In the first quar­ter of 2022, 30% more lap­tops were pur­chased in Rus­sia than in the same peri­od in 2021. At the same time, the pop­u­lar­i­ty of Chi­nese brands increased 4 times com­pared to the pre­vi­ous year. This demand is easy to explain. Users appre­ci­at­ed pow­er­ful, styl­ish mod­els at afford­able prices. This arti­cle has com­piled a rat­ing of the best Chi­nese lap­top mod­els under 50,000 rubles that you can buy in Rus­sia.

Today, almost every­one has a lap­top. This is a tool for work and play, the choice of which should be tak­en seri­ous­ly. Pho­to: rsfincher.com

What to look for when choos­ing
Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0
Leno­vo v15 alc
Note­book Hon­or Mag­ic­Book X 15 BBR-WAI9
Xiao­mi Mi Note­book Air 12.5 (2019)
Maiben­ben x T‑bao M527
HUAWEI Mate­Book D 15
Acer Trav­el­Mate P2 tmp215
Asus Vivo­Book 14
Com­par­i­son of mod­els of cheap Chi­nese lap­tops from our list

What to look for when choosing

A good lap­top for 50,000 rubles — real­i­ty or myth? With such a bud­get, you can buy a com­put­er for:

- work (with doc­u­ments, spread­sheets, light pho­to edi­tors);

- enter­tain­ment (watch­ing videos, run­ning not very demand­ing games);

- stud­ies (work on the Inter­net, use of edu­ca­tion­al pro­grams).

For such a price it is impos­si­ble to buy:

- a game mod­el that will “pull” all mod­ern games at max­i­mum speed;

- a pow­er­ful machine that is suit­able for con­stant work with pho­to and video edi­tors. Mod­els for such pur­pos­es cost from 90,000 rubles or more.

When choos­ing the best inex­pen­sive Chi­nese lap­top for work, study and enter­tain­ment, you should pay atten­tion to the fol­low­ing para­me­ters:

- CPU is a key fea­ture. It depends on it how quick­ly pro­grams, games will start, whether the com­put­er will freeze or not. We have pre­pared a sep­a­rate mate­r­i­al about proces­sors, which will help you to under­stand their fea­tures more deeply. For a mid-pow­er home and work PC, you can choose Ryzen 5, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i3;

- Num­ber of Cores. Cores are com­put­ing units. The more of them, the bet­ter. 2–4 — the min­i­mum num­ber for a pro­duc­tive lap­top;

- Screen size — if you need a Chi­nese gam­ing lap­top or PC for per­ma­nent work, it is bet­ter to choose a large screen (from 15.6 inch­es). But if you work for him lit­tle or rarely, you can choose a more com­pact option;

- screen res­o­lu­tion. Opti­mal 1920x1080 Full HD. The pic­ture will be bright, juicy, clear;

- RAM from 4 GB. The more it is, the more pro­duc­tive the PC, the less it slows down and works faster;

- built-in mem­o­ry — from 128 GB to be enough for all files and pro­grams.

We have col­lect­ed the top good cheap Chi­nese lap­tops 2022 that meet all the para­me­ters described. Now let’s move on to our rat­ing.

Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0

Let’s start the review of Chi­nese lap­tops with this mod­el. She is the largest of our top. Size — 378x250x29.8 mm, weight — 2.3 kg.

Large and pow­er­ful Chi­nese lap­top. Pho­to: intb.te.ua

The mod­el is dis­tin­guished by the largest num­ber of cores (from the pre­sent­ed PCs) — 6 pieces. As well as an impres­sive amount of mem­o­ry — 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD. This means that there are two hard dri­ves inside — one in SSD for­mat and one HDD dri­ve. Com­bined with the Intel Core i5-8400 proces­sor, the Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0 becomes one of the best lap­tops in our top. It is pow­er­ful, fast, has a nice design and will cope with the dai­ly flow of tasks.

