When we have the oppor­tu­ni­ty and a minute of free time, of course, we dream and plan a trip. And if there is a desire, then noth­ing can stop an active tourist, no mat­ter whether the sun is shin­ing bright­ly out­side the win­dow, it is cloudy and it is pour­ing rain, severe frost, huge snow­drifts.

Re going!

Trav­el — this is not nec­es­sar­i­ly a long trip to the sea, because even a morn­ing dai­ly run or a bike ride with the whole fam­i­ly can turn into an excit­ing and infor­ma­tive mini-trip.

Every active tourist has his own itin­er­ary. Who loves a beach hol­i­day goes on a trip to the sea, yachts­men go on a trip on a yacht, climbers con­quer the next peak, surfers dream of find­ing their own wave. Kayak­ing, camp­ing, hunt­ing, fish­ing, dri­ving around the Gold­en Ring, there are many options and each has its own.

But! every active tourist, when plan­ning his excit­ing jour­ney, should have an indis­pens­able acces­so­ry with him — These are POINTS.

In our store there is a wide range of pro­tec­tive, tac­ti­cal glass­es, where every­one will find their own glass­es, and Com­bat­shop will help you make a choice.

Our glass­es are great for: UV radi­a­tion, glare on water or any oth­er smooth sur­face, will pro­tect you on a hike, in the for­est from annoy­ing midges, dust, dirt, wind, water splash­es. All lens­es are made of high-strength plas­tic — poly­car­bon­ate. If you work with pow­er tools or mow grass in the coun­try, gog­gles will pro­tect you from splin­ters and large par­ti­cles that can dam­age your eyes.

Our gog­gles are essen­tial for: tourists, dri­vers, fish­er­men, hunters, sports­men, fans of air­soft or paint­ball, etc.

TOP POINTS #1 — Sport+ polar­ized

- Dark impact-resis­tant poly­car­bon­ate lens­es that are 60 times stronger than ordi­nary glass lens­es;

- Very light (weight 25 gr.);

- Per­fect­ly cope with such tasks as pro­tec­tion from all types of UV radi­a­tion; — Have an anti-reflec­tive coat­ing;

- Anti-fog coat­ing — reli­able pro­tec­tion against fog­ging and scratch­es.

TOP POINTS No. 2 — Sports, gog­gles Mas­ter +

- Pre­sent­ed in three ver­sions: yel­low lens­es, black lens­es, trans­par­ent lens­es;

- Bal­lis­tic glass­es with the let­ter F in the lens mark­ing — means that the Mas­ter + glass­es are able to with­stand the impact of a steel ball with a diam­e­ter of 6 mm, fired at a speed of 45 m / s, which is con­firmed by tests.

TOP POINTS #3 — Tac­ti­cal+ Tac­ti­cal Gog­gles

- Are pre­sent­ed in three options: black lens­es, yel­low lens­es, trans­par­ent lens­es;

- The Tac­ti­cal+ shoot­ing gog­gles have side and bot­tom pro­tec­tion, which makes them stand out from oth­er pro­tec­tive, sports gog­gles. Gog­gles com­bine the advan­tages of a closed type and an open type of gog­gles;

- This mod­el of glass­es pro­vides an effec­tive ven­ti­la­tion sys­tem, thanks to a soft remov­able skirt made of polyurethane foam (EVA);

- This mod­el has a remov­able, adjustable elas­tic band that secure­ly fas­tens the gog­gles on the head.

TOP POINTS #4 — Active+ Clear Gog­gles

- Weight­less, very light (25 gr.);

- Trans­par­ent plas­tic, prac­ti­cal­ly invis­i­ble on the face, fit snug­ly, do not press, do not leave marks, close from the sides;

- Pro­tec­tive trans­par­ent glass­es are a must have for every­one, they are easy to com­bine with a med­ical mask, pro­tect your eyes from injuries and virus­es.

TOP POINTS #5 — Dead line+ Clear Lens Safe­ty Glass­es

- Wide trans­par­ent lens, side panoram­ic eye pro­tec­tion, air­soft fans will appre­ci­ate all the advan­tages of this mod­el;

- Weight­less, trans­par­ent, styl­ish, sim­ply indis­pens­able on the road, trav­el­ing, in the sub­way.

We will be glad to see you among our reg­u­lar cus­tomers.


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