The longest warm week­end of the year is approach­ing — the May hol­i­days. These days, some are going to the coun­try and rest, oth­er nights are spent walk­ing with friends, and still oth­ers are going on trips. But, no mat­ter where you are vaca­tion­ing, there are a few items that are sure to help bright­en up the hol­i­day week­end and make it even brighter.

Prolike 4K action camera

If you like to report on the coolest moments of your vaca­tion, shoot videos on your walks or dream of your own Youtube chan­nel, then the Pro­like 4K action cam­era is just what you need! Cre­at­ed specif­i­cal­ly for lovers of extreme recre­ation, this cam­era will help cap­ture the most des­per­ate adven­tures.

Thanks to its very light weight, Pro­like is a cam­era that you can take with you any­time, any­where. Par­tic­u­lar­ly attrac­tive in this cam­era is that it can be used to shoot in all weath­er con­di­tions and mount it on sports equip­ment. Pro­like pro­vides qual­i­ty video in 720p, 1080p, 2.7K or 4K, the abil­i­ty to take pho­tos even in burst mode, excel­lent audio record­ing, all at an incred­i­bly afford­able price.

Feiyu Action Camera Stabilizer

Not every­one is able to shoot the per­fect video the first time with­out unnec­es­sary vibra­tions and shak­ing. It is espe­cial­ly dif­fi­cult to do this if you are broad­cast­ing or vlog­ging. And I want to see a qual­i­ty result. It is for those who strive for decent videos that we offer the Feiyu FY-G4S axi­al sta­bi­liz­er.

This is a 3‑axis gim­bal com­pat­i­ble with most action cam­eras. The built-in joy­stick will help you con­trol the cam­era with­out touch­ing it once again, and the abil­i­ty to screw it to monopods and tripods will expand the capa­bil­i­ties of any oper­a­tor. In addi­tion, you can buy a wire­less remote con­trol that works via WiFi for the sta­bi­liz­er.

Feiyu FY-G4S can be both a great gift and an indis­pens­able acqui­si­tion in the arse­nal of gad­gets.

Monopod for smartphone BlackEdition

Every­one who loves big and noisy com­pa­nies will not miss the chance to take a group pho­to. And it is for such sit­u­a­tions that monopods for smart­phones appeared in our lives.

The BlackEdi­tion Blue­tooth mono­pod is an incred­i­bly handy and com­pact mono­pod that fits into a reg­u­lar bag or back­pack. This mono­pod can be tak­en with you on a trip, for a walk and on vaca­tion. It con­nects to your smart­phone and at the touch of a but­ton allows you to take gor­geous pho­tos that fit not only your nose, but also a beau­ti­ful build­ing behind you! Mono­pod BlackEdi­tion can keep com­pa­ny at con­certs, on trips, when shoot­ing video on a smart­phone and almost every­where where the length of one’s own arms is not enough.

Canon PowerShot G1 x Mark II digital camera

Wher­ev­er you are dur­ing these long and, hope­ful­ly, sun­ny week­ends, you should def­i­nite­ly record your impres­sions. And is there a bet­ter way than a qual­i­ty dig­i­tal cam­era? The Canon Pow­er­Shot G1 x Mark II deliv­ers the pow­er of a pro­fes­sion­al DSLR in a com­pact and light­weight body. A high-qual­i­ty lens with good glass and a 12.8MP matrix will allow you to get gor­geous pho­tos. If you just want to learn how to shoot and are already aspir­ing to mas­ter com­po­si­tion and cam­era func­tions, the Canon Pow­er­Shot G1 x Mark II is a great ally. Due to its light weight, the cam­era can be tak­en with you almost any­where. It is very easy to work with her and she will bring a lot of plea­sure and excel­lent shots.

Polaroid Snap instant camera

For all those who appre­ci­ate live, print­ed pho­tos, but do not want to wor­ry about flash dri­ves and print­ers, as well as for all those who feel acute nos­tal­gia for old Polaroids, we offer Polaroid Snap. Snap is a minia­ture instant cam­era capa­ble of tak­ing high qual­i­ty pic­tures. With her, any vaca­tion will be remem­bered with a sea of ​​​​pho­tos. Zink tech­nol­o­gy, devel­oped by Polaroid specif­i­cal­ly for instant cam­eras, will allow you to take pho­tos with­out the use of ink. Polaroid Snap is 32 giga­bytes of pho­tos 2x3 inch­es with a res­o­lu­tion of 10MP. You can shoot up to 6 shots in 10 sec­onds, use the timer and shoot­ing sce­nar­ios.

This cam­era will be a great gift for any­one who appre­ci­ates pleas­ant mem­o­ries and hap­py moments.

