Chil­dren always want to give only the best, in this we are alike. DANSONIA cares not only about health, but also about the smiles of every child. That is why today we are shar­ing the top 5 rea­sons to choose DANSONIA break­fast.

1. Qual­i­ty at an afford­able price is our main cre­do, which will delight all par­ents. We do not save on the com­po­si­tion of our break­fasts, but we do every­thing so that you receive them at the most afford­able prices. This is espe­cial­ly true in today’s world.

2. The com­po­si­tion of DANSONIA — be sure that for our chil­dren we choose only local Kuban raw mate­ri­als, which are deliv­ered to the com­pa­ny by time-test­ed, expe­ri­enced and qual­i­ty sup­pli­ers.

3. We say OUR CHILDREN because we have been delight­ing you with deli­cious break­fasts for 11 years. A long time to fall in love with every child who is wait­ing for DANSONIA air cush­ions or bal­loons for break­fast.

4. Time — it does­n’t take much time to pre­pare our break­fasts, we pre­fer to save it for more impor­tant and warm things. Instead of morn­ing cook­ing for the whole fam­i­ly, you can devote anoth­er hour to a sweet sleep, and then just pour your favorite stuffed pil­lows with milk.

5. Emo­tions — your child will be delight­ed to be able to cook break­fast on their own. From the taste of your favorite crispy balls and from acquain­tance with Cruz-Corn, which will give the baby more than one smile.

What is your child’s favorite DANSONIA break­fast?


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