Pop­u­lar­i­ty for any prod­uct is large­ly an indi­ca­tor of qual­i­ty, reli­a­bil­i­ty and trust on the part of cus­tomers. And what is there to talk about? Pub­lic opin­ion is one of the best and most truth­ful adver­tise­ments that we are ready to trust. Well, all the prod­ucts on our list have received unan­i­mous cus­tomer accep­tance, so we are hap­py to select for you the most pop­u­lar of the 50 best­sellers of “Pho­to­sklad” and ana­lyze cus­tomer reviews to describe them as accu­rate­ly as pos­si­ble! We did not lim­it our­selves to sec­tions and picked up every­thing that deserved­ly gained its fame.

Boya BY-M1 lava­lier micro­phone

In recent years, many peo­ple have become inter­est­ed in shoot­ing videos for Youtube, Insta­gram, Twicth and oth­er plat­forms, so it is quite log­i­cal that the lava­lier micro­phone became the most pop­u­lar prod­uct that took the first place. Not just a lava­lier micro­phone, but Boya BY-M1. This micro­phone has gained pop­u­lar­i­ty due to its price and excel­lent qual­i­ty. The omni­di­rec­tion­al micro­phone is com­pat­i­ble with smart­phones, tablets, cam­eras and even exter­nal recorders. Many note the con­ve­nience of a six-meter cord, which allows you to move away from the cam­era and not lose a drop of sound qual­i­ty. The small size of the Boya BY-M1 is also pleas­ant, it is easy to attach it to clothes and it will not be notice­able.

In addi­tion, every­one who records video on the street men­tions that the micro­phone does an excel­lent job of sup­press­ing inter­noise, while the voice records clear­ly at high and low fre­quen­cies. So if you are still look­ing for a but­ton­hole, Boya BY-M1 is wait­ing for you!

SLR cam­era Canon EOS 6D Body

Canon EOS6D is con­sid­ered a semi-pro­fes­sion­al cam­era, but it has become pop­u­lar with pro­fes­sion­als too. To start off, the Canon EOS 6D is equipped with a 20.2 megapix­el full frame sen­sor. And this is already impor­tant, but this is far from all. The cam­era is capa­ble of both tak­ing high-qual­i­ty pho­tos and record­ing Full HD video, so it is worth con­sid­er­ing for both pho­tog­ra­phers and video­g­ra­phers. The 3‑inch LCD can func­tion as a viewfind­er, and many will appre­ci­ate the cam­er­a’s Wi-Fi.

In addi­tion to Canon qual­i­ty, with the Canon EOS 6D you get wide ISO range, DIGIC 5+ image pro­cess­ing speed and pho­to qual­i­ty. If this is not your first Canon, then you prob­a­bly have a decent arse­nal of lens­es, so you will def­i­nite­ly work with this cam­era.

Many peo­ple choose it as an upgrade or their first full frame cam­era, but every­one notes the excel­lent results that it allows to achieve.

Canon EF‑S 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM

The 18–55mm is the stan­dard lens, the most pop­u­lar mod­el, which is con­ve­nient for almost any every­day shoot­ing. There­fore, it becomes an excel­lent glass that can be added to the cam­era body. The advan­tage of the Canon EF‑S 18–55mm is the pres­ence of a mod­ern, silent focus motor that is opti­mized for video. This is a light­weight and com­pact lens.

What do users like about it so much? Pho­tog­ra­phers note the weight of 205g, sharp­ness and image qual­i­ty and sta­bi­liza­tion. Oper­a­tors, on the oth­er hand, respond pos­i­tive­ly to the pres­ence of a track­ing focus.

Well, one of the main advan­tages over numer­ous lens­es with sim­i­lar capa­bil­i­ties is, of course, the price. The Canon EF‑S 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM is one of the most afford­able stan­dard lens­es that comes with such an advanced aut­o­fo­cus sys­tem. So if you’re think­ing about stan­dard glass for your Canon cam­era, this is it.