The screen of the mod­el is mat­te. This means that there will be no glare on the sur­face even in bright sun­light. The size of 15.6 inch­es and the res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080 are enough for a com­fort­able game and work. The key­board of this Chi­nese lap­top is hard, does not flex, and is not back­lit. The touch­pad sen­sor is respon­sive, which is impor­tant when work­ing.

Lenovo v15 alc

Leno­vo is one of the most famous Chi­nese lap­top man­u­fac­tur­ers, so the top could not do with­out a mod­el from this brand. Leno­vo delights users with a sophis­ti­cat­ed design, pow­er­ful “stuff­ing”, inter­est­ing solu­tions. What is the sen­sa­tion­al 2in1 Yoga worth, the screen of which can be rotat­ed 360 degrees.

But today we will talk about a more bud­get mod­el of this brand. V15 alc small (362.2x251.5x19.9 mm), light (1.85 kg), made of black impact-resis­tant plas­tic. The screen, like the pre­vi­ous mod­el of the rat­ing, is mat­te, 15.6 inch­es, Full­HD res­o­lu­tion — every­thing for com­fort­able long-term use.

Styl­ish and com­pact lap­top from a well-known man­u­fac­tur­er. Illus­tra­tion: YouTube chan­nel Tech Watch­er

The dual-core Ryzen 5 proces­sor is respon­si­ble for speed and lag-free oper­a­tion. Com­bined with 8 GB of RAM, the Leno­vo v15 alc lap­top is suit­able for office work, run­ning not very demand­ing appli­ca­tions and games. But this is not a top proces­sor. There­fore, you should not demand the impos­si­ble from him.

Notebook Honor MagicBook X 15 BBR-WAI9

This mod­el is very pop­u­lar — it entered the top three best-sell­ing in Rus­sia in the first quar­ter of 2022. This is not sur­pris­ing, because the Hon­or Mag­ic­book x15 has every­thing that a home or office lap­top should have:

  • large screen — 15.6 inch­es diag­o­nal (it is con­ve­nient to read, watch videos, work with doc­u­ments);
  • Full­HD res­o­lu­tion — the pic­ture is bright, clear;
  • pro­duc­tive dual-core proces­sor Intel Core i3-10110U and 8 GB of RAM;
  • 256 GB of mem­o­ry for installing appli­ca­tions, stor­ing files.
Hon­or Mag­ic­book is easy to con­nect to your phone using a spe­cial func­tion. Pho­to: pembeteknoloji.com.tr

Hon­or Mag­ic­book x15 has the fol­low­ing advan­tages:

  • alu­minum body — more durable than plas­tic coun­ter­parts;
  • Eye Com­fort mode. This mode changes the bright­ness of the screen depend­ing on the ambi­ent light and reduces flick­er;
  • mul­ti-screen func­tion. With its help, you can dis­play the screen of a smart­phone (Hon­or) on a lap­top, trans­fer files to it and edit them;
  • fast charg­ing func­tion, and on a sin­gle charge the lap­top can work up to 9 hours;
  • fin­ger­print scan­ner on the pow­er but­ton — an out­sider will not be able to turn on the lap­top.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5 (2019)

The light­est (1.07 kg) and com­pact (202x292x12.9 mm) lap­top from a Chi­nese com­pa­ny from our rat­ing. Its diag­o­nal is only 12.5 inch­es. The body is made of alu­minum alloy. The lap­top is styl­ish, thin and resem­bles a mag­a­zine. There is a back­lit key­board for easy typ­ing even in the dark.

Xiao­mi Mi Note­book Air is small, pow­er­ful and styl­ish. Pho­to: xfrance.com

This mod­el has a 2‑core proces­sor and 4 GB of RAM. This is enough for quick work (open a brows­er, start a video, down­load a doc­u­ment, etc.).

The proces­sor has an Amber­Lake core. One of its advan­tages is the con­sump­tion of less ener­gy. As a result, the PC heats up less and still runs at high speed.

