Imag­ine: you do not need to con­nect the cable from the plug-in unit to your gad­get every time, care­ful­ly aim­ing at the tiny con­nec­tor. As a result, you do NOT loosen the sock­et, and around it, micro­scop­ic scratch­es and scuffs do NOT appear on the case. Yes, if you have ever used it, you def­i­nite­ly know how con­ve­nient it is. A smart­phone or oth­er gad­get is charged with­out con­nect­ing a cable: you just leave the device on a kind of stand. Would you like such a super thing? Our rank­ing of the best wire­less charg­ers will help you make the right choice among the huge range of mod­els on the mar­ket.

Pho­to: flickr.com

Benefits of wireless charging

With wire­less charg­ing, you sim­ply place your smart­phone on a ded­i­cat­ed pad. If at this moment some­one calls you, just pick up the phone, talk and return the phone to its place. There is no need to dis­con­nect and con­nect the cable. Wire­less head­phones and smart watch­es are charged in the same way. The main thing is to make sure before buy­ing a device whether your smart­phone or oth­er gad­get sup­ports wire­less charg­ing.

In this top, we eval­u­at­ed wire­less charg­ers in terms of their pow­er, func­tion­al­i­ty, cool­ing sys­tem per­for­mance, ease of use, pack­ag­ing, and the over­all ratio between price and qual­i­ty. Func­tion­al­i­ty here means the pres­ence of the Quick / Fast Charge option (quick charg­ing) and oth­er fea­tures. Cool­ing is pas­sive and active, but we eval­u­at­ed its oth­er aspects: effi­cien­cy and noise­less­ness. And the score for the pack­age was set depend­ing on the pres­ence of a stan­dard adapter and a cable to a wire­less charg­er.

Xiaomi ZMI WTX10 — affordable wireless charging

Inex­pen­sive charg­er of a well-known Chi­nese brand. It costs about 1200 rubles, although it is assem­bled very high qual­i­ty. The case is made of alu­minum alloy, and on the front part there is durable glass. On the side there is a con­nec­tor for con­nect­ing a USB Type‑C cable (includ­ed).

Charg­ing is made in the form of a thin “tablet” with a diam­e­ter of about 9 cm and a thick­ness of only 7 mm. The out­put pow­er is 9 W, it is enough to pow­er any smart­phones that sup­port the Qi stan­dard. One of the inter­est­ing fea­tures of Xiao­mi ZMI WTX10 is the fast charg­ing func­tion.

This mod­el pro­vides pro­tec­tion against over­heat­ing, short cir­cuit and over­volt­age. If you put any met­al object (scis­sors, paper clips, etc.) on the stand, the charg­er will not turn on. In oth­er words, it auto­mat­i­cal­ly rec­og­nizes when a smart­phone, watch or oth­er gad­get that sup­ports wire­less charg­ing is placed on the pad. There is an indi­ca­tor on the Xiao­mi ZMI WTX10 case. When it lights up red, it means that the gad­get was placed uneven­ly on the site and its posi­tion needs to be cor­rect­ed.

Xiao­mi ZMI WTX10 is a com­pact and styl­ish tablet. Pho­to: www.cafago.com

Advantages of Xiaomi ZMI WTX10

  • Sleek design and com­pact size
  • Over­heat and short cir­cuit pro­tec­tion
  • Quick charge func­tion
  • Cable and adapter includ­ed

Disadvantages of Xiaomi ZMI WTX10

  • The smart­phone must be placed strict­ly in the cen­ter
  • The glass sur­face is slip­pery, there­fore, due to the vibra­tion sig­nal, the smart­phone may move off the stand
  • Short cable

Our assessment of Xiaomi ZMI WTX10: average score — 8

  • Pow­er — 7/10
  • Func­tion­al­i­ty — 7/10
  • Cool­ing — 8/10
  • Options — 10/10
  • Design and con­ve­nience — 7/10
  • Price / qual­i­ty — 9/10

Samsung EP-P1100 Wireless Charging — Simple and Reliable

This is anoth­er inex­pen­sive tablet-shaped wire­less charg­er, but this time from the Kore­an brand Sam­sung. The device is com­pat­i­ble with all phones that sup­port the Qi stan­dard. Users of smart­phones and oth­er Sam­sung gad­gets also have access to the Fast Charge func­tion (quick charg­ing).