Fitness tracker Mi Band 2

An active lifestyle nev­er hurts, even on vaca­tion you should not for­get about your health! That is why on hol­i­days you should def­i­nite­ly stock up on a good fit­ness track­er. Mi Band 2 from Xiao­mi still does not lose pop­u­lar­i­ty, remain­ing the most con­ve­nient gad­get not only in terms of price and qual­i­ty, but also in terms of a set of indis­pens­able func­tions, such as a pedome­ter, heart rate sen­sor, activ­i­ty track­er and many oth­ers.

Mi Band 2 gives accu­rate read­ings, and besides, it looks styl­ish and impres­sive on the wrist. Thanks to a large selec­tion of dif­fer­ent straps, this track­er is per­fect for both women and men. It can be pur­chased as a gift or for your­self.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi5

The most impor­tant device of the 21st cen­tu­ry is the smart­phone. It is desir­able to have it with you always and every­where. It replaces the cam­era, and the phone, and the com­put­er. That is why a good rest is impos­si­ble with­out the right smart­phone. Xiao­mi Mi5 is an excel­lent com­pro­mise in terms of price, while in terms of its char­ac­ter­is­tics this smart­phone is in no way infe­ri­or to the flag­ships of more well-known com­pa­nies. Styl­ish design makes Xiao­mi Mi5 a spec­tac­u­lar acces­so­ry, its ele­gant met­al and glass body looks expen­sive and pleas­ant to the touch. The pow­er­ful proces­sor eas­i­ly with­stands the loads of games and run­ning appli­ca­tions. And 64 GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry will allow you to store music, pho­tos and oth­er files on your smart­phone.

The main cam­era with a res­o­lu­tion of 16MP and the front cam­era — 4MP will help you take great pic­tures. In short, this smart­phone will appeal to every­one!

Bluetooth speaker Mi Speaker

Are you going to nature, but wor­ried about enter­tain­ment? Smart­phone vol­ume not enough? Then it is your hol­i­days that can be dec­o­rat­ed with a styl­ish, light­weight and pow­er­ful exter­nal blue­tooth speak­er Mi Speak­er. This small rec­tan­gu­lar speak­er con­nects via blue­tooth to a smart­phone, tablet or com­put­er and allows you to ampli­fy the sound sev­er­al times. It copes well with over­loads, and with high fre­quen­cies, and with bot­toms. The sound of Mi Speak­er is very clear and high qual­i­ty, and the charge lasts for a long time.

It is easy to trans­port and can be put into a bag, back­pack or even a pock­et. Pleas­ant min­i­mal­ist design allows you to place it any­where in the house so that it eas­i­ly fits into the inte­ri­or. It can work both autonomous­ly and direct­ly from the net­work, while charg­ing.

External battery Mi Power Bank

Wher­ev­er we go, we take gad­gets and devices with us. And they tend to dis­charge and often — at the most incon­ve­nient moment. But to avoid such trou­bles, it is always worth hav­ing an exter­nal bat­tery with you. And again Xiao­mi comes to the res­cue with a huge selec­tion of portable charg­ers of var­i­ous capac­i­ties — from 5000 to 10000 mAh. Mi Pow­er Bank can be select­ed in var­i­ous col­ors — black, gray, white, gold or pink. These accu­mu­la­tors repeat­ed­ly proved qual­i­ty and a prac­ti­cal­i­ty. With them, you will nev­er be tak­en by sur­prise by a dead bat­tery and all devices will be ready to go.

An exter­nal bat­tery is also good as a gift, because it can be use­ful to every­one! And if you want your Mi Pow­er Bank to be dif­fer­ent from the rest and to be reli­ably pro­tect­ed from scratch­es and dam­age, you can pur­chase a neat and styl­ish sil­i­cone case of any col­or spe­cial­ly for it!

Binoculars Nikon Aculon A211 10–22x50

Many of us love not just out­door activ­i­ties, but hik­ing! Hik­ing is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to enjoy fresh air, relax and, of course, observe untouched nature. But not every­thing can be seen with the naked eye, and the best assis­tant in such cas­es is binoc­u­lars. Nikon A211 will allow you to enlarge the image by 10–22 times. With it, you can eas­i­ly see dis­tant objects in detail. Thanks to a spe­cial lens coat­ing, the image obtained through the Nikon A211 is clear and con­trast­ing. Pro­tec­tive cov­ers will help pro­tect the eye­pieces from scratch­es and dam­age. Thanks to the com­fort­able design, these binoc­u­lars are also suit­able for those who wear glass­es.

Nikon A211 will be con­ve­nient not only for a tourist, but also for a sports fan!

If you want to give a gift to your loved ones, do not for­get about the oppor­tu­ni­ty to pur­chase a Pho­to­sklad gift card!

We wish you all a nice week­end and Hap­py Hol­i­days!


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