Paper Back­ground Polaroid Arc­tic White White

Cam­eras serve us for years, but there are con­sum­ables in pho­tog­ra­phy, with­out which the work of a pho­tog­ra­ph­er is unthink­able. That is how the sim­ple white paper back­ground from Polaroid made it to the list of pop­u­lar prod­ucts. Maybe he is sim­ple, but at the same time uni­ver­sal, that’s how he earned his fame.

Use it at home or in the stu­dio, arrange lights, add fil­ters and cre­ate unique shots. The back­ground has almost no tex­ture, so it will look sol­id and nat­ur­al in the pic­ture. Light is even­ly dis­trib­uted on mat­te paper and you will not get any extra reflec­tions.

With care­ful use, 11 meters will last you a long time, a width of 2.72 meters is suit­able for both por­traits and full-length shots, and the paper weight is 160gsm.

Our cus­tomers also like the light­ness of the back­ground, so trust their choice, and when it comes time to get a back­drop, don’t miss this great oppor­tu­ni­ty!

SLR cam­era Nikon D7100 Body

Canon lovers have made their choice, but what about those who pre­fer Nikon? The most pop­u­lar Nikon mod­el is the D7100 body. This cam­era has a 24.1MP CMOS sen­sor from Toshi­ba. LCD dis­play with a diag­o­nal of 3.2 inch­es, which may well replace the viewfind­er. Light sen­si­tiv­i­ty 100‑6400 ISO, Full HD video and weight 765g. And now let’s find out why this cam­era is so fond of pho­tog­ra­phers.

First of all, this is, of course, the result. Users not­ed sat­u­ra­tion and col­or repro­duc­tion, espe­cial­ly when using prime lens­es. The absence of a low-pass fil­ter in the matrix was also received with a bang.

The ergonom­ics of Nikon, as always, turned out to be on top, and as many as 2 slots for mem­o­ry cards added com­fort. Many also liked the white bal­ance on the cam­era.

What else to add? Buy­ers say every­thing for us — Nikon qual­i­ty plus decent price and con­ve­nience!

Head­phones Koss Por­ta Pro

What brought these head­phones wild­ly pop­u­lar all over the world? One of the char­ac­ter­is­tics that is most often not­ed is light weight and wear­ing com­fort. Unlike many oth­er head­phone mod­els, the Koss Por­ta Pro have a light­weight met­al head­band. Strong and resis­tant to mechan­i­cal impact, it pro­vides a snug fit, but does not cause pres­sure. The fold­able design ensures porta­bil­i­ty: Koss Por­ta Pro can be eas­i­ly fold­ed, put into a case and car­ried in a bag. The fre­quen­cy range from 15 to 25000 Hz guar­an­tees a pleas­ant and high-qual­i­ty sound with deep lows and crisp highs. The stan­dard 3.5mm jack allows you to use them with most mod­ern devices. These head­phones are designed for lis­ten­ing to music, so they are not equipped with a micro­phone, but many users note the ser­vice life, afford­able price and, of course, a very orig­i­nal retro design that mim­ics the design of a sim­i­lar mod­el from 25 years ago. Per­haps these are excel­lent head­phones for con­nois­seurs of music.

Fit­ness bracelet Xiao­mi Mi Band 1s Pulse

There is noth­ing sur­pris­ing in the fact that this bracelet is incred­i­bly pop­u­lar. Com­bin­ing an afford­able price and excel­lent qual­i­ty, he deserved­ly got into the top list. First of all, users note the func­tion­al­i­ty of Xiao­mi Mi Band 1s Pulse. It is com­pat­i­ble with Android, iOS and Wid­ows smart­phones via Blue­tooth, equipped with an accelerom­e­ter and heart rate mon­i­tor, and mea­sures sleep, calo­ries con­sumed and phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. Weigh­ing only 5.5 grams, it is easy to wear and does not feel on the hand. The lacon­ic design of the device allows it to be com­bined with any style of cloth­ing. The Xiao­mi Mi Band 1s Pulse soft­ware is com­plete­ly Rus­si­fied, so any user can eas­i­ly use the appli­ca­tion.

