In 2019, smart watch­es are no longer a lux­u­ry item and not an indi­ca­tor of sta­tus. This is a uni­ver­sal device that helps to estab­lish all dai­ly process­es from orga­niz­ing order to com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Smart­watch­es have become almost a must-have device for most peo­ple. With 2020 just around the cor­ner, we thought it was time to take stock and take a look at which watch­es scored so well this year.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

Sam­sung has man­aged to pro­duce more than one mod­el of smart watch­es, but when it comes to choos­ing the best, there is not even a ques­tion which watch is ready to accept this sta­tus. Galaxy Watch quite deserved­ly takes the main place. At the same time, it should be not­ed that the lat­est mod­el received not only a new name, because before that the watch had not yet received the Galaxy brand, but there were also a lot of improve­ments com­pared to its pre­de­ces­sors. The watch is avail­able in two ver­sions, and if you com­pare them with each oth­er, they act not just as an old­er and younger mod­el, they are prac­ti­cal­ly two dif­fer­ent ver­sions of the watch. The old­er ver­sion of 46mm, of course, received a lot of advan­tages, not the least of which is the impres­sive bat­tery capac­i­ty, which allows the device to work with­out inter­rup­tion for up to 4 days. The watch runs on Tizen OS, sup­ports wire­less charg­ing, is equipped with a Super AMOLED col­or dis­play and, in prin­ci­ple, meets the max­i­mum of mod­ern require­ments. And yes, the watch, of course, received pro­tec­tion from mois­ture at a depth of up to 50 meters. If this is not enough to ensure the suc­cess of this mod­el, then you can pay atten­tion to the appear­ance. Sam­sung did not go along with the rest, leav­ing the clas­sic round design. The watch has a styl­ish look, qual­i­ty per­for­mance and com­fort­able fea­tures, so you can’t go wrong with this watch in 2019–20.

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Apple Watch Series 5

Smart­watch­es from Apple are per­haps the most pop­u­lar today. These watch­es are notable for the fact that they con­tain sur­pris­ing­ly wide func­tion­al­i­ty, received the high­est char­ac­ter­is­tics and, if there is some­thing that can make one doubt their fea­tures, then this is a rel­a­tive­ly high price for a watch. How­ev­er, if you plan to use the iPhone and oth­er Apple prod­ucts, then the watch sim­ply becomes anoth­er con­ve­nient and use­ful ele­ment in the over­all sys­tem. The fifth mod­el has­n’t received any major upgrades since the fourth ver­sion of the watch, but one fea­ture that popped up and imme­di­ate­ly caught my atten­tion was the always-on dis­play. That is, you no longer need to raise your hand to light up the screen, and all the infor­ma­tion is always in front of you, albeit on a dimmed screen.

The design of the watch remains clas­sic, at the same time, it changes slight­ly. The watch received a 1.78-inch OLED dis­play, a pow­er­ful Apple S5 proces­sor designed specif­i­cal­ly for gad­gets and 32GB of inter­nal mem­o­ry. The bat­tery can last from one day to 36 hours, depend­ing on func­tion­al­i­ty, and the watch sup­ports wire­less charg­ing. One of the essen­tial qual­i­ties of Apple watch­es is, of course, their fit­ness capa­bil­i­ties. And in this regard, they have prac­ti­cal­ly no equal. The watch rec­og­nizes a vari­ety of work­out types and is water resis­tant up to 50 meters deep, allow­ing you to swim and dive with­out tak­ing it off. Apple Watch in the list of the best for sure will not sur­prise any­one.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The Mi Band series can hard­ly be attrib­uted only to fit­ness track­ers or only to smart­watch­es. Yes, of course, it is the fit­ness char­ac­ter­is­tics that are the main qual­i­ty of this gad­get, but this does not mean that it does not have a suf­fi­cient num­ber of ele­ments suit­able for the func­tion­al­i­ty of a smart watch. That is why Mi Band 4 took pride of place in our list. The watch sticks to a decent cap­sule design with a detach­able bracelet. Only in the new ver­sion the screen is col­ored and sup­ports var­i­ous, includ­ing cus­tom dial set­tings. The bracelet received pro­tec­tion from mois­ture, which is nec­es­sary for train­ing and swim­ming. A touch AMOLED dis­play has a diag­o­nal of 0.95 inch­es. The watch, as always, pays due atten­tion to sleep track­ing, phys­i­cal activ­i­ty, a calo­rie counter, but at the same time, you can use noti­fi­ca­tions, call infor­ma­tion and noti­fi­ca­tions from appli­ca­tions and mes­sen­gers. The watch is still com­fort­able and has excel­lent bat­tery life. They can be used with­out remov­ing them for sev­er­al days. The watch syncs with iOS and Android. And the main and, most like­ly, the most attrac­tive ele­ment is their afford­able price. For all its char­ac­ter­is­tics, Xiao­mi Mi Band 4 watch­es are no more expen­sive than their com­peti­tors.

