A real hunter should always be ready for the sur­pris­es that the wild nature has in store for him. There­fore, it is very impor­tant for him to know exact­ly what can be use­ful on the way.

With the mod­ern vari­ety of equip­ment and devices for hunters, even a sea­soned spe­cial­ist can eas­i­ly get con­fused. But we are ready to help with the choice!

More­over, some devices are quite applic­a­ble only for hunt­ing or hik­ing, but also in every­day life. It is these items that we have col­lect­ed in today’s selec­tion.

  • IR flash­light Pul­sar L‑915 (79075)
  • Price — 8 800 rubles

    It is very impor­tant for a hunter to remain invis­i­ble, but to see every­thing around. And the infrared lamp helps him in this. The Pul­sar L‑915 is a ded­i­cat­ed IR flash­light that is vir­tu­al­ly invis­i­ble to the naked eye. With this flash­light, any hunter will be able to observe wild ani­mals and not be afraid to fright­en them away. The flash­light works at night and allows the hunter to see in the dark.

    The equiv­a­lent pow­er of this flash­light is 125…250 mW. In the wild, such a lantern is sim­ply irre­place­able. How­ev­er, with its help, you can not only hunt ani­mals, but also look for lost items in the dark, or repair light­ing if there are prob­lems with elec­tric­i­ty in the house. This option is espe­cial­ly use­ful for own­ers of pri­vate hous­es.

    The con­ve­nience of this device can­not be over­es­ti­mat­ed — both at home and in nature, you will always be ready for any sur­pris­es.

  • Laser point­er Veber 01G
  • Price — 4 240 rubles

    The very name of the tar­get des­ig­na­tor speaks of why the hunter needs it. The tar­get des­ig­na­tor from Veber, like all devices from this man­u­fac­tur­er, has an incred­i­bly high-qual­i­ty assem­bly. This is a com­pact shock­proof device that is reli­ably pro­tect­ed from mois­ture, so you can use it in any weath­er con­di­tions. The posi­tion of the laser is adjust­ed using spe­cial drums locat­ed on the body. The Veber 01G laser point­er is ide­al for hunt­ing in all weath­er con­di­tions.

    But not only hunters will be inter­est­ed in this device — since it works both with a scope and autonomous­ly, it can also be used at home. For exam­ple, as a pow­er­ful laser point­er, and such a thing can always come in handy in every­day life.

  • Binoc­u­lars Nikon Acu­lon A211 10–22x50
  • Price 10 490 rubles

    In the dark, a true friend of a hunter is an IR flash­light, but in day­light you can’t do with­out anoth­er device — binoc­u­lars. And it is best to choose binoc­u­lars from a trust­ed optics man­u­fac­tur­er. That is why we rec­om­mend the Nikon Aku­lon A211 10–22x50.

    Nikon Aku­lon is a range of high qual­i­ty binoc­u­lars designed specif­i­cal­ly for nature view­ing. Nikon Acu­lon A211 10–22x50 is a zoom binoc­u­lar that allows you to view objects with smooth vari­able mag­ni­fi­ca­tion from 10x to 22x. Thus, you will be able to see every­thing down to the small­est detail. The lens­es of this binoc­u­lars have a spe­cial mul­ti-lay­er coat­ing that pro­vides sharp­ness and bright­ness of the image. Thanks to spe­cial ele­ments, these binoc­u­lars do not dis­tort the image.

    The binoc­u­lars can be mount­ed on a tri­pod or car­ried on a spe­cial strap, which is includ­ed in the kit, and it is con­ve­nient for both the aver­age user and those who wear glass­es. To ensure that the eye­pieces are always in order, pro­tec­tive cov­ers are includ­ed in the kit, and a case is includ­ed for ease of trans­porta­tion.

    No won­der, but these binoc­u­lars can be used not only out­doors, but also at home. Of course, it is not worth watch­ing neigh­bor­ing win­dows with it, but it is quite pos­si­ble to look for lost items or watch TV from the next room.

  • Minelab GO-FIND 40 met­al detec­tor
  • Price — 7 950 rubles

    A hunter is not nec­es­sar­i­ly a man armed with a gun, sit­ting in ambush wait­ing for a wild beast. You can also hunt for trea­sure. Do you know how many trea­sures are hid­den in the ground? A myr­i­ad of, because all the trea­sures are hid­den there! And the best way to get to these trea­sures is with a met­al detec­tor.