The diam­e­ter of the charg­ing sta­tion is 88 mm. It can be car­ried with you in a small bag, because the device is not only com­pact, but also light: it weighs only 58 grams. Out­put pow­er — 10 watts. Like most sim­i­lar brand­ed gad­gets, it has pro­tec­tion against over­heat­ing and short cir­cuit. There­fore, you can safe­ly leave smart­phones and oth­er gad­gets on charge with­out super­vi­sion.

The thick­ness of wire­less charg­ing is less than 12mm. On the side is a con­nec­tor for a USB Type‑C cable. Pho­to: samsung.com

Case Sam­sung EP-P1100 — made of mat­te plas­tic. On the sur­face there is a soft rub­ber band, thanks to which the smart­phone does not slip off even when vibrat­ed. On the case there is an indi­ca­tor that lights up in two col­ors: red indi­cates the charg­ing process, and green indi­cates its com­ple­tion.

The device is con­nect­ed to the charg­er via a USB Type‑C cable, but it is not includ­ed. You also need to buy the block itself.

Benefits of the Samsung EP-P1100

  • Quick charge func­tion (for Sam­sung devices)
  • Anti-slip rub­ber
  • Pro­tec­tion against short cir­cuit and over­heat­ing
  • Dual col­or charge indi­ca­tor

Disadvantages of Samsung EP-P1100

  • No cable includ­ed
  • The phone only charges if you place it exact­ly in the mid­dle

Our score for the Samsung EP-P1100: average score of 7.1

  • Pow­er — 8/10
  • Func­tion­al­i­ty — 7/10
  • Cool­ing — 7/10
  • Options — 8/10
  • Design and con­ve­nience — 7/10
  • Price / qual­i­ty — 6/10

Huawei CP61 — wireless phone charger with an original design

This charg­er mod­el, like the pre­vi­ous ones, has the shape of a “tablet”. The case is made of plas­tic cov­ered with a dense gray fab­ric. There are also some rub­ber inserts on the sur­face. They do not allow even phones with a glass back to slide off.

Huawei CP61 has a seg­ment-lead­ing out­put pow­er of 27W. There is a fast charg­ing func­tion that works with all devices that sup­port it. Of the short­com­ings, only a rather noisy oper­a­tion of the fan, which can be heard at night. Also, this device has a fair­ly high price (com­pared to the pre­vi­ous two) — about 3,000 rubles.

Huawei CP61 stands out from the com­pe­ti­tion with an unusu­al design thanks to the fab­ric waist of the case. Pho­to: chargerlab.com

The charg­er is equipped with pro­tec­tion against over­heat­ing and short cir­cuit. If you put any met­al object (keys, coins) on the stand, it will not turn on. The kit includes a cable for con­nect­ing the device to an adapter or USB con­nec­tor of a com­put­er / lap­top.

Advantages of Huawei CP61

  • Orig­i­nal design thanks to fab­ric coat­ing
  • Record pow­er
  • Detec­tion of for­eign met­al objects
  • Cable includ­ed

Disadvantages of Huawei CP61

  • Noisy cool­ing fan
  • Worth more than 3000 rubles

Our score for Huawei CP61: average score of 7.5

  • Pow­er — 10/10
  • Func­tion­al­i­ty — 7/10
  • Cool­ing — 6/10
  • Options — 8/10
  • Design and con­ve­nience — 7/10
  • Price / qual­i­ty — 7/10

Charging for multiple gadgets — Samsung EP-P6300

This 2020 wire­less charg­er has a 10W out­put. The device received a fair­ly mas­sive plas­tic case (white or black) with a soft-touch coat­ing. There are two plat­forms on top: a large one for plac­ing a smart­phone or head­phones, a small one for smart watch­es. Each zone is marked with the cor­re­spond­ing icons. If desired, you can even place two smart­phones on the plat­form or simul­ta­ne­ous­ly a phone, watch and head­phones.