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Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip

Anoth­er mod­el from Xiao­mi sub­sidiary is Amaz­fit Bip. And, prob­a­bly, the key dif­fer­ence between the two ver­sions of the watch is the design. While the Mi Band has a sporti­er, more neu­tral design, the Amaz­fit is a true smart­watch with a large dis­play slight­ly rem­i­nis­cent of an Apple Watch. The screen is touch sen­si­tive and uses e‑ink tech­nol­o­gy, famil­iar to us from elec­tron­ic books. This allows the watch to main­tain a very ele­gant appear­ance. At the same time, all the func­tion­al­i­ty is already famil­iar to us. This is track­ing work­outs, phys­i­cal activ­i­ty, sleep, as well as the abil­i­ty to receive mes­sages direct­ly to the watch. The plas­tic case looks sur­pris­ing­ly expen­sive, and the spe­cial design made it pos­si­ble to pro­vide the watch with IP68 pro­tec­tion. This means that you can swim and dive with the watch. At the same time, all inter­nal ele­ments will remain com­plete­ly safe. It is worth not­ing that the Amaz­fit watch still did not receive a phone mod­ule, and this may dis­ap­point many users. But still, they remain a great option, and many are hap­py to choose this par­tic­u­lar watch as a smart device.

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Huawei Watch GT Active FTN-B19

It would be strange if all com­pa­nies except Huawei dis­tin­guished them­selves by their own achieve­ments in terms of wear­able gad­gets. But the com­pa­ny has some­thing to offer. GT Active watch­es are designed for both sports and every­day life. There­fore, their design sub­tly com­bines high tech­ni­cal per­for­mance and ele­gant appear­ance. The func­tion­al­i­ty of the watch is quite wide, all the nec­es­sary sen­sors from the gyro­scope to the heart rate mon­i­tor are present on the case. In addi­tion, the watch sup­ports sev­er­al types of work­outs to improve the accu­ra­cy of the read­ings. As smart­watch­es should, by inter­act­ing with your Android or iOS smart­phone, Huawei Watch GT Active cap­tures the per­for­mance, pro­vid­ing you with detailed data with ana­lyt­ics.

The 420mAh bat­tery can last up to two weeks of bal­anced use.

The watch also fea­tures a round, clas­sic AMOLED dis­play and water resis­tance to ensure work­out flex­i­bil­i­ty. Huawei Watch GT Active does not have a phone mod­ule, but the watch still receives noti­fi­ca­tions and allows you to view the cal­en­dar and check your mail. A spec­tac­u­lar and con­ve­nient device, Huawei Watch GT Active is a real mod­ern smart watch.

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KingWear KC09

If you’ve nev­er paid atten­tion to King­Wear watch­es, it’s time to fix it. A wide mod­el range allows you to find an option for every taste and require­ment, but we decid­ed to high­light the most func­tion­al mod­el — King­Wear KC09. This watch dif­fers from the rest in that it sup­ports not only Wi-Fi, but also 4G. This sig­nif­i­cant­ly increas­es the lev­el of auton­o­my of the device, reliev­ing it from depen­dence on a smart­phone. The watch is also pow­ered by two proces­sors — the pow­er­ful Medi­aTek b ener­gy-sav­ing NRF52840. The dis­play received a clear res­o­lu­tion of 454x454 pix­els, while the watch itself has a cir­cu­lar dial. The King­Wear KC09 is IP67 water­proof and has an 8MP Sony cam­era for pho­tos and videos. It would seem, why do they need so much? The clock is pow­er­ful, and with its help you real­ly can not wor­ry if you do not have a smart­phone at hand. All pos­si­bil­i­ties will be right on your wrist. With so many fea­tures, it’s sur­pris­ing that the King­Wear KC09 stays small. The watch weighs only 74g, while it can make and answer calls, use maps, con­trol music play­back, and work with appli­ca­tions.

Smart watch­es have not con­quered every­one yet, but with each new mod­el, they are becom­ing more and more autonomous. More and more func­tion­al­i­ty and con­ve­nience are attrib­uted to these gad­gets. We have col­lect­ed those watch­es that are most wor­thy of atten­tion in 2019. Many of them make great Christ­mas gifts.