The amount of mem­o­ry is 128 or 256 GB (there are 2 options). If this vol­ume is not enough, then you can buy a dri­ve and install it in an addi­tion­al M2 slot (espe­cial­ly for a sec­ond SSD). In total, the mem­o­ry can be expand­ed up to 1 TB.

Fast charg­ing is one of the impor­tant advan­tages of this mod­el. In just half an hour, the bat­tery can be charged by 50%.

Anoth­er bonus of the Chi­nese lap­top Xiao­mi Mi Note­book Air is the third-gen­er­a­tion Goril­la Glass pro­tec­tive glass on the dis­play. What does it give? The glass is resis­tant to scratch­es from sand, small sharp debris, the screen will with­stand drops from a height of up to 1 meter.

Maibenben x T‑bao M527

A review of Chi­nese lap­tops is impos­si­ble with­out men­tion­ing the Maiben­ben brand. This com­pa­ny is very pop­u­lar at home, and in recent years has become known in Rus­sia. Most of the line­up is gam­ing lap­tops from 100,000 rubles with a pow­er­ful proces­sor (Ryzen 9), a large amount of mem­o­ry (16GB + 512GB / 32GB + 1TB / 64GB + 2TB). But there are also bud­get mod­els.

The lap­top that we chose for this top Chi­nese mod­els is the result of a col­lab­o­ra­tion with anoth­er Chi­nese brand (T‑bao). The M527 has a quad-core Intel Core i5-8279U proces­sor. There is 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry. A capa­cious bat­tery (5000 mAh) is enough for 4 hours of watch­ing videos or 5–6 hours of work­ing with doc­u­ments.

This Chi­nese nov­el­ty of 2022 is suit­able for brows­ing the Inter­net, home use, watch­ing videos and run­ning not very demand­ing games.

With thin bezels, sleek and pow­er­ful Maiben­ben x T‑bao M527. Pho­to: shop-maibenben.ru

HUAWEI MateBook D 15

In the first quar­ter of 2022, Huawei Mate­Book D 14 NbM-WDQ9 ranked fourth in the top best-sell­ing lap­tops in Rus­sia. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this mod­el is beyond our bud­get (price from 65,000 rubles).

But HUAWEI has an offer for those who are look­ing for a more bud­get solu­tion, but with good “stuff­ing”. This is HUAWEI Mate­Book D 15 (BoB-WAH9Q).

The quad-core Intel Core i5-10210U proces­sor is respon­si­ble for high per­for­mance. 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry are enough to work with­out freezes and install any appli­ca­tions. As in the case of the Hon­or Mag­ic­Book X 15 BBR-WAI9, there is:

  • mul­ti-screen func­tion. You can dis­play the screen of a smart­phone (HUAWEI) on a PC, trans­fer files to it and edit them;
  • there is a fin­ger­print scan­ner on the pow­er but­ton — only the own­er can turn it on.

This inex­pen­sive Chi­nese lap­top is suit­able for home use, office work, run­ning pho­to and video edi­tors, run­ning not the most demand­ing games.

An excel­lent choice for work, study and enter­tain­ment. Pho­to: lalafo.kg

We could not pass by and includ­ed Acer and Asus in the list. De jure, these are Tai­wanese com­pa­nies, but they also have cool and inex­pen­sive mod­els that I want to men­tion.

Acer TravelMate P2 tmp215

Com­pact (363x255x20 mm) and light (1.8 kg) mod­el made of black plas­tic. This is a stan­dard office lap­top that is suit­able for work­ing with files, doc­u­ments, office pro­grams.

The Acer Trav­el­mate p2 lap­top has a mat­te screen with a res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080. This means that it will be con­ve­nient to work with him even on the street. There will be no glare on the screen, and the pic­ture will be clear and bright.

Com­pact and bud­get lap­top for work. Pho­to: roig.ru

Asus VivoBook 14

Anoth­er small mod­el (325x215x18 mm) from our top Chi­nese lap­tops. The diag­o­nal is only 14 inch­es, and the weight is 1.45 kg.