    The Minelab GO-FIND 40 is a met­al detec­tor designed specif­i­cal­ly for the adven­tur­ous. A high-qual­i­ty device that can find the small­est met­al parts, is very light in weight and folds so that it can eas­i­ly fit in a back­pack. You can take it with you any­where. In addi­tion, the Minelab GO-FIND 40 met­al detec­tor has the abil­i­ty to syn­chro­nize with a smart­phone.

    It would seem that it is not so easy to find a use for a met­al detec­tor in ordi­nary life. How­ev­er, it makes it easy to find nails and parts if you acci­den­tal­ly drop them. And even bet­ter, arrange an excit­ing adven­ture for the whole fam­i­ly — a trea­sure hunt! Just hide spe­cial met­al box­es with hints in the dacha or in the yard and arrange a fan­tas­tic week­end! And the Minelab GO-FIND 40 met­al detec­tor will help you find clues.

  • Veber sou­venir pock­et com­pass “His­to­ry of Auro­ra”
  • Price — 1080 rubles

    Of course, almost all mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy has a built-in GPS and a com­pass, but a real hunter knows that it is not always pos­si­ble to rely on tech­nol­o­gy at all, and some­times, all that can help out is banal knowl­edge and ana­log tech­nolo­gies. That is why you should always have an ordi­nary mag­net­ic com­pass with you.

    The sou­venir com­pass from the Veber com­pa­ny is not a sim­ple com­pass, but a real work of art. It will make you feel like a real hero. Made of aged bronze, the Veber com­pass is dec­o­rat­ed with an image of the sym­bol of St. Peters­burg — a boat from the spire of the Admi­ral­ty. Spec­tac­u­lar design gives the com­pass an antique look. The his­to­ry of Cruis­er Auro­ra and the events of 1917 is engraved under the lid. This com­pass weighs a lot — 268 grams, and in diam­e­ter its size is 85mm.

    Such a com­pass can be use­ful both in harsh nat­ur­al con­di­tions and in ordi­nary city life. This is a won­der­ful gift that will allow astronomers and ama­teurs to observe the stars, archi­tects and builders to cal­cu­late the wind rose, and col­lec­tors to add a com­plete­ly unique item to their home archive.

  • Laser rangefind­er Veber 6x25 LRF400 cam­ou­flage
  • Price — 9,044 rubles

    The laser rangefind­er is a mod­ern advanced tape mea­sure. For tourists and hunters, it allows you to cal­cu­late the dis­tance in harsh weath­er con­di­tions — rain, fog. For this, the Veber rangefind­er has sev­er­al cor­re­spond­ing modes spe­cial­ly pro­vid­ed. The Veber 6x25 LRF400 is capa­ble of mea­sur­ing dis­tances up to 400 meters and mag­ni­fy­ing the image up to 6x. Thanks to the com­fort­able soft touch coat­ing, the rangefind­er is com­fort­ably held in the hand and does not slip in the rain. You can use it with both reg­u­lar and sun­glass­es.

    But you can use the rangefind­er not only in nature. Dur­ing repairs, for exam­ple, it can be used as a mea­sur­ing tape. Mea­sure the width and depth of fur­ni­ture, space and more. For repair, con­struc­tion and house­hold chores Veber 6x25 LRF400 will be indis­pens­able.

  • Flash­light tac­ti­cal Veber ML1‑R with a red laser des­ig­na­tor
  • Price 3 440 rubles

    Tac­ti­cal flash­light designed specif­i­cal­ly for pro­fes­sion­al hunters. The laser point­er cre­ates con­ve­nience when point­ing. The body of the flash­light is made of hard plas­tic. Veber ML1‑R has three modes: laser and flash­light, flash­light and laser sep­a­rate­ly. When using a flash­light, there is a laser point in the cen­ter of its light. The light from the lantern is bright and spreads over a long dis­tance.

    This flash­light with tar­get indi­ca­tor is per­fect for hunt­ing and more.

    Veber ML1‑R is some­times incred­i­bly use­ful for oth­er enter­tain­ment. If you love games like paint­ball, this flash­light will give you a tac­ti­cal advan­tage.


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