Xiao­mi Mi Band 1s Pulse is also able to func­tion as a vibra­tion alarm and noti­fy you of mes­sages on your smart­phone. Of course, auton­o­my is espe­cial­ly impor­tant for a fit­ness bracelet, and Xiao­mi Mi Band 1s Pulse is one of the best bracelets in this regard. The bat­tery life of this device lasts up to two weeks! There­fore, if you are look­ing for a reli­able fit­ness bracelet, then Xiao­mi Mi Band 1s Pulse will come to the res­cue.

Ray­lab Axio2 200 Cre­ative Kit

A pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­ph­er is always look­ing for oppor­tu­ni­ties to expand their arse­nal, and many soon­er or lat­er acquire stu­dio light­ing. One of the eas­i­est ways to start kit­ting out your home stu­dio is with the Ray­lab Axio2 200 Cre­ative Kit.

The first thing to note is the kit, which includes every­thing you might need: these are 3 flash illu­mi­na­tors with a pow­er of 200J, 2 reflec­tors 18 cm and 2 soft­box­es 50x70 cm in size. In addi­tion, the set includes 2 stands 220 cm high, one L col­umn height 180 cm and blinds with col­or fil­ters. The whole set fits into a con­ve­nient bag and is ready to be trans­port­ed.

Users are attract­ed by both the price and the well-known name of the man­u­fac­tur­er, who has con­firmed the qual­i­ty of its prod­ucts for years of ser­vice.

When you choose the Ray­lab Axio2 200 Cre­ative Kit for your home stu­dio, all you have to do is posi­tion your lights, fire up the cam­era, and cap­ture fan­tas­tic shots while enjoy­ing the qual­i­ty and con­ve­nience of stu­dio light­ing.

On-cam­era light LED Yongn­uo YN-300 II LED

300 LEDs, light­ing pow­er adjust­ment, work as a con­stant or addi­tion­al light. Does any­thing else need to be added? This on-cam­era illu­mi­na­tor has become pop­u­lar due to its con­ve­nience and per­fect com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with most famous brands of cam­eras. But let’s talk in more detail.

Includes stand, hot shoe mount, han­dle and 2 fil­ters. The illu­mi­na­tor is equipped with dif­fus­ing cur­tains, which allows you to cre­ate not only sharp, but also soft light. The col­or tem­per­a­ture can vary from 3200 to 5500 K. At the same time, the light­ing pow­er can be con­trolled both using the remote con­trol and using the built-in sen­sor that ana­lyzes the light­ing around.

One of the impor­tant points that attract users, espe­cial­ly those who shoot while trav­el­ing, is the pres­ence of the SOS but­ton, which starts the dis­tress sig­nal trans­mis­sion mode in accor­dance with the inter­na­tion­al stan­dard. We hope you don’t need this fea­ture, but it’s very use­ful to have it just in case.

Recorder Zoom H1

One of the most pop­u­lar man­u­fac­tur­ers of audio record­ing devices is Zoom elec­tron­ics. And Zoom H1 got a place on our list for a rea­son. Con­ve­nient XY lay­out of the micro­phones allows for stereo sound. The light weight of the device is con­ve­nient dur­ing oper­a­tion, and in addi­tion, addi­tion­al micro­phones can be con­nect­ed to it. The H1 is ready to go right out of the box — just turn it on and it will han­dle any task. The pres­ence of the dis­play makes set­ting the set­tings sim­ple and clear.

With the Zoom H1, you can choose to record at close or far dis­tances, sen­si­tive micro­phones are able to pick up sound in any case. You can record in WAV and MP3 for­mats and, of course, lis­ten to your record­ing with head­phones or speak­ers.

Users are pleased to note the loy­al price, sound qual­i­ty and porta­bil­i­ty of the device, as well as the case with Soft Touch coat­ing, which does not slip out of the hands and is pleas­ant to the touch.

If you trust pub­lic opin­ion, then you will def­i­nite­ly find some­thing on this list to your taste!