A top coat is a top coat that seals in gel pol­ish for long-last­ing pro­tec­tion, dura­bil­i­ty and an attrac­tive look. In sim­ple words, this is the final step in cre­at­ing the per­fect man­i­cure.

What is the top for?

  • For lev­el­ing and smooth­ing the nail plate with a col­ored coat­ing
  • To cre­ate the per­fect shine and glare
  • To pro­tect col­or from fad­ing
  • To fix designs
  • To pro­tect against scratch­es, chips and oth­er mechan­i­cal dam­age
  • For pro­tec­tion against envi­ron­men­tal influ­ences, chem­i­cals and hard water

Types of tops

In the nail indus­try, the fol­low­ing types of tops are dis­tin­guished, which can be divid­ed into sev­er­al cat­e­gories.

Accord­ing to the exter­nal effect, tops are divid­ed into:

  • glossy
  • mat­te
  • with addi­tion­al effects: shim­mer, glit­ter, quail egg effect, sequins, potal

By con­sis­ten­cy, tops are divid­ed into:

  • liq­uid
  • medi­um
  • thick

By prop­er­ties, tops can be divid­ed into:

  • tops with a sticky lay­er (vis­cous and plas­tic, ide­al for thin nails).
  • tops with­out a sticky lay­er (after dry­ing, such tops do not require removal of stick­i­ness. This saves the mas­ter time and mon­ey to buy a liq­uid to remove the dis­per­sion lay­er)
  • Tops with UV fil­ters
  • tops with­out fil­ters

By com­po­si­tion, the tops are divid­ed into:

  • sil­i­cone (mov­able tops, allow­ing you to make the fin­ish more plas­tic and pro­tect­ed from cracks and chips).
  • rub­ber (tops with high vis­cos­i­ty and den­si­ty. Self-lev­el­ing and do not flow under the side rollers)

Application features

The top is the fin­ish­ing coat, so it is applied to the dec­o­ra­tive coat­ing last.

  • The top must be stirred before use.
  • The top is applied to the entire nail plate. Spe­cial atten­tion is paid to the free edge of the nail, which is sealed along the edge of the cut.
  • After appli­ca­tion, the top is dried in a UV / LED lamp.
  • If the top has a sticky lay­er, then after poly­mer­iza­tion in the lamp it is wiped with a nap­kin soaked in a degreas­er

How to choose the right top

Choose a top proven man­u­fac­tur­er. This will save you frus­tra­tion.

Pay atten­tion to the brush. It should be smooth, dense, with­out vil­li stick­ing out in dif­fer­ent direc­tions.

Best before date. Care­ful­ly study the expi­ra­tion dates indi­cat­ed by man­u­fac­tur­ers. Expired prod­ucts are not rec­om­mend­ed.

Well, now you know every­thing about tops!