trans­for­ma­tion. This leads to a deep under­stand­ing of your­self, your life path, to the stage of renew­al, to new insights. How can this be achieved as quick­ly and envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly as pos­si­ble? What resources can help with this?

This overview of the cards will help answer these and oth­er ques­tions relat­ed to the caus­es of prob­lems, tran­si­tion and trans­for­ma­tion, self-accep­tance, self-heal­ing, and resource cre­ation.

1. Metaphor­i­cal asso­cia­tive maps “Pro­jec­tion“
Pub­lish­er: MAC­ards
The set includes: 100 cards with images (size: 73x109 mm), instruc­tions with work tech­niques, box.

Metaphor­i­cal cards “Pro­jec­tion” — a uni­ver­sal tool that allows you to work out any request. A wide vari­ety of images and styles cre­ates a favor­able envi­ron­ment for exten­sive asso­ci­a­tions and client insights.

The deck can be used in:
– diag­no­sis of the cur­rent state;
– the study of atti­tudes and fears;
- search for options for resolv­ing an excit­ing sit­u­a­tion;
- iden­ti­fy­ing and study­ing needs, val­ues, desires;
- work with rela­tion­ships of any kind;
– self-knowl­edge and self-ther­a­py;
- and etc.

2. Metaphor­i­cal asso­cia­tive cards “Fate­ful deci­sions“
Author: Natalia Obst
The set includes: 91 cards (size: 108x72 mm), instruc­tions with work­ing tech­niques, box.

Metaphor­i­cal asso­cia­tive cards “Fate­ful Deci­sions” will help to iden­ti­fy both block­ing atti­tudes and resources, sources of inspi­ra­tion, pos­i­tive ener­gy and pos­i­tive emo­tions in a per­son­’s life.
Work­ing with hand-drawn images, the client acquires a resource state already at the begin­ning of work.
This MAC deck will help to explore the diver­si­ty of the inner world of a per­son, his needs and capa­bil­i­ties.

Metaphor­i­cal asso­cia­tive cards “Fate­ful deci­sions” designed to work with the fol­low­ing top­ics:
- iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of block­ing instal­la­tions;
– for­ma­tion of resource states;
- accep­tance of one­self, atti­tude towards one­self;
- goal set­ting;
– life plans and oppor­tu­ni­ties;
- moti­va­tion;
- rela­tion­ships with the oppo­site sex;
- child-par­ent rela­tion­ship;
- fears of the future.

3. Metaphor­i­cal asso­cia­tive cards “Ima­go” (Image)
Author: Mikhail Lurko
The set includes: 90 cards (size: 108x72 mm), instruc­tions with work tech­niques, box.

MAC “Ima­go (Image)” is a uni­ver­sal por­trait deck. It is irre­place­able in work with all exist­ing client requests. Suit­able for work­ing out feel­ings and cur­rent states, as well as sit­u­a­tions affect­ing rela­tion­ships of any kind — with one­self, with par­ents, with part­ners, with chil­dren, with col­leagues, with one’s sub­per­son­al­i­ties, and even with work and ill­ness. They can be used in indi­vid­ual con­stel­la­tions, to build fam­i­ly sociograms and genograms. The deck will be use­ful in the psy­chother­a­py of iden­ti­ty crises, inter­nal and exter­nal con­flicts; to iden­ti­fy and cor­rect the “I‑concept”, child-par­ent rela­tion­ships, sce­nario set­tings and deci­sions; in search of a way out of impass­es, etc.

4. Metaphor­i­cal cards “His­to­ry of Daru­ma”

The set includes: 90 cards (size: 108x72 mm), instruc­tions with work tech­niques, box.

Daru­ma Sto­ries Metaphor Cards is a set for women and about women. Col­or­ful, vibrant images con­tain sur­re­al metaphor­i­cal scenes with many sym­bols. They depict mys­te­ri­ous, strong, lov­ing, play­ful, danc­ing, drea­ry, joy­ful, bloom­ing, liv­ing women. Each of us will find some­thing relat­ed and close in their faces, will get the oppor­tu­ni­ty to look at our per­son­al request from a new point of view.

You can work with the deck both in indi­vid­ual coun­sel­ing and psy­chother­a­py, and in a group. The Daru­ma Sto­ry Metaphor Cards are for adult girls and women, as well as men who want to explore their fem­i­nine side, ani­ma, or rela­tion­ships with impor­tant female fig­ures. The deck will help you meet pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive feel­ings, dreams and hopes, fear and pain through a metaphor — in an eco-friend­ly safe for­mat.

5. Metaphor­i­cal asso­cia­tive cards “Affir­ma­tions. Uni­ver­sal“
Author: Mikhail Lurko
The set includes: 90 cards (size: 108x72 mm), instruc­tions with work­ing tech­niques, box.

Affir­ma­tions are pos­i­tive­ly word­ed state­ments that are repeat­ed to lift the spir­its and inspire con­fi­dence in the per­son say­ing them. Using affir­ma­tions is one of the fastest and most effec­tive ways to fill your life with pos­i­tive ener­gy, and well-thought out affir­ma­tions can real­ly change your out­look on life and your world­view in gen­er­al.

You can use affir­ma­tions to achieve any­thing you can imag­ine. Most peo­ple turn to pos­i­tive affir­ma­tions to change how they feel about them­selves. Con­fi­dence and self-esteem are cer­tain­ly the top rea­sons peo­ple use affir­ma­tions, but you don’t have to lim­it your­self to just those uses.

With affir­ma­tions, you can:
- attract love and abun­dance;
- to feel hap­py;
- earn more mon­ey;
- lose weight;
- Relieve stress and anx­i­ety.


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