The Sam­sung EP-P6300 case con­tains 6 induc­tion coils that pro­vide effi­cient charg­ing of any Qi-enabled gad­gets. The device recharges smart­phones in cas­es, the wall thick­ness of which does not exceed 3 mm.

The Sam­sung EP-P6300 is capa­ble of simul­ta­ne­ous­ly charg­ing mul­ti­ple gad­gets, such as two smart­phones and a watch. Pho­to: hifi-review.ru

There are three indi­ca­tors on the body of the device. When red is on, charg­ing is in progress. If it blinks, you need to change the posi­tion of the gad­get. When the bat­tery is ful­ly charged, the green indi­ca­tor lights up. An impor­tant advan­tage of the Sam­sung EP-P6300 is the pres­ence of a 25 W adapter in the kit. It also includes a meter cable.

Benefits of the Samsung EP-P6300

  • Abil­i­ty to charge mul­ti­ple gad­gets at the same time
  • Silent oper­a­tion
  • Adapter and cable includ­ed
  • Pleas­ant to the touch and prac­ti­cal soft-touch coat­ing

Disadvantages of Samsung EP-P6300

  • High price (about 5000 rubles)
  • Out­put pow­er is only 10W

Our score for the Samsung EP-P6300: average score of 8.5

  • Pow­er — 8/10
  • Func­tion­al­i­ty — 8/10
  • Cool­ing — 8/10
  • Options — 10/10
  • Design and con­ve­nience — 10/10
  • Price / qual­i­ty — 7/10

Google Pixel Stand is a functional gadget with a stylish design

Pix­el Stand is an expen­sive but func­tion­al wire­less charg­ing sta­tion for smart­phones. The high price is off­set by wide fea­tures, such as full voice con­trol or con­nec­tion to the Google Home sys­tem. In order for wire­less charg­ing to become part of a smart home, you need to install the appli­ca­tion of the same name on your smart­phone. This gives you access to var­i­ous fea­tures when the phone is placed on the stand, such as:

  • the video inter­com call is dis­played,
  • when charg­ing, the phone shows a pho­to from the album,
  • sta­tion con­nects to smart speak­ers.

The charg­er looks quite styl­ish, it is made in white. The base has non-slip pads, and the phone is placed on an inclined stand. It also has some inter­est­ing fea­tures, such as set­ting up a light alarm to help you wake up calm­ly with­out loud annoy­ing sounds.

Google Pix­el Stand stands out from the com­pe­ti­tion with a styl­ish design. Pho­to: devicedictionary.com

Benefits of Google Pixel Stand

  • Many fea­tures for Google smart­phones
  • Styl­ish design
  • Built-in alarm clock
  • Flex­i­ble set­tings with Google Assis­tant

Disadvantage of Google Pixel Stand

  • Very high price for wire­less charg­ers (about 7000 rubles)

Our Pixel Stand rating: average score of 9

  • Pow­er — 8/10
  • Func­tion­al­i­ty — 10/10
  • Cool­ing — 8/10
  • Options — 10/10
  • Design and con­ve­nience — 10/10
  • Price / qual­i­ty — 8/10

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Pad with minimalist design

Anoth­er wire­less charg­er from a Chi­nese man­u­fac­tur­er, includ­ed in our top. It looks like a com­pact flat stand for a smart­phone. Quick Charge sup­port pro­vides a fast bat­tery charge: up to 50% in a lit­tle over half an hour. The max­i­mum out­put pow­er of the device is 10W. There are all nec­es­sary types of pro­tec­tion: against short cir­cuit, over­heat­ing, acci­den­tal switch­ing on when for­eign met­al objects are placed on the sur­face.

Xiao­mi Mi Wire­less Charg­ing Pad costs less than 1500 rubles, comes with a cable, but with­out an adapter.