The Asus Vivo­Book lap­top is made of impact-resis­tant black plas­tic and met­al. The mod­el is thin and styl­ish. A pow­er­ful quad-core Intel Core i5 1035G1 proces­sor is installed, which is respon­si­ble for speed and work with­out freezes.

Screen res­o­lu­tion — 1920x1080, mat­te sur­face. The pic­ture is clear and bright. This is an exam­ple of a ver­sa­tile lap­top that is suit­able for home use, work and run­ning not very demand­ing edi­tors and games.

Asus Vivo­Book is the best solu­tion for work and leisure. Pho­to: au.pcmag.com

Comparison of models of cheap Chinese laptops from our list

Feature/Model Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0 Leno­vo V15-ALC Hon­or Mag­ic Book X 15 Xiao­mi Mi NOTEBOOK AIR MAIBENBEN x T‑bao M527 HUAWEI Mate­Book D 15 Acer Trav­el­Mate P2 Asus Vivo­Book
Screen Diag­o­nal (inch) 15.6 15.6 15.6 12.5 15.6 15.6 15.6 four­teen
Screen res­o­lu­tion 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080
CPU Intel Core i5-8400 Ryzen 5 Intel Core i3-10110U Intel Core m3 8100Y Intel Core i5-8279U Intel Core i5-10210U Intel Core i3 10110U Intel Core i5 1035G1
Num­ber of Cores 6 2 2 2 four four 2 four
RAM (GB) eight eight eight four eight eight eight eight
Mem­o­ry (GB) 128 SSD + 1 TB HDD 256 256 256 256 512 256 512
Size (mm) 378x250x29.8 362.2x251.5x19.9 230x357x17 202x292x12.9 356x228x18 169x357x229 363x255x20 324x215x17.9
Weight, kg) 2.3 1.85 1.56 1.07 1.75 1.53 1.8 1.4
Price (rubles) from 48 000 from 46 900 from 49 000 from 49 000 from 40 000 from 49 000 from 45 000 from 49 000


Our top list includes pop­u­lar Chi­nese lap­top brands that offer afford­able and high-qual­i­ty mod­els. From this list, you can choose an option for any task.

For home use (Inter­net, social net­works, watch­ing videos, pho­tos, lis­ten­ing to music), when the screen size does not mat­ter:

- Xiao­mi Mi NOTEBOOK AIR — the small­est top mod­el (diag­o­nal 12.5 inch­es), strong, with fast charg­ing func­tion, Goril­la Glass 3 on the dis­play. A great lap­top option for a child or on the road;

– Asus Vivo­Book - the mod­el is slight­ly larg­er than the pre­vi­ous one (14 inch­es). Uni­ver­sal option — pow­er­ful, durable, styl­ish.

For work (doc­u­ments, spread­sheets, inter­net):

– Leno­vo V15-ALC;

– Hon­or Mag­ic Book X 15;

– Acer Trav­el­Mate P2.

Three mod­els with almost iden­ti­cal con­tent. The same screens, size, amount of RAM and built-in mem­o­ry. The proces­sors are very sim­i­lar in per­for­mance, dif­fer­ing only in the man­u­fac­tur­er: Leno­vo Ryzen 5, Hon­or and Acer Intel Core i3 10110U. Lap­tops have dif­fer­ent designs and addi­tion­al fea­tures. For exam­ple, Hon­or has a fin­ger­print scan­ner, while Leno­vo and Acer don’t.

For games (not at max­i­mum speed) and work (doc­u­ments, spread­sheets, pho­to, video edi­tors):

– Hasee K670E-G6T3 V2.0;

– HUAWEI Mate­Book D 15;

– Asus Vivo­Book;

– MAIBENBEN x T‑bao M527.

These are mod­els with a large num­ber of cores (from four), pow­er­ful proces­sors. They are suit­able for work­ing with var­i­ous office pro­grams and will cope with the launch of most mod­ern games at medi­um set­tings.


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