Time has giv­en us such a won­der­ful thing as a water­proof mat­tress pad “Aqua-stop”. It is suit­able not only for kids, but also for adults. There are sev­er­al mat­tress options on the mar­ket. They can be just on an elas­tic band, or they can be with a full board, both from the same fab­ric, and com­bined with anoth­er fab­ric.

A water­proof cov­er can be cho­sen for any bed, giv­en the size of the mat­tress. It is secure­ly fas­tened and does not move due to strong rub­ber bands.

Sewing fac­to­ry “Sel­tex” offers you two options for mat­tress cov­ers.

  • Mat­tress top­per with ful­ly water­proof sides and strong elas­tic band. This option will per­fect­ly pro­tect your mat­tress from get­ting wet and dirty, and will not roll down dur­ing sleep. The range includes a wide range of sizes.
  • The sec­ond option is a mat­tress pad with an elas­tic band. A dense elas­tic band is locat­ed at the cor­ners of the mat­tress cov­er and secure­ly fix­es it on the bed. This option is cheap­er than a mat­tress pad with a board — every­one can afford it.
  • Baby mat­tress top­pers are a life­line for par­ents. Pre­sent­ed sizes: 60x120x20 and 90x200x20. You will be com­plete­ly delight­ed with the qual­i­ty of the mat­tress top­per and its dura­bil­i­ty. Mat­tress cov­ers are tight­ly fixed with an elas­tic band and do not roll down dur­ing sleep.
  • The sewing fac­to­ry Sel­tex uses main­ly 100% cot­ton for sewing. Reviews of numer­ous buy­ers will help you to make sure of the qual­i­ty of knitwear. Every­one will find some­thing for them­selves, in the assort­ment there are wom­en’s and men’s mod­els of knitwear for any age. A large size range, as well as a wide selec­tion of col­ors — a dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of this brand. Also, you can make your home more com­fort­able with the help of bed linen sets, elas­ti­cat­ed sheets and aqua-stop mat­tress cov­ers from the Sel­tex gar­ment fac­to­ry!