The min­i­mal­is­tic design of the charg­ing tablet looks very styl­ish. But, unfor­tu­nate­ly, dust quick­ly sticks to the rub­ber­ized sur­face. Pho­to: androidauthority.com

Benefits of Mi Wireless Charging Pad

  • Com­pact dimen­sions and mod­ern design
  • Afford­able price
  • Quick charge func­tion
  • Anti-slip pads
  • Cable includ­ed

Disadvantages of Mi Wireless Charging Pad

  • Heats up while charg­ing smart­phone
  • Dust sticks to rub­ber­ized sur­face

Our assessment of Mi Wireless Charging Pad: average score — 7.3

  • Pow­er — 8/10
  • Func­tion­al­i­ty — 7/10
  • Cool­ing — 6/10
  • Options — 8/10
  • Design and con­ve­nience — 8/10
  • Price / qual­i­ty — 7/10

Skyway Energy Fast — “wooden” wireless charging

The lat­est wire­less charg­er in our rank­ing has an orig­i­nal design, but fits into any inte­ri­or. Its body is made in the form of a stand, on which the phone is placed at a cer­tain angle. The device works with all smart­phones that sup­port the Qi stan­dard.

The max­i­mum out­put pow­er of Sky­way Ener­gy Fast is 10W. There is a Qual­comm Quick Charge 3.0 fast charg­ing func­tion. Dur­ing oper­a­tion, the charg­ing heats up slight­ly, although there is no active cool­ing. This is an advan­tage, since noth­ing makes noise and does not cre­ate dis­com­fort, for exam­ple, when you sleep.

The body mate­r­i­al of the Sky­way Ener­gy Fast is styl­ized as wood, which looks very con­cise and mod­ern. Pho­to: skyway-tm.ru

Advantages of Skyway Energy Fast

  • Styl­ish design
  • Silent oper­a­tion
  • High qual­i­ty built body
  • Abil­i­ty to place the phone hor­i­zon­tal­ly or ver­ti­cal­ly

Disadvantages of Skyway Energy Fast

  • No adapter includ­ed
  • No active cool­ing

Our assessment of Skyway Energy Fast: average score — 7.5

  • Pow­er — 8/10
  • Func­tion­al­i­ty — 7/10
  • Cool­ing — 7/10
  • Options — 8/10
  • Design and con­ve­nience — 9/10
  • Price / qual­i­ty — 6/10

The results of the rating of wireless chargers

In this com­par­i­son table, we not only col­lect­ed all the rat­ings of the wire­less charg­ers includ­ed in the rat­ing, but also ranked them in ascend­ing order of the aver­age score:

Mod­el Pow­er Func­tion­al­i­ty Cool­ing Equip­ment Design and con­ve­nience Price qual­i­ty Aver­age score
Sam­sung EP-P1100 eight 7 7 eight 7 6 7.1
Xiao­mi Mi Wire­less Charg­ing Pad eight 7 6 eight eight 7 7.3
Sky­way Ener­gy Fast eight 7 7 eight 9 6 7.5
Huawei CP61 ten 7 6 eight 7 7 7.5
Xiao­mi ZMI WTX10 7 7 eight ten 7 9 eight
Sam­sung EP-P6300 eight eight eight ten ten 7 8.5
Google Pix­el Stand eight ten eight ten ten eight 9

The lead­ing places are right­ful­ly occu­pied by the Sam­sung EP-P6300 and Google Pix­el Stand, as these wire­less charg­ers are the most advanced and func­tion­al of all. Both have only one draw­back — the high price. How­ev­er, it is off­set by oth­er ben­e­fits. If you just need a good wire­less charg­er for one smart­phone and with­out addi­tion­al fea­tures, you can safe­ly buy Xiao­mi ZMI WTX10 or, hav­ing over­paid a lit­tle, take Huawei CP61 with a record max­i­mum pow­er.

All con­sid­ered wire­less charg­ers work sta­bly with­out caus­ing prob­lems for smart­phone users. On sale you can find more bud­get ana­logues, but sav­ings often go side­ways. Such a device may not have pro­tec­tion against over­heat­ing or short cir­cuit, or it will work on any met­al object that acci­den­tal­ly hits the sur­face. In addi­tion, cheap Chi­nese gad­gets rarely give out the declared volt­age, which is why the charg­ing process takes a very